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A nail polish

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A chip-resistant nail polish formula that ensures durability and long-lasting colour. Available in approximately 250 shades, a collection of six new shades is released each season

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Adding colour to your nails

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A chip-resistant nail polish formula that ensures durability and long-lasting colour. Available in approximately 250 shades, a collection of six new shades is released each season







  • Posted by: Jessielyn Master Fan // Sun, 2 January 2011 07:08pm

    Essie is by far the best-wearing nailpolish I’ve found so far. I have Mint Candy Apple, and holy shit, it lasts and lasts and lasts. With a base coat and top coat, it lasted about a week and a half (which is donkey years, considering I’m terrible on my nails). Didn’t crack until about day 7, and chipped about day 11.

    The colours are also really good- the pigments are strong, even in the lighter colours, but they aren’t chalky. 5 out of 5 from me!

  • Posted by: pinkdivamua Enthusiast // Sun, 9 January 2011 04:58pm

    Being a prestigious nail colour brand, I knew I had to get my hand on a bottle of Essie. After seeking a particular shade of OPI that I have been unable to locate (it’s a bright medium-deep purple), I turned to Essie’s “Sexy Divide” which looked perfect at first sight. However, it turned out to be darker than expected but none-the-less a great shade. Loving toenail bling, I wore it on my toes, and for two weeks it remained chip free and strengthened my toe nails. Four weeks later, it had chipped a lot, so I removed it. On fingernails, it lasts a couple of days before chipping but that seems to be my life story so I was expecting that to be the case. The glass bottle looks like that of most nail brands but I love the Essie logos printed on glass & top of lid. I have only tried the one shade but would certainly love to try more.

  • Posted by: jeffy Master Fan // Fri, 28 January 2011 10:16pm

    The Lyford Lilac is a BEAUTIFUL purpley-nude colour, and very on trend atm! Lasts 4 days with a top coat but needed about 3 coats for an opaque finish but its worth it :)

  • Posted by: RuBie Enthusiast // Mon, 21 February 2011 09:59pm

    Love the finish of Essie polishes, as they’re so glossy even without topcoat! However, Essie seems a little sheerer and have a more watery texture compared to other major nail polish brands, so you’d need at least 3 coats to get it opaque, plus I sometimes get a bubbling problem with the jelly finish ones. But once dry, the mani could last at least a week!

  • Posted by: keppers Devotee // Tue, 22 February 2011 09:47pm

    I have the nail colour Chinchilly. Very similar to other brands. Goes on easily and dries quickly but most colours don’t last on me for more than a couple of days at most before chipping beyond repair.

  • Posted by: insanityrules Master Fan // Fri, 25 February 2011 09:36am

    Easy to apply, great coverage, great lasting power and wonderful selection of colours.
    If you haven’t already got some, why not?

  • Posted by: melmeko Master Fan // Mon, 28 February 2011 07:34am

    I will base my review on my latest Essie Spring Collection, which features 6 stunning Essie Nail Polishes :)

    The shades are chic and modern, with a creamy, pastel, lolly-like combination, all bar the exception of the one pop of colour, which is a fiery, hot red hue.. With a colour to compliment all occasions, there is a cool coral, a light peachy, pink, a baby pink, a pink based lilac, a blue based lilac as well as the contrasting bright red. All shades in this collection are very girly type colours, but all so wearable and they truly represent the essence of spring.

    I am a fan of Essie nail polishes and am impressed with the quality of the formula. They are of a good consistency, neither too runny nor too thick or gluggy and the brush makes for an easy application. I never have any issues with streaking and all of these colours only need two coats to become opaque. The finish is smooth and creamy with a gorgeous shine, that has incredible staying power. I get plenty of compliments when wearing this selection of polishes, as while the colours might seem rather common when you first look at them, when they adorn your nails they all pack quite a punch and are in fact rare and unique, whilst being very flattering.

    This is a collection that I would take with me on holiday to a tropical island resort. With the cool, punchy pastels making for the perfect day time affair and the super hot red to being dressy enough to head off into the sunset and dance the night away. I love the Essie Spring Collection and will continue to wear them, regardless of the season because the beautiful colours are simply breathtaking and are a stunning addition to my own nail polish accumulation.

  • Posted by: nidhi12345 Enthusiast // Fri, 4 March 2011 09:46pm

    I always had a fascination about these polishes and once I tried then I got to know what the hype is all about. They are best quality nail polish I have ever tried as they are steak free, don’t left your nails yellow, last long and you don’t necessary have to apply coat to get nice finished & manicured nails.
    I love all of their colors in the spring collection range specially the melon color which is my favorite in their range. Although they are a bit expensive for anyone on a strict budget but you get what you pay.

