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When it comes to things women really, REALLY want, a stunning smile is right up there (along with perfect skin, and endless – and calorie-free – pack of Tim Tams and a shirtless Joe Manganiello). That’s where Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste, $8.99, from supermarkets and pharmacies, come into play.

Combining micro-cleansing teeth whiteners and a refreshing foaming action, Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste freshens your breath and whitens teeth over time – but it also promises to give you a shinier smile in just one day which really sets it apart from other whitening toothpastes you’ve tried before. It might sound too good to be true, but thanks to Oral-B’s Whitelock Technology, a noticeably shinier smile can be yours overnight.

As you probably already know, things like red wine and coffee (i.e. everything worth living for!) can create surface stains on your teeth over time. But instead of ditching the vino and caffeine (never!) just try using Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste for five days in a row and you’ll notice a big difference – and for even better results, you can incorporate it with other products from Oral-B’s 3D White LUXE range.


What makes this toothpaste so efficacious is the science behind it; it has a different formula to other whitening toothpastes on the market, which allows it to clean the microfine lines on your tooth’s enamel where stains accumulate.  It also helps to prevent future stains and leaves your teeth looking shiny and smooth.

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  1. Did you like the texture of the product?
  2. Did you like the scent and flavour of the product?
  3. Did you notice your teeth looked shinier and/or cleaner the day after you used product?
  4. Did you notice your teeth looked whiter after using the product?
  5. Was the product gentle on your teeth/gums?
  6. Would you consider using the Oral B 3D White Luxe range in the lead up to a big event (e.g. wedding or birthday), and why/why not?
  7. Would you consider making the Oral B 3D White Luxe range a part of your daily beauty routine, and why/why not?
  8. At $8.99, would you consider the product to be value for money?
  9. Would you recommend the Oral B 3D White Luxe range to friends or family?
  10. Would you consider buying or repurchasing products from the Oral B 3D White Luxe range?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: antgeo Newbie

    Amazing.I love this toothpaste my teeth felt so fresh from the first time I brushed with oral B 3D white luxe.
    I love the texture feels nice and refreshing on my teeth, it has a unique scent and not a strong flavour.
    My teeth looked whiter after 3 days of using morning and night.
    The price is amazing especially because it works just as much as bleaching teeth.

  • Posted by: laurenjahnke89 Newbie

    Good teeth whitenerI like the purple shiny packaging as it appeals to me. The texture of the toothpaste is smooth and I like how it isn’t grainy like other toothpastes. The flavour of the toothpaste is minty and not too overpowering.The product is probably the best tooth whitener I have tried and it doesn’t leave my teeth sensitive like other whiteners. I have noticed a big difference in the whiteness of my teeth and would definitely consider buying this product again.

  • Posted by: brinsley Master Fan

    Loved it!I was very impressed with this toothpaste from the very first use. I didn’t realise it costs $9 for a reasonably small sized tube (95 grams); but having said that you really only need to use a very small amount. I like the tube, I like the cap on it because you can stand it on it’s cap and I like the packaging. It’s quite a strong smelling paste and very blue! It says on the tube not to swallow it so I was very careful to make sure I spat it all out and rinsed my mouth well. I thought my teeth looked a bit whiter after a couple of days and after what has now been about a week I think I smile is definitely a little brighter and whiter! I am very pleased with the results. One think I noticed almost after the first use was that my teeth felt smoother. My husband has also been using it and he really likes it as well. I think I will purchase this but I will probably only use it half the time and combine it with my regular toothpaste. I would recommend this to friends and family and I would certainly advise using it before a special event like a wedding …. to ensure you teeth were looking their best! As far as whether it was gently or not … all I can say it that it didn’t hurt my teeth or gums … overall I would give this product 10 out of 10 …. The only fault I can see it that it is quite expensive … but then you get what you pay for I guess! I loved it … thanks Primped for the chance to trial this 😀

