Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste

Primper Rating (7 ratings) 5

What is it

A whitening toothpaste.

What it does

Makes teeth shinier and whiter, and helps prevent future stains from developing.

Best suited for

People wanting a whiter, shinier smile.

RRP $8.99

What we said

It makes our teeth feel squeaky clean in seconds!






  • Posted by: Sabrina.Kluba Newbie // Fri, 30 January 2015 11:42am

    First of all great packaging – really stands out from the other toothpastes in market. My teeth were visibly whiter and sparklier after just a week of using this product. I will definitely be incorporating Oral B 3D white into my daily teeth ritual. I no longer have angst when consuming my daily coffee or sipping on that Shiraz that my teeth won’t be as white – love it!

  • Posted by: bennetc6 Newbie // Wed, 11 February 2015 09:21pm

    I am definitely converted to use this product. I have to admit I was very sceptical to try another teeth whitening toothpaste or product which really are the same products in different packaging but immediately I impressed and could tell this wasn’t your run of the mill toothpaste.
    The packaging is bright shiny purple which adds a bit of glamour to your average toothpaste and the paste itself is bright blue and has a lovely mild taste and creamy texture, again which differentiates it from an average toothpaste.
    The product claims it will brighten your teeth and remove stains in 2 weeks which I found completely hard to believe, given I’m a die-hard teeth whitener. Having said that I was due for a dental clean and polish and my usual teeth whitening regime and being a coffee drinker did have a coffee stain on my tooth which I needed to attend to. By the end of the week the stain was gone and my teeth are definitely brighter and whiter.
    I’m getting married in 6 months, and will be using this product until the big day.
    I was surprised it costs $8.99 but when you consider the cost of teeth whitening, the cost is small in comparison and is because its gentle and kind to your teeth is a good replacement to other tooth pastes.
    Definitely a yes and a winner (10/10) for me, will buy again and highly recommend.
    All in all a great product to trial
    Thanks for the opportunity to review this product

  • Posted by: ChiaraMarieF Supporter // Sun, 29 March 2015 09:29pm

    I suppose I should preface that my teeth were not exactly “stained” before I started using this. I have naturally quite white teeth, HOWEVER…
    I switched to this a few months out from my wedding and I reckon it made all the difference for that bright, pearly smile. I had been *considering* going down the dental office whitening road, and I am SO SO SO happy I saved my money instead!

  • Posted by: happydays Master Fan // Wed, 1 April 2015 08:07pm

    Bought this because it was on sale, and the packaging makes it appealing too.
    Even when I use this paste, it remains blue, so when I’m brushing and look at my teeth, it’s blue, so don’t get scared of that. I think normal pastes go white after a few seconds of use.
    I also use only a little pea size of this paste and it foams up and leaves my mouth with a fresh very minty feel.
    My teeth are beginning to look cleaner and a bit better too with only a few days’ use.

  • Posted by: beccha77 Master Fan // Thu, 6 August 2015 09:33pm

    Toothpaste that usually promises whiter teeth in weeks are usually a big let down but not this product! I was happily surprised by the result. I found that after a couple of days of using this item I could see a difference in the colour of my teeth. My teeth feel clean and fresh after brushing, The mint favour of the toothpaste is nice, sweet and fresh! I will highly recommend the Oral-B 3D White Luxe Glamorous toothpaste as I will defiantly continue to use this product.

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