  • Posted by: jach Enthusiast // Thu, 10 March 2011 06:47pm

    I only have the one shade, ballet slippers, but I love it. If I had had more cash I would have definately bought more! Great selection of colors. Lasts at least 5 days when I do a quick job, over a week if I do it properly.

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Mon, 21 March 2011 04:41pm

    I recently scored Tart Deco, a bright pastel coral shade. The colour was a lot brighter on my nails than expected but I love the shade so much it hasn’t put me off at all. The polish lasted an age(over a week on fingernails) with a base and top coat and I have to give this awesome product 5 stars.
    The beautiful bottle is never going to be confused with another brand.. and the brush carried the perfect amount of polish onto my nails. Its not cheap but great value for money because of the excellent quality and it lasts and lasts!

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 26 March 2011 08:49pm

    I love Essie nail polishes, because the formula is vibrant/bold and come in a great range of shades. I have Tart Deco, which is a gorgeous pastel creamy and slightly neon looking coral shade when looking at the bottle. It appears quite light and bright on my nails. The consistency is quite thin, therefore I usually apply three coats to avoid any streaks. Great looking shade and doesn’t chip so quickly than other nail colours I’ve tried.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 26 March 2011 08:53pm

    This review is on the shade ‘Neo Whimsical’, a blend of pastel baby pink and soft lilac. This shade is definitely a feminine and flattering soft shade which appears quite opaque when I applied three coats. This shade is one of my favourite shades as it suits any occasion and very eye-catching despite the light shade. The formula is fantastic as when the nail polish sets and dries on my nails it maintains the shine. The texture is not gluggy or thick, it’s quite thin which is great for controlling the intensity of the shade. Definitely need to buy back up of this one!

  • Posted by: Alexandra-1293437712 Enthusiast // Thu, 31 March 2011 11:59pm

    by far my favourite nail polish brand.

    it has such a great colour range and the polish lasts forever as well as being reasonably priced!!

    Most certainly a winner! – I especially love ‘vermillionaire’ and ‘midnight cami’

  • Posted by: Rosypear Supporter // Sat, 2 April 2011 04:14pm

    Essie would have to be the BEST nail polish Ive ever used. The colour lasts and lasts. Ive always used OPI but now Im converted. Ive been wearing ‘fondola gondola’ for the last 2 weeks and I have received so many compliments on my manicure. After 2 weeks Ive hardly got any chips and the colour is still vibrant. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

  • Posted by: Alexandra-1293437712 Enthusiast // Wed, 13 April 2011 09:52am

    this is by far my favourite nail polish brand. It has a multitude of colours (midnight cami is a personal favourite) and it goes on so well and lasts for ages too. It is the only nailpolish I will buy from now on and the mini’s that they have are perfect for travelling and testing out new colours.

  • Posted by: Adele-1299370274 Devotee // Tue, 26 April 2011 01:23pm

    I love the essie nail polishes – i much prefer glitter / sheen free colours so essie delivers

    Lots of gorgeous colours to chose from and they apply very nicely, not streaky or thick

  • Posted by: NatMon Master Fan // Mon, 16 May 2011 12:16pm

    Essie by far is my favourite nail polish brand. I absolutely love the colours they have to offer. I really like OPI’s colours, but I find that Essie just does it better. They are also more on trend with the colours that are in season and I also find they are just really chic.
    The polish is a really good texture and goes on really well. Some colours I’ve had for a few years and they still go on pretty well.
    Also if you let each coat dry before applying the next, they dry pretty quickly. Also I find that I only need to apply 2-3 coats (2 for darker shards and 3 for lighter).
    I also haven’t had much of a chipping issue with the colours. I find with some brands that the colour comes off the ends of my nails pretty quickly (I have long nails), but Essie is pretty good at staying put.

  • Posted by: NatMon Master Fan // Mon, 16 May 2011 12:32pm

    Forgot to mention my top Essie colour picks above!

    A top Essie pick is Wicked. This is really such a great deep crimson red colour. It really is one of those perfect reds and just looks sexy.

    Another Essie pick is Sugar Daddy. I LOVE Sugar Daddy, it’s the colour you wear when you don’t want to wear a nail colour or just want something clean and fresh. It’s a really pretty light pink colour and is just perfection.