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan

    Great Product to use between Dentist visits.I am both a tea and a coffee drinker. I do take the time to look after my teeth with daily brushing and flossing and when I can afford it I try to visit the Dentist for a professional clean. My teeth were looking pretty good but I did have one stain on one of my front teeth that I don’t think others notice, but I know its there and it annoys me.
    My first use of the toothpaste surprised me by how thick the toothpaste was. While brushing and rinsing, I found that the blue toothpaste was left behind where one tooth meets the next. This wasn’t an issue, but it was something I found interesting. It was easily removed when I flossed and then rinsed again after flossing. The toothpaste has a fine gritty texture and a lovely minty taste. I have tried another leading brand of whitening toothpaste, and I found that it would leave a horrible taste in my mouth. Not Oral B! Oral B left my mouth feeling minty fresh and my teeth felt lovely and clean. This clean feeling lasted through out the day. I sometimes have issues with sensitive teeth, but I had no problems at all while using this product.
    After 4 days, I started to notice that the one stain that bugs me was starting to fade. It’s still there but is less noticeable which pleased me immensely.
    I love the bright purple packaging, but I really wish that the tube had flip top lid rather than a screw on lid, but I guess that’s just me being lazy. I do like that the lid is flat so that the tube can stand up on the bathroom counter.
    I feel that as thick as this toothpaste is, you only have to use a very small amount. A lot of people I’ve noticed tend to put a strip of toothpaste that runs the full length of their toothbrush. However, with this product I used a small dab going across my toothbrush and that was all that was needed. Using the product this way means you will get more brushes per tube and that makes it quite a good value.
    I will without doubt be buying more Oral B 3D White. Oral B 3D White will become my daily toothpaste.
    If you are looking for a brightening and whitening product that doesn’t cost the earth, I would suggest you give Oral B 3D White Luxe Toothpaste a try and I’m sure you will find it a positive experience.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan

    Brightens Teeth3D White Luxe comes boxed.
    It is a fluoride anti cavity toothpaste which comes in a plastic squeeze tube.
    Designed to remove surface stains, gently whitening teeth.
    Sparkling Mint flavour, restores fresh breath, its an exhilarating minty taste.
    Bright deep blue gel with white strips, the colour combo of the toothpaste.
    Creates blue foam when brushing.
    I brush for 2 minutes morning and night.
    I have been using the toothpaste for well over 8 days now, it has brightened my teeth, whitening them a little.
    However several small stains between my teeth are not budging even with the whitening toothpaste.
    Regardless its still a good toothpaste, better than average, cleans teeth well and is a wonderful mouth freshener.

  • Posted by: aBlondeMoment Enthusiast

    Great productOral B 3D White Luxe Glamorous White comes in a 95 g size tube which isn’t too bulky and it’s easy to use. It’s a good texture, the same as any other toothpaste and I liked the bright blue ‘Sparkling Mint’ flavour.

    The tube says that ‘removes up to 90% of surface stains in 5 days’ and though I was initially skeptical at what different it would make, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I really thought you’d need to get a thorough clean at the dentist to see these pearly whites (especially as I love my coffee)!

    As per the directions you just need to brush thoroughly twice a day so it wasn’t anything extra that i needed to do on top of my brushing routine, except substituting my normal toothpaste with this. It did take a week to see results but I will continue to use this product and would definitely recommend it.

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in this trial Primped!

  • Posted by: Fleur0123 Newbie

    Nice product, but looking for better resultsReally liked the smart packaging, texture, scent and minty flavour, but I’m yet to notice my teeth looking any whiter. As a normal toothpaste it’s a great choice though.

  • Posted by: devi99 Supporter

    Good product!!!The Oral B 3D glamorous white tooth paste is really good.The mint flavor is really making it more good for cleaning, the color and texture is also good and as the name suggests it makes the teeth glamorous white. It is gentle on teeth and gums!! actually i was feeling better with teeth pain after using it. our family members are using it for more than a week and we liked it and quality is really good than other oral b product paste. good value for money. i would recommend it for my friends as well.

    We would buy this product in future and recommend others to buy too..

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie

    Whiter, brighter smileThanks Primped and Oral-B for this trial.

