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Nothing completes a beauty look – especially a fire-engine red lipstick – like a set of pearly whites. And I don’t know about you, Primpettes, but I certainly don’t have the allowance of say, Cameron Diaz, to get my teeth professionally whitened on a regular basis. So, our pals at Colgate have stepped up to the plate with a slightly more affordable option (actually, no, I’m kidding, it’s much more affordable) Colgate’s MaxWhite ONE Ice, $5.99. It’s a whitening toothpaste which contains accelerators to remove pesky surface stains for whiter and brighter chompers in just one week. I’m talkin’ just seven days. This is, of course, providing that you brush your teeth twice to three times a day, which I know is what you would do anyway!

So now we’re turning the tables to you, dear VIP-ers, for your thoughts on this toothpaste. We want to know how you felt the product performed with an honest and thorough review. But if you’re stuck, here are a few extra things you might want to consider along the way…


Would you purchase it again after the trial?
How did the product feel on your teeth?
Did it whiten your teeth after you used it correctly for 7 days?
How did it taste?
Did your teeth feel clean after using it?
Would you recommend to your friends?
Is it good value for money ($5.99)?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan

    I was thrilled to be part of the trial team for this product as sadly it seems to me that my teeth have always had a yellow hue. As a child i went through having braces and i really dont think that helped with the colour of my teeth.
    I loved the gel texture and the minty taste of this product. It made my teeth feel very glossy and super clean but i was quite doubtful that i would see any change in the colour of my teeth. It took about 10 days of use before i started to feel that there was an improvement in colour. My teeth are looking a little less yellow but its not such a dramatic change that anyone would notice and its only a change that i notice slightly. Im not sure if continued use will see this improve even more but im willing to keep using this product as either way it is a great toothpaste.
    I do like the fact that this tube stands on its head and has a flip top as i think that makes it so much easier then messing about with a screw on cap.
    I feel its a very good value product and certainly worth giving a try. Im sure you will notice an improvement but i dont think you should be expecting a huge change in the colour of your teeth. I would think everyones results will be differant and its certainly worth a go.

  • Posted by: danigirl Enthusiast

    Let me start off by firstly thanking Primped for giving me the chance to test out this product. My teeth have been less than white for the past few months since I’ve gotten my braces off. I was hoping that this toothpaste would save me from spending $500 at the dentist to get my teeth professionally whitened, however I have been using this toothpaste 3 times a day for the past week and I have only noticed the slightest difference, if any at all. I am quite disappointed. The toothpaste itself is a clear blue colour with white specks in it, unlike many other (dare i say more effective) whitening toothpaste that are a thick white paste. It was just like any other normal toothpaste.
    Overall, I probably won’t buy this product again and I would not recommend it to my friends.

  • Posted by: alixlea91 Newbie

    I was stoked to be part of Primped’s trial team! With getting married next year I am eager to brighten my smile, and anything that can do it with minimal expense is definitely a big tick in my books! AND the tube was so ergonomic, which made me double excited.
    I started brushing as directed, three times a day for two minutes. It definitely freshened my breath, and my teeth almost had the dentist clean feeling. With the first use I could notice that my teeth were a lighter hue, however, with two days of use (6 brushes) my lips were extremely sore and felt kind of burnt. I used the Colgate Max White One Ice again, and came to the realisation that it was definitely the toothpaste. I then had to stop using it. Not wanting to waste it, I gave it to my Mum to try. She had the exact same result. Lovely white teeth, but red raw lips!

    If you can stand the burning, I would definitely recommend it for a whiter smile. Perhaps it was a one off, different people react differently. The only way to find out is to give it a go yourself!

  • Posted by: bethtalia Newbie

    1. First impressions of the products
    Packaging – I liked that it looked a lot more premium than regular toothpaste, which differentiated it from regular whitening toothpaste.

    Product – I liked the smaller bottle that could sit upright on its lid, although it reminded me ever so slightly of moisturiser.

    2. Main advantages
    Did it clean your teeth effectively? – yes, I usually don’t like the feel of whitening toothpaste but this cleaned really effectively without the chalky feeling afterwards.

    Did it leave your breath feeling fresh and clean? Most definitely. It felt like a normal minty toothpaste, and was pleasant to use.

    3. Impact on the teeth
    Did it whiten your teeth after 7 days? – Surprisingly yes. I didn’t expect to see a difference as quickly as I did. I drink coffee and red wine often and even with that my teeth showed improvement within 3 days. However I wouldn’t rely on it solely if I was aiming to whiten my teeth.

    4. Improvements
    I actually think for the price, this does a fantastic job so I don’t feel there needs to be too many improvements.