    My final Essie pick is Sand Tropez (which is part of their newly released range). I really love this colour because it’s very on trend at the moment but at the same time is a really nice beige/neutral so I will still be able to wear it once it’s no longer one of the colour flavours of the month.

  • Posted by: swoopingbuzzards Master Fan // Sat, 18 June 2011 11:05am

    I love that essie has a wide range of colours especially nudes/pinks however I find that I they chip quickly. For example I could wear an OPI polish for a week without a topcoat and only get a small amount of chipping but my essie polishes chip pretty badly by the second day for me. with a topcoat it does last longer but not nearly as well as my OPI polishes. My favourite essie colour is after sex.

  • Posted by: NatMon Master Fan // Sat, 18 June 2011 05:47pm

    I have found another Essie nail polish that I really love, ‘Nice is Nice’. It’s part of their spring 2011 French Affair collection and it’s such an amazing colour. It’s a really pretty light lavender. It’s so soft and just really pretty. It’s a great summer colour, but it is also nice to wear in winter.

  • Posted by: samgrace Devotee // Tue, 28 June 2011 09:02pm

    Great colours and great quality. A little bit expensive but well worth the money because they last ages.
    Essie polishes are easy to apply and dry really quickly. Love them!

  • Posted by: avaadorapolly Enthusiast // Thu, 28 July 2011 03:52am

    Love these nail polishes. They last for ages and come in heaps really fun shades. Just as good as OPI.

  • Posted by: Parisienne chic Master Fan // Mon, 12 September 2011 01:46pm

    If Kate is wearing this on her wedding day,you know it,s fabulous right?Well….it is.I have about 5 shades,and love them all.Every conceivable shade is covered (from pale pinky whites,to the darkest,almost blacks ),and the seasons begin with new shades .They last on your nails brilliantly,need no topcoat and can withstand hell (i,m a nurse ).Try a couple of shades,and you will be hooked (plus they are cheaper than another iconic brand,but are every bit as fabulous )

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Mon, 5 December 2011 10:00pm

    I love Essie nail polish. I’ve just recently received 2 different shades; lavendar and blue. The blue is my new favourite polish. The colour is amazing and turns into a bluey-purply colour and it has lovely subtle glitter through it. I found I could’ve easily got away with 1 application of the blue colour, although I did do 2 for good measure. The finish is a high gloss and I had no chips for 4 days, then after that just a few tiny tiny ones here and there, not too bad though. I will definately buy more colours in this brand.

  • Posted by: catn2kittens Master Fan // Tue, 7 August 2012 10:55am

    Essie nail polishes are quality all the way. they don’t churn out as many collections and over-the-top glitters as OPI, but every single colour they produce, they do well. They have neutrals in unusual yet still work-friendly shades, e.g. Merino Cool (cool-toned mushroom) and Da Bush (pastel creamy khaki), 2 of my favourites, their pale shades are creamy, non-streaky, and usually opaque in 2 coats, and they do lovely candy-brights in every colour imaginable, in both creme and fine shimmer finishes. Staying power is excellent and application is a breeze. I wish they weren’t so expensive here, but I also wish I hadn’t bought 8 different cheaper brand pastel pinks looking for a non-streaky one! If I’m looking for a specific colour for a special occasion, I’m better off going straight to Essie.
    P.s. Their seasonal colour cube collections are great value, and often on special :)

  • Posted by: melg Master Fan // Mon, 10 September 2012 12:35pm

    Feel like the only person who doesnt like this polish! The colour selection is great but I find the pastel colours need so many coats to be true to colour. I also think the brush is not as good as many other brands cheaper than Essie.

  • Posted by: gabrielle12 Supporter // Tue, 11 September 2012 02:46pm

    For a price similar to OPI (here in Aust soo exxy), I’d choose Essie any day. I think that the formula is better and I also like the colour selections more. Essie releases interesting combination of shades every time. And the bottle.. oh so chic!

  • Posted by: miss_brunette Enthusiast // Fri, 14 September 2012 12:15pm

    Beautiful formula, long lasting, so many colours to chose from.

  • Posted by: Selen93 Supporter // Wed, 28 November 2012 01:07pm

    While there is a wide range of colours to choose from and the quality of the polishes are generally good (doesn’t chip for a few days), I would only recommend purchasing essie if you have money to splurge or if they supply a unique colour that no other brand stocks because of the steep price. To me, there are other brands with a quality comparable to essie (such as l’oreal paris) with a much kinder price tag.