    The toothpaste comes in a purple tube with a twist off lid. I like the bright and pretty packaging.

    When I first opened the toothpaste I could smell the minty scent. It’s a nice scent, not too overpowering but really does leave a nice a fresh feeling. Consistency wise, the texture is normal and creamy. Really soft and gentle to use on your teeth. The toothpaste leaves a pleasant minty aftertaste in my mouth.

    This toothpaste really has whitened and brightened my teeth and left me really impressed. This toothpaste actually does what it claims it will. I noticed some changes after the first couple of days and over the course of a week my teeth are looking much brighter and whiter.

    Given the results for the price, I think its good value toothpaste.

    It’s a great product that I will use again and I would definitely recommend to others. I will purchase this toothpaste again.

  • Posted by: soMuchPretty Master Fan

    A good toothpaste but nothing spectacularMany thanks to Oral B and Primped for allowing me to trial and review this toothpaste! Overall, I really liked it but found that for me, the claims on the box were overstated. There are a lot of impressive buzzwords on the box like “3D White” and “Luxe” and “Glamorous White” so I did expect more but I feel like this is just an OK toothpaste.

    1. Did you like the texture of the product?
    2. Did you like the scent and flavour of the product?

    I was half expecting a gritty texture like some whitening toothpastes I have tried before but this felt like a normal toothpaste. It felt very pleasant to use. This toothpaste has a really great minty flavour and my mouth felt noticeably fresher after use. I really liked it.

    3. Did you notice your teeth looked shinier and/or cleaner the day after you used product?
    4. Did you notice your teeth looked whiter after using the product?

    My teeth looked no different in terms of shine or clean compared to my regular toothpaste. Sadly, I did not notice much of a whitening effect on my yellowed teeth either, and I have been using this twice a day for 5 days with my Oral B electric toothbrush. Perhaps with extended use I might see a difference.

    5. Was the product gentle on your teeth/gums?

    Extremely gentle. I have teeth which can be sensitive and they have not reacted to this toothpaste. So this is a huge plus for me and I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive teeth.

    6. Would you consider using the Oral B 3D White Luxe range in the lead up to a big event (e.g. wedding or birthday), and why/why not?
    7. Would you consider making the Oral B 3D White Luxe range a part of your daily beauty routine, and why/why not?

    Just using this toothpaste on its own did not give me the whitening results I was hoping for, despite it being a pleasant product to use. I personally wouldn’t use it as a daily toothpaste. But if I ever have a more intense whitening treatment, then this would be a perfect product to use afterwards to help maintain those results.

    8. At $8.99, would you consider the product to be value for money?
    I find it a bit expensive to be honest.

    9. Would you recommend the Oral B 3D White Luxe range to friends or family?
    I understand some people might get good whitening results from this, so I probably would.

    10. Would you consider buying or repurchasing products from the Oral B 3D White Luxe range?
    I am super keen to try the 3D Whitestrips.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan

    trial teamThank you so much Primped and Oral B for giving me opportunity to trial 3D White Luxe toothpaste.
    This product comes in a 95g tube which is really easy to use. The toothpaste is blue & white in colour and smells really nice. I was using this toothpaste morning and night for the last seven days and it works great at cleaning my teeth.
    However, I did not see any improvements in my teeth colour.
    It is really gentle on my teeth and gums and I will definitely continue using as I am yet to notice my teeth looking any whiter.
    Reasonably priced!

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan

    Fresh minty taste, smooth clean teeth Thanks Primped for including me in the Oral B 3D White Luxe tooth paste trial. I have been using the tooth paste for the past five days and was very keen to see if my teeth would be whiter and brighter as it claims to remove up to 90% of surface stains in 5 days!
    The texture of the paste is similar to normal tooth paste and is a bright blue colour, I really liked the fresh minty taste and the gentle foaming action. I have used other teeth whitening products but the taste of them has put me off using it, but not the Oral B 3D Luxe White, it leaves my breath fresh and minty without an unpleasant after taste.