    5. Rating
    I give it 4 stars, the recommended brushing 3 times a day, for 2 minutes each is probably excessive, as most toothpaste would whiten your teeth if you brushed that often, but it’s a great toothpaste and I will definitely buy it again.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan

    I was initially a bit worried that I might suffer some sensitivity using this product because other whitening toothpastes I’ve used have caused irritation but I am happy to say that after a couple of weeks of using this toothpaste I haven’t had any problems at all. I think the fact that it is a gel might mean that it is overall gentler. It also tastes really great – it has that really cool, minty taste that all Colgate toothpastes have but perhaps a little stronger and it freshens breath quite well. It’s a really pretty shade of cerulean blue too. The same colour that’s on the box actually. I really like the packaging – the colours remind me of blue glacier ice and snow crystals which ties in nicely with the fresh taste of the toothpaste.

    As for whitening, I think that my teeth are a shade whiter and I imagine that they will be even whiter after a few more weeks. The paste also gives your teeth a really decent clean too – my teeth feel reall smooth after brushing.

    Overall, for the price I think that this is well worth purchasing. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to whiten their teeth without breaking the budget.

  • Posted by: Razamataz Enthusiast

    First impressions
    – Good packaging. I like the stand up tube.
    – The taste was very enjoyable, not like some whitening toothpastes which can be bitter.

    Main advantages
    – It definitely cleaned my teeth effectively, they still felt clean in the morning after cleaning them at night.
    – My breath did feel fresher then when using other tooth pastes

    Impact on the teeth
    – I was pretty disappointed that this product did not noticeably whiten my teeth at all. I took a photo before I started using the product and even after using it for 2 weeks, I could not see any difference in colour.

    – All in all, this is a good toothpaste but it should not be advertised as something that will actually whiten your teeth. I think expecting people to brush their teeth 3 times a day is unrealistic as most people wont brush their teeth at work and will only remember to brish their teeth in the morning and at night. I think if people want to whitent theirteeth properly then they need to get them professionally done, no on the market toothpaste will have a substantial effect.

    – 2/5. If this was just advertised as a toothpaste it would have a much higher rating as it had a pleasant taste and left my teeth feeling fresh and clean. However, because this was advertised as being a whitening product it gets a much lower rating.

  • Posted by: Style_Chic Newbie

    1. First impressions of the products
    Packaging – Good, eye catching – appears to be a ‘premium’ toothpaste. Would have liked the tube to be larger (We go through one this size too quickly around here) Liked that it could stand up.

    Product – Love the blue gel and slightly abrasive texture rather than a white paste

    2. Main advantages
    Didn’t have the unpleasant aftertaste of some whitening tooth pastes and left my breath pleasantly fresh – had a good amount of minty fresh

    3. Impact on the teeth
    Did it whiten your teeth after 7 days? – I would say yes. Slightly. I honestly didn’t expect much after 7 days and dont usually think whitening toothpastes do much to help with whitening (but I still always use them!) but I did notice a slight improvement.

    4. Improvements
    Reasonable for the price – would have liked to see more in the tube qty wise

    5. Rating
    I would give it 4 stars. Brushing 3 times a day isnt convenient for me so i would probably go back to my usual 2 but I would definitely buy it again.

  • Posted by: Amanda -1293680654 Supporter

    Love it! Having used a few different brands of whitening toothpaste before with very minimal results, I wasn’t really expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised!
    The product felt smooth and thorough on my teeth. I used it mainly twice a day but occasionally 3 times a day when convenient. It whitened my teeth at least a few shades within 7 days. It tasted minty fresh without being too overpowering. I actually commented to my partner that my teeth felt super clean after only one day of use!
    I would definitely recommend it to my friends, and think it’s fantastic value for money at $5.99 (even though it’s a smaller tube than I’m used to).

  • Posted by: Fosters Newbie

    I volunteered to try this product because I was looking for something to brighten my face and take the focus off my tired eyes after recently having a baby.
    I found the packaging appealing and liked that the flip top lid allows for the tube to be freestanding.
    I noticed I had brighter teeth within two days of using the toothpaste but unfortunately there was not further whitening after this just the maintenance of the new hue.
    I like that this product has the same texture and consistency of regular toothpaste.
    Colgate is a reputable brand and is sold at a good price. I would recommend friends try it above other over the counter whitening products as the provide a similar result before heading to the dentist.