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Sun, 2 December 2012 12:10pm

    I own two Essie nail polishes and love them so much! I bought them online, it’s such a shame that they aren’t available in any shops close to me.. They last about 7 days on the nails and then they start to chip, whereas most other polishes last under 3 days.. Definitely recommend!

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sun, 2 December 2012 01:25pm

    Essie nail colours are my absolute favourite as the look of the shade on my nails is very true to what you see in the bottle. I have been playing with the shade ‘Cascade Cool’, which is a creamy and dusty vibrant pink from the Summer 2012 Collection. With just two coats, Cascade Cool appears opaque on my nails with a smooth, glossy and jelly-like finish. It’s the perfect barbie pink nails that you could achieve!

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan // Sun, 2 December 2012 01:37pm

    i love ESSIE!! ITS SUCH A GREAT BRAND!! i have bought only a few colors considering the price which is pretty high for nail polish.
    but i love essie

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan // Mon, 3 December 2012 07:18pm

    Simply the best. I’ve used a whole lot of brands and some are really good but Essie nail colours stay the shiniest longest without chipping for the longest and still are really easy to remove when it comes time to take the colour off. Even the bottle in my hand feels classy and expensive but the price of these is not the most expensive on the market. Wonderful value for money. My favourite brand of nail varnish.

  • Posted by: glossed Master Fan // Mon, 3 December 2012 09:37pm

    Essie is my absolutely favourite nail varnish brand, I now buy nothing but Essie. Huuuugeee shade selection, applies evenly and beautifully, and lasts super long with a base and top coat! I reccommend buying from BeautyBay – they are only about $11!

  • Posted by: catn2kittens Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 03:45pm

    It’s all been said before – amazing opacity, staying power and shine!
    My personal favourites are:
    Lady Like, my go-to shade for a fast, professional neutral, a pale pinky grey
    Mint candy Apple: nuff said.
    Shine of the Times: a beautiful flakie top coat that shifts through red, orange, green and gold.

    The colour cubes with 4 minis are excellent value, they are released every season so grab them while you can!

  • Posted by: soMuchPretty Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 05:00pm

    I was lucky enough to win 2 bottles in a Primped giveaway. I won “Off The Shoulder” – a gorgeous bright rose pink and “We’re In It Together” – a soft ballerina pink. OTS is stunning – applied like a dream and lasts well. A lovely, bright pink. WIIT is not so great. It was a streaky, grabby mess to apply and didn’t improve with additional coats. After looking this shade up on the web, I see many nail bloggers had similar issues with it. I think I got unlucky with this shade. I really love OTS and based on that experience, I would buy further shades from Essie. I’d just be sure to check reviews first! I’m rating it 4.

  • Posted by: ladyp Newbie // Wed, 19 December 2012 12:32am

    I love Essie nail polishes and I think Plain Sailing has to be my favourite right now! I had to write about it as I’m enjoying wearing it so much. I bought it as I wanted a blue nail varnish but I seemed to have trouble finding one that didn’t make my hands look really ugly! Most shades tended to just make me look pale and some blues even seemed to make my hands look fatter…eek. But I was recommended this one by a friend as it is a kind of violet/purple blue, which is much easier for most people to wear. I would definitely recommend ‘smooth sailing’ as it seems to go with pretty much anything and it’s subtle enough that you can even get away with wearing it to work. I sometimes wish Essie would make their nail varnish brushes a bit wider as they’re quite thin, but then at least I don’t get that problem with these of painting bits of my fingers too! This is one of the longest lasting polishes I have – at least five days with only a small chip in one nail. And it comes off easily so you don’t end up with stained blue nails for ages afterwards. A great buy!

  • Posted by: ladyp Newbie // Mon, 24 December 2012 08:06pm

    I love Essie nail polishes and I think Plain Sailing has to be my favourite right now! I had to write about it as I’m enjoying wearing it so much. I bought it as I wanted a blue nail varnish but I seemed to have trouble finding one that didn’t make my hands look really ugly! Most shades tended to just make me look pale and some blues even seemed to make my hands look fatter…eek. But I was recommended this one by a friend as it is a kind of violet/purple blue, which is much easier for most people to wear. I would definitely recommend ‘smooth sailing’ as it seems to go with pretty much anything and it’s subtle enough that you can even get away with wearing it to work. I sometimes wish Essie would make their nail varnish brushes a bit wider as they’re quite thin, but then at least I don’t get that problem with these of painting bits of my fingers too! This is one of the longest lasting polishes I have – at least five days with only a small chip in one nail. And it comes off easily so you don’t end up with stained blue nails for ages afterwards. A great buy!