    After using the tooth paste twice daily in place of my regular tooth paste my teeth definitely felt more smooth and clean. I liked the fact that the paste was gentle on my gums and didn’t make my teeth feel sensitive whilst I was using it.
    Although I have enjoyed using it, sadly I haven’t seen a huge improvement in the whiteness or brightness of my smile. Maybe I don’t have much surface staining or perhaps I need to use it for a bit longer to get results. I usually drink one or two cups of tea a day and I don’t drink or eat foods that stain my teeth. I think if you love your coffee and the occasional red wine, you might get more noticeable results??

    If I had seen more improvements, then I think it would have been good value for money and I would definitely use it before a special occasion like a wedding or other event or celebrations when you would like to look your best.

    I would still recommend the Oral B 3D Luxe range to friends and family because it may work better for them, it tastes great and it still has the benefits of fighting tartar and cavities, freshens your breath and at $8.99 it’s not a huge expenditure.

    Out of the range of Oral B 3D White, I would love the try the Oral B 3D luxe whitening strips, I think using something that has longer contact with my teeth may produce more noticeable results for me.
    Thanks Primped and Oral B, I have really enjoyed being part of this trial.

  • Posted by: Beautybee Master Fan

    Happy With The Results!This Oral-B whitening toothpaste comes in an attractive purple 95g tube. The flavour and scent is sparkling mint which is quite pleasant and refreshing. The toothpaste itself is a blue and white colour and the texture is similar to standard toothpastes.

    This toothpaste claims to remove up to 90% of surface stains in 5 days. My teeth were already fairly white so I wasn’t expecting dramatic results. I did notice my teeth looked a bit shinier and felt a little cleaner than normal the day after using the product.

    I have now been using this toothpaste for almost two weeks. It was gentle on my teeth and gums and my teeth are looking slightly whiter now. I am happy with the results and for $8.99 I feel that this whitening toothpaste represents good value for money.

  • Posted by: Miss Makeup Master Fan

    Noticeable Result!I drink a lot of coffee and my teeth do look a little stained at times. So I was really excited to get on this trial team.

    The texture and the flavour of the toothpaste was really mild and really easy to pallet. It had a minty fresh taste which is what I prefer in my toothpastes. The first time I used it was interesting – I wasn’t expecting my whole mouth to go blue(it rinses out), so that was a surprise.

    This product definitely made a difference to the shade of my teeth. I actually took a photo before I started using it and everyday after. I decided to compare the images about 4 days later and there was a noticeable difference in shade from the first day to the 4th.

    The product is gentle enough to use everyday. I thought that my teeth would be extra sensitive but surprisingly that isn’t the case.

    I would definitely use this in the lead up to an event, it really does work and isn’t harsh on your mouth at all.

    I have already adapted Oral B 3D White into my everyday beauty routine, I have never seen my teeth look and stay so white and I really enjoy it.

    I think that it is a big price to pay for toothpaste especially one that will be used everyday. However, it definitely works so I guess it is worth it.

    I definitely recommend this product to everyone, I have already gotten my husband to use this product and I have been telling my friends and family about it.

  • Posted by: AlanaTasman Newbie

    Great Product My first thoughts on the product was great packaging, bright and colourful.
    The tube itself was a little disappointing, felt cheap and flimsy.

    But onto the actual product itself. I found all aspects to be very good, colour, taste and foaminess!
    Whist I have only been using the product for a few days, I think I can already notice a difference.
    My teeth definitely feel cleaner!

    I would very much like to try the product with the others in the series too, to see if that increases the effects.

    I will definitely keep using this product once it is released .

  • Posted by: candcc Newbie

    Tasty teeth treatmentFrom the purple packaging with a hint of diamonds – you get the impression that your pearly whites are about to receive the royal treatment.

    From first squeeze to brush the taste, texture and scent of the product are what you would expect – minty, fresh and clean.

    It was gentle on my teeth and gums, whilst giving me a more radiant smile.

    At only $8.99 it is value for money, I would consider trying the rest of the products in the range to see if they can further enhance my smile.