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    I was super excited to be selected to trial this amazing product that I now cannot live without! I have used other whitening toothpastes in the past and I have never really noticed much of a difference. I love my coffee so my teeth ain’t as white as they used to be. But since using this wonder product I have definitely noticed a change! I usually brush morning and night, but for this trial I upped it to 3 times a day to really get some results quickly! I think after a few weeks of using this my teeth are about 2-3 shades whiter, which is fantastic! For the small price of just $5.99 this is a total bargain! It doesn’t even taste bad at all, the toothpaste has quite a refreshing burst of flavour that isn’t pasty like some others I have tried before. I really liked the packaging as well. A little different than your average toothpaste tube and I like that it stands up rather than lying down. Thanks Primped & Colgate! You have a new fan of Colgate’s MaxWhite One right here! xo

  • Posted by: staceyb Newbie

    Thank you Primped for this oppotunity to review this product!
    I was very excited about this as i have been looking into teeth whitening toothpastes and items for awhile now.
    The ads that i have seen definitely ell this product well. The box is fun, though so much smaller than other toothpastes and their boxes in teh aisle that it did make me wonder if it was value for money worthy. But if it were to give me brilliantly bright teeth, it was definitely worth it.
    The taste is very minty and pleasant.
    I must admit i struggled a bit with the 3 times a day thing, often forgetting to throw it in my handbag to take to work with me, so i replaced this with brushing as soon as i got home and then again at night.
    After a week I couldn’t notice a difference and none of my friends said anything to me.
    After two weeks i did see a slightly whiter smile, but, unfortunately still noone noticed.
    At 5.95 it does last quite a reasonable amount of time for a small tube of toothpaste.
    It didn’t work so well on my teeth, but perhaps it’s also time for my 6 month dental checkup!

    Thanks again Primped!!

  • Posted by: elly-1319457416 Newbie

    When I was notified that I was to take part in this trial, I was thrilled. Who doesn’t want pearly whites? I have noticed a rise in toothpaste brands claiming they will obtain the same (if not better) results as clinical teeth whiteners. Does MaxWhite ONE Ice do this? I definitely saw a difference. Although it was slight, people have been commenting on my teeth. I don’t smoke, however I have noticed that my teeth have started to show the signs of drinking coffee. The toothpaste definitely helped to remove these stains. The gel texture and minty flavour is a refreshing touch and leaves your mouth feeling really clean. The flip lid is a great feature, messy semi-dry toothpaste is a thing of the paste.

    The only set back I found was having to use the toothpaste 3 times a day. It proved to be slightly difficult. Brushing my teeth at work at times compromised my sanity! But hey, if you get results then it’s worth it!

    I would definitely recommend this product to people who want to see some results. Although they may not be drastic changes, it is definitely a great find! Thank you PRIMPED and Colgate x

  • Posted by: selkii Enthusiast

    Ok so I was pretty excited about this given that most of the teeth whitening products I’ve tried have been prettry expensive and this really isn’t that pricey.

    The packaging is nice and sleek, and makes the product seem like a bit more than just toothpaste which is cool, and the stand-up tube is WAY preferable to the normal tube that lays around on it’s side.

    The gel itself is nice and minty but not overpowering, and does seem to last for a while although not much longer than normal toothpaste.

    As for the whitening, well, I DID notice a difference although not a huge one – I have a crown on one tooth and I could compare the colour of it to the colour of the rest of my teeth and my other teeth were definately whiter – however after using it for two weeks, I was expecting a bit more of a dramatic effect – my teeth weren’t too discoloured in the first place though as I don’t smoke, drink coffee or drink red wine so it may be more effective on people who do.

    Brushing three times a day might also be a bit hard for people, I took it to work with me each day and still forgot at times to use it, so you really need to be quite disciplined and remember to use it at lunch time as well as after brekky and dinner.

    All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty good toothpaste in terms of freshness and cleanliness, but unless you’re willing to put in the extra time and do the 3xbrushes a day, you’d probably be better off with just a normal toothpaste.

  • Posted by: Mampha Master Fan

    Firstly, the tube is a great shape, and is nicely snazzy-icy instead of boring or clinical looking. It is short and squat and has a cap in proportion, with a flat top… so you can sit it upright on the cap on your cabinet instead of it falling or lying all over the place and knocking things over. I didn’t think I could get so excited about a tube shape on toothpaste! But there you go: I love this as much as I loved when screw off caps went the way of the Dodo!

    The paste itself is a lovely blue colour, which is great, because I can actually see where it is, and it is a good consistency. Not too solid, not too chalky. I don’t generally like a strong minty toothpaste, as some can be quite burning, but this is called ‘ice’ so one can expect a strong taste. In fact, after a few days use, I used my normal toothpaste and found it rather bland and re-brushed in The Max White :) So it certainly makes my mouth feel better refreshed. The abrasives are visible, so it certainly left it feeling clean.
    I realise now that it is darn hard to ascertain whether your teeth are whiter in a short period unless you ask someone else’s opinion or take photographs! There is a fair bit to combat here: between the red wine and coffee and the greater exposure of dentine with age, there’s a fair bit to work with :D. I do feel that the surface looks marginally better.
    I will have to address my brushing techniques however, as I feel that the inter tooth edges are still dark in comparison (yes this will be darker regardless, but I mean I feel there is improvement on the surface but not at the margins).. I must just swish over the surface rather than concentrate on the gaps with the brush. I am going in to see my Fang Doctor in a fortnight so I am looking forward to seeing if he thinks there is a difference to what he normally sees each visit.