    You can get this from Ry for $15.95!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Thu, 27 December 2012 02:24pm

    They are excellent value for money and always pick up a few shades when they go on sale. They are long wearing, chip resistant for upto a week. You do need atleast 2 coats but they look glossy and beautiful on my nails.

  • Posted by: Lillian-1300839978 Enthusiast // Fri, 28 December 2012 02:52pm

    I stocked up on Essie colours when I was in the states, they were on sale for $7 in Macy’s! Best nail polish on the market, with a good top coat it will last without chipping for over a week. Muchi muchi and A Crewed Interest are my fave shades

  • Posted by: Snezana-1319445104 Enthusiast // Fri, 15 March 2013 06:51pm

    Goes on easy and has a great coplour. It dries fast and the colour lasts vibrantly

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Sun, 31 March 2013 06:57pm

    I picked up an Essie on sale recently in pink and was keen to try it out. I found it a little thin and sheer and it really needed two coats to get good colour and shine. It was a nice colour but didn’t last all that long. A top coat is probably needed for this polish.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 31 March 2013 08:29pm

    i won two of these nail polishes last year on primped (thank you!) and i love them. i apply a base coat, then 2 coats of the nail polish and at the end the top coat. lasts up to 7 days without chipping. great product

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Tue, 2 April 2013 09:29am

    My favourite polishes to date have been opi however I recently saw an amazing ocean blue and instantly knew it belonged on my fingers.
    The shade is called ‘trophy wife’ and it is the most gorgeous shimmery blue ive ever seen. It is a slightly bold shade but reminescent of summer.
    I really love the cure bottle which fits prefectly on my shelf and I can imagine that when my collection of essie grows they will all fit neatly together in comparison to the chunky opi bottles which take up alot of space.
    Being a glittery colour, this was very opaque but looked best with two coats. Im not sure how long it would last without a base and top coat but with using my revitanail one it lasted about 4-5 days (while I was being cautious not to be to harsh with them!)
    The consistency is smooth and looks perfect! My new favourite, move over OPI !! :)

  • Posted by: alanakateh Master Fan // Mon, 29 April 2013 08:51pm

    Best nail polish on the market. Extensive range of gorgeous colours, new ones out each season. They all have quirky names that I love too.
    I don’t know why they cost so much here though, when they are just $8 in the USA 😕

  • Posted by: thecatwhosawstars Master Fan // Thu, 20 June 2013 03:06pm

    Great quality and hard wearing polish. An awesome collection of colours that is constantly growing. There are some very interesting shades. Stylish looking bottle. I love their mini collections.

  • Posted by: connor 777 Master Fan // Thu, 20 June 2013 10:15pm

    I love Essie nail polishes I have quite a few they are a little pricey but well worth the money great range of colours and don’t chip for days

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Fri, 21 June 2013 12:38am

    I love Essie nail polishes, they have a huge range of colors to choose from. They apply so smoothly and without streaking. I usually only need to apply two coats and the resulting finish is a beautiful glossy manicure which is chip resistant for about five days.
    I actually prefer Essie to Opi, both are a bit more expensive than pharmacy brands and department store like Revlon, Loreal , but worth the money if you find a color you really like.

  • Posted by: Narao10 Devotee // Thu, 12 December 2013 02:36pm

    I’m always love Essie nail polishes because of the cute bottles and great color selection. The quality of the Polish is great. I usually apply base coat and apply the polish two coats and I stays for a week. I normally apply the top coat to prevent chipping. The brush is great and polish never streaks when you apply. I love the variety of unique shades. I would repurchase in different colours.

  • Posted by: essie Enthusiast // Sat, 25 January 2014 02:24pm

    I have three of these Essie colours – Licorice, Lilacism and Tart Deco. They all look so beautiful on and last longer than other brands when applied with a top coat. The only issue I have is the brush being small and making it harder to apply neatly. But hey, that’s the only issue.

  • Posted by: stackcats Supporter // Sun, 20 April 2014 11:41am

    I have ‘Absolutely Shore’ which is a sea foam green. At first I expected it would be streaky, as most pastel polishes tend to be thin and streaky. But this Essie polish is excellent. With a top coat it can last almost a week with minimal wear

  • Posted by: peta88 Enthusiast // Mon, 3 November 2014 12:05pm

    Prefer Essie Polishes over OPI.

    They never dry out or go thick in the bottle! great colour range.

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