  • Posted by: Trishmc Newbie

    Makeover In A BoxVery impressed with Oral B 3D White Luxe Toothpaste from the packing which exemplifies luxury to the qualities of the product. I noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth from the first time I used this product which also has a very refreshing aftertaste. For the results achieved I would be more than happy to pay the purchase price of $8.99 as an ongoing purchase.

  • Posted by: Lauren-1339916162 Master Fan

    Love my new whiter, sparkling smile.The new Oral B 3D White Luxe toothpaste comes in a metallic purple box. Inside is a 95gm white tube with a purple label/ design on it. It’s a relatively normal sized tube with a big twist top lid. The lid is big enough that you can stand it up without falling over. I personally prefer a flip top lid as I find it easier to use at teeth brushing time.

    I have teeth that can sometimes be sensitive and are discoloured from drinking cola and a few years of smoking.

    The Sparkling mint taste of the toothpaste is quite pleasant and not too strong or over powering. The paste is quite thick and is white and blue in colour. It does become a very blue foam as you brush.

    My teeth felt nice and smooth and clean after using. My smile is brighter and maybe a little whiter but not really obviously whiter. I’m not sure if the results will be better over more time although it does say on the box, “Removes up to 90% of surface stains in 5 days” I already brush twice a day so I just had to swap this for my regular paste. I experienced zero sensitivity after using which can sometimes happen with whitening toothpastes.

    It’s a little more expensive than the toothpaste I normally use. I’m not fully sold as to whether or not I’ll be using it instead of my regular toothpaste. I will however be using it every now and then as an alternative or before a special occasion to brighten my smile.

  • Posted by: peta88 Enthusiast

    Great ToothpateWhen first using this toothpaste – I was a little unsure as the texture did feel quite different but over using it for a week I absolutely love it!
    The smell and taste of Oral B 3D White Luxe is great – extremely fresh and leave the mouth feeling wonderful.
    It took a few days to really notice the change in how clean and white your teeth look. I drink coffee, am a smoker and love a red wine and this product managed to remove all of that yukky build up and I have started to notice them looking whiter.
    The product was very mild and I haven’t had any irritation in my mouth!
    This is a toothpaste that I am definitely looking at making my regular tooth paste.
    I think for $9.00 the product is reasonably priced.
    I have already recommended this to a girlfriend who was considering having led teeth whitening done – and she is very impressed.
    This was a great product to use and I was very impressed!

  • Posted by: Emily Jayne Newbie

    Yay for whiter teeth!I loved the glamorous packaging of Oral B 3D White Deluxe, the product itself has a smooth texture, it’s nice and minty with no unpleasant aftertaste.
    Best of all… it actually whitened my teeth! I noticed a real improvement within 5 days. My teeth were around 75% whiter and very shiny! I did notice a bit of sensitivity on the second day, but this didn’t last.
    This product will be a regular on my shopping list, I’d rate it four big shiny white stars (out of 5).

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan

    Sparkling finish The Oral B 3 D White has certainly helped give me a whiter smile! It has removed most of my surface stains except in a few areas.

    I love the taste its nice and minty without being too strong. It also does not feel too gritty like some whitening toothpastes. Like the pretty bold purple colour of the pack! Was surprised at how very blue the toothpaste was!

    It foams up well and really leaves my teeth feeling clean, white and fresh.
    The product is gentle enough for daily use, twice a day and did not hurt my gums at all.

    Really worth the price for a whitening toothpaste.

  • Posted by: Britty1 Master Fan

    Will definitely repurchaseI have enjoyed using this new product from Oral B.

    First impressions… I really like the look of the packaging, I think it’s pretty and very visually appealing. I thought the actual tube of paste itself was on the side of small (I’m used to purchasing White Glo which is a heavier, bigger tube). I also love the name of the product – 3D White Luxe – this too is an attractive element of the products aesthetics.