    I like this product and am happy to continue using it, and to see if tartar buildup and staining is reduced. I don’t normally spend $5.99 on toothpaste, so I am not sure that I would select this next time, but I was happy with the product in the short term, so we shall see.
    Thanks again Primped for this opportunity, and also to Colgate.

  • Posted by: Astrid Newbie

    I had my teeth bleached as a 15-year-old, newly liberated of my train-tracks. And, as I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke, they’ve remained pretty sparkly over the last decade. But of course I was keen to give them an extra little ivory hit with the Colgate Max One Ice. The product’s packaging is brilliant; a flat-top lid so it can stand on its head easily, with the actual spout contained so there is less risk of toothpaste leakage/consequent sticky dribbling at the top of the tube. The flavour is delish; super minty, without the chalkiness of other whitening products, and it left me with a lovely, cool, fresh-feeling mouth.

    But did it do what it was supposed to? Well, no. I was very diligent with the thrice-daily brushing regime; even documenting it with photos! There was a moment of frenzied delight and celebration one morning, a week in, but then I remembered I’d had a spray tan the night before. My teeth weren’t whiter, my face was just browner. All in all, Colgate Max One Ice is yummy and the packaging is well thought out – but since it didn’t whiten my teeth at all, I wouldn’t buy it.

    Thank you, Primped, for letting me try it out!

  • Posted by: bree90 Devotee

    I liked the packaging, usually when I look for my normal toothpaste, the original Max White One, I find it hard to locate on the shelf because it blends in, but the sparkly blue I think would make it easier to find. Also I really liked the taste, I found it a lot more fresh and mintier than the original.
    I found it did its job pretty well, my teeth felt nice and clean and left me with minty breath.
    To be honest I don’t think it was very noticeable that I had been using a whitening toothpaste, I didn’t notice a great change in the colour of my teeth, perhaps with longer use I will see more of a change.
    3/5 as I feel that it did do a good job, however as a WHITENING toothpaste, I didn’t see much of a result. However I would recommend it to friends, as it does have active whitening ingredients that I think have potential to work over a longer period of use.

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    I have been using this toothpaste everyday now for at least a month and I am loving the results!

    First off, the taste and texture is exactly like normal toothpaste, very minty and fresh and not chalky at all like some whitening toothpastes.

    I was beginning to use it three times a day as the instructions advise you to, but it was too hard so I ended up using it only twice a day.

    I am noticing the effects now as my teeth are much much whiter. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends as it is just like a regular toothpaste but with an added benefit!

  • Posted by: lemon8 Enthusiast

    I didn’t notice any remarkable results with this toothpaste. I like the tube, its clean and the design’s nice. the actual product though didn’t make a huge difference to my teeth. It didn’t make them worse! But maybe I expected to much? It is a whitening toothpaste afterall so you have to be realistic. I would purchase it again because the price is fine, and I like whitening toothpaste, I didn’t hate it and the taste wasn’t offensive. I probably would of liked it to be mintier.

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan

    Unlike other teeth whitening toothpaste it did not have a chalky, gritty feeling but worked and tasted like a normal toothpaste does.
    Liked the larger than most toothpastes flip top lid and the packaging colours. The toothpaste itself was a blue gel like with tiny white specks in it. It foamed up nicely and so results with each use. Liked the taste too, not too strong or too minty but just right. Will be purchasing again as could see visible results. I did brush twice a day not thrice as indicated on the pack. Overall the best teeth whitening toothpaste I have used so far both in taste and in results.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    I really like this product. it whitened my teeth within a week and it made it look much healthier.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan

    Colgate Max White One Ice comes in a stand up plastic squeeze tube.
    Ice is formulated with white accelerators.
    It’s a fluoride toothpaste to be used 3 times a day to achieve cleaning and whitening results.
    The toothpaste is a blue gel with white bits throughout.
    It has a power mint flavour that is nice and refreshing, a cool mint.
    A small strip of gel along toothbrush head is all I use.
    When brushing the toothpaste produces a light blue foam.
    The whitening result is very subtle, continual use of Ice keeps my teeth relatively white.
    I drink coffee which stains teeth, so my teeth are never white white.
    I like the toothpaste, I love the cool gel mint flavour.
    My family like using the toothpaste, they enjoy the cool mint taste also.

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