    In terms of the product inside the packing, again I love the colour – the blue is fun and different from the usual thick, white paste I am accustom to. I found the past a little more fluid than I am used to, and although this is neither a good nor bad thing.. I did feel like I had to brush my teeth for longer than my usual routine as the product didn’t “stick” to your teeth as much as a thicker paste does while brushing. I liked that my teeth and mouth were blue while I was brushing, so I could see that I had covered the areas sufficiently.

    The taste of the product is a really pleasant mint, that isnt too strong and doesn’t linger too much, but also doesnt have the baking soda taste that other whitening pastes have.

    Though I haven’t seen a DRAMATIC improvement in the colour change of my teeth, my teeth aren’t particularly stained, and I feel with longer use (rather than the short time since I received the product late last week), the effects would increase as I did see a subtle improvement.

    I’m looking forward to using the rest of the product, and purchasing again in future. I feel that the price is reasonable to high range… however I’m sure you will be able to snap it up on sale frequently at the many retailers.

    Thanks Primped & Oral B for this opportunity, I look forward to reviewing again soon.

  • Posted by: cwingy83 Enthusiast

    Sparkling White! Sparkling white teeth! This is what happened after I’ve been using this toothpaste for a week plus. I’m a coffee and tea drinker. So I’ve been always on the lookout for a whitening teeth product.
    What I love about this product it’s the box packaging which comes in a purple glossy packaging which is very attractive and eye catching.
    The toothpaste itself it’s in a 95g tube with a screw cover which makes it easy for me to let it stand vertically in the bathroom cupboard. But wish it was in a flip cover instead
    Love the minty paste as it’s not too strong which is just perfect for me. It leaves me my mouth with a clean and refreshing for quite some time.The texture itself it’s smooth and easy to brush on. I’ve notice a great improvement and whiter teeth after using it day and night after 4 days which is great as the packaging itself claims to remove up tp 90% of surface stains in 5 days. After using this about a week plus, my gums feel much better compare to others whitening toothpaste which often leave me with sensitive gums but with this toothpaste everything seems gentle and fine with my gums which means I can safely use it as a daily toothpaste.
    Overall I love this toothpaste and will repurchased this product and recomend friends and family to try it especially for coffee or tea lover like me.

  • Posted by: Beautynutter Enthusiast

    At Least A Shade Whiter!Thank you to Primped and Oral-B for the opportunity to trial this whitening toothpaste. I love the purple packaging and the refreshing mint flavour. I found the texture to be the same as normal toothpastes. It was gentle on my teeth and gums, I experienced no sensitivity. This toothpaste left my teeth looking shinier and at least a shade whiter after continued use.

    I am looking forward to using this product for a bit longer to see the results. I will likely be purchasing it and using it in the future in place of my regular toothpaste. At just $8.99 I think it is good value for money. I will have to try some more of the products in this range, such as the mouth wash and whitening strips.

  • Posted by: Moiz1225 Newbie

    Oral B 3D White Luxe a product that comes through with what it promises!My first impressions of this product were good, it came in an eye catching coloured box an tube. Eye catching enough that my husband commented on it and liked the look of as well.
    First use I found the texture smooth and non gritty.
    Only needed a small amount of product as it foamed up quite substantially. The flavour was really subtle as was the scent though with the first few uses I noted an extremely bitter taste toward the back of my tongue.
    Teeth appeared to look and feel cleaner for a longer period of time compared to the product I’d previously used.
    Now being a avid coffee drinker the difference in how white my teeth now appeared was huge: extremely noticeable whiter looking teeth.
    Myself and my husband had no adverse reaction to the product from either our teeth or gums. I normally have sensitive teeth so this was a pleasant surprise.
    I would not hesitate to purchase and use this product for big events in the future. Especially if I’m looking for that whiter brighter smile.
    I am happy to continue using products from the Oral B 3D Luxe range as the results are clearly there each time I smile.
    I feel this product gives you great value for your money and comes in at a price that is affordable in most budgets.
    Yes, I would recommend this product to others.
    I will definitely consider buying and using products from the Oral B 3D Luxe range again.

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan

    Teeth Whitening on the cheap.Thank you to Oral B and Primped for allowing me to be a part of this very exciting trial.
    I am quite the fan of Oral B toothpaste in general, but I was a little hesitant to try the whitening type as I have quite sensitive teeth.
    Well I am very glad that I did as it works wonderfully for my teeth.
    The packaging is as all Oral B toothpastes are and I really like the fact that you can stand it on its head for ease of use.
    The taste and texture is quite okay, I don’t have any drama’s with that at all. It would be nice if the mint flavour was a bit stronger though.
    After using this toothpaste for a week, morning and night, I am pleased to say that I have noticed a slight whitening effect, however, my teeth are quite discoloured and would probably need industrial strength bleach to make a huge difference.
    I will be happy to re-purchase this product again as I think that with more time this toothpaste could make a real difference to my teeth. I especially like that I have not experienced any sensitivity with this product.
    I think that this is great value for money.

  • Posted by: makeupmiss Supporter

    New Favourite ToothpasteThanks Primped for this trial.
    My first impressions of the product were that the packaging is really bright and colourful and it will stand out in store.
    The texture is really good, not too thick not to runny. Foams up really well.
    Now onto the toothpaste itself, I really like the mint flavour, and fresh. I have really noticed difference in the whiteness of my teeth and I will keep using this product to see if they get even whiter and brighter. I love this toothpaste!!! I will keep buying it for sure.
    The main advantages are the minty fresh flavour and how it gently foamed up.
    My suggestion for improvement is to make it come in a bigger tube.
    Thanks Primped and Oral-B I have discovered a new favourite toothpaste.

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan

    Flash those pearly whties!Absolutely the best whitening tooth paste I have ever used. I have tried several whitening tooth paste for several years hoping that it actually works. But this is quite good, I did notice a difference after a week of using it, which is better than other toothpastes I’ve used. The flavour is great too – very fresh and minty. Not only does it whiten as described, my teeth feel exceptionally clean and my breath smells great! Also the foam is very pretty blue colour. Thanks for an awesome product!

  • Posted by: Shakira Enthusiast

    Amaaazing!!Can not recommend enough. Im uaully a standard colgate consumer but since running out of colgate once and having to use Oral B (my housemates toothpaste) i loved it :)

  • Posted by: leocaseiro Newbie

    Really FreshI don’t smoke and hardly drink coffee. Also I’ve done a gel tooth whitening 2 years ago in my dentist and my tooth are very white still.
    Honestly I didn’t realize any different colour. I’m satisfied with the product anyway.

    I was expecting some burning about the whitening process, but it was fresh only (good for summer). Actually I prefer the Oral-B 3D White Luxe to the Optic White from Colgate. The strong mint flavour is my new favorite, loved it. The packing is easy to open and close, it keeps upside down as well. Easy to use when is finishing the paste.

  • Posted by: Bec1 Newbie

    It actually works!!!So I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually see a difference after using this product, as I’ve tried loads of whitening toothpastes in the past and they haven’t done much at all. BUT after just the first time I used this one, my teeth looked whiter in the mirror as soon as I’d rinsed my mouth. The taste wasn’t overpowering or super chemical-y which I liked, and it has a nice smooth texture as well. I definitely plan to keep using this one!

  • Posted by: Roderisha Wang Newbie

    Totally Love it!I am totally in love with the Oral B 3D White Luxe toothpaste. I found it easy to apply, and comfortable. I brush twice to three times a day and I didn’t have a problem at all with the texture. Initially I was worried when I use whitening product I may experience discomfort but to my surprise, I did not experience any discomfort at all. I also love that after three or four applications I noticed visibly difference. I was so thrilled that the toothpaste provided me at least two shades whiter. I was really thinking I might go to Thailand and get my teeth whiten for five hundred dollars! With Oral B 3D luxe I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas!

  • Posted by: Alycef Newbie

    great productI really enjoyed using this product. It had a pleasant flavour and smelt like normal toothpaste (no weird clinical smell). The packaging is a nice standard size and is easy to read.

    Definitely recommend this to others, especially given how reasonable the price is.

  • Posted by: Michelle-1320649049 Supporter

    Great toothpasteI liked the texture, taste and smell, it was very fresh. My teeth felt clean and shiny but I did not really notice my teeth being much whiter but perhaps my teeth are quite white already. I think the price is right for a whitening toothpaste and I would recommend this product for a great fresh shiny smile

  • Posted by: makeupmaven Newbie

    No noticeable difference bar the blue stain on my toothbrush I thought this was an average toothpaste. In terms of whitening power, I note that the toothpaste stained the bristles on my white toothbrush, which obviously shows that it does have some sort of temporary effect to counteract yellow teeth.

    I think the price point is quite steep and would only repurchase if it were on sale.

  • Posted by: marlia1988 Newbie

    Great results!This toothepaste is great. The texture is great and way better than other whitening toothpastes I have used in the past. It foams well and doesn’t have a gross aftertaste. The blue colour is cool too. My teeth feel nice and smooth after using for ages!

    After a couple of days, and asking my friends and family if they thought my teeth looked whiter, I was really impressed with the outcome. I really want to try with the other 3D White Luxe products to get an even better result!!

    I do have sensitive teeth & gums, and I had no problems at all using this product.

    I actually did use this product leading up to a wedding and was very satisfied with the results – bright whites in all the photos 😀

    The price is generous given how good the product is – I will definitely be considering buying this one again in the future and also recommending to friends and family.

  • Posted by: beccha77 Master Fan

    Gives a noticeable difference I have been using this product for several months and every time I brush and use the toothpaste I can notice a slight difference on the shade of my teeth. This is fabulous because most of whiting products I have tried don’t work at all. In fact they damage your teeth.

  • Posted by: UglyDuckling Master Fan

    The “Blue White” of whitening toothpasteNow I love to brush my teeth. I love the fresh clean minty feeling. As such, sometimes there can be a tendency to overdo it with the toothpaste to ensure a nice foam. You don’t need too much paste with this product in order to achieve the same fresh, minty and foamy effect. Less is more, and the aftereffects of minty-ness (excellent terminology there, TUD) is long-lasting. Points.

    I was also thinking, after a week of use, that my teeth were looking consistently more even in colour. I am an avid two-shots-of-coffee-per-day drinker (at a minimum), which can stain your teeth if you don’t watch it. I found using this toothpaste helped reduce some of the stains and keep the marks at bay (I would like all to note I did have a scale and clean prior to using a near full tube of this toothpaste).

    But wait, there’s a catch. Read on.

    I also like that the stripes seem to maintain themselves consistently throughout the paste (I’m showing my OCD side here). Yes, I push from the flat end of the tube down, but it looks pretty. No, it doesn’t affect the performance of the paste but it looks nice on my brush.

    Downside / quirk of paste nature: the blue in the paste leaves an actual stain that is almost like a rinse that is hard to rinse out. You will notice this after extended use (I’m talking about getting halfway through the tube). I noted even after thorough rinsing of my brush, there was still a blue run-off that reminded me of blue loo rinse for toilets to give them the ultra white shine. My curiosity runneth over, and I tissued my tongue. You guessed correctly: it came back with blue residue. So, if you think you’re teeth are looking whiter? It is likely an illusion. I felt it worked better when I started using the corresponding 3D White Glamorous White Rinse from OralB (which made my mouth foam like I had rabies). Blue loo to rabies. Great combo, TUD!!!

    Those who like minty fresh toothpastes that do brighten your smile, but not necessarily fully whiten. I do like this toothpaste, but I feel it is best used in conjunction with other products for full efficacy.

  • Posted by: Nas007 Enthusiast

    Great toothpasteI love this whitening toothpaste. I used it after recommendation from mum as i was complaining about what my coffee intake was doing to my teeth and she said that i should use this.
    I love how instant the results are visible and it really does does remove surface stains.
    This is now my go to toothpaste and im going to purchase whole LUXE range and incorporate it into teeth whitening regime

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