Maybelline NY Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner

Primper Rating (5 ratings) 4

What is it

Liquid Eyeliner

What it does

Creates precision for winged eyes

Best suited for

All skin types

RRP $16.95

What we said

Our winged eyes can now look flawless and symmetrical! With a swift turn of the tip, we can go from a 0.01 mm brush to a 2.00 mm brush. Bonus: it is waterproof!







  • Posted by: gsara Enthusiast // Tue, 11 August 2015 08:51pm

    This eyeliner has become part of my everyday makeup basics. The packaging is very sleek, and has an amazing brush tip. It is very easy to quickly create a thick or thin winged liner and be on your way. The tip is very fine but when you turn the liner to its side you get a thicker brush to work with. It’s almost like having 2 sized eyeliners in the one product.

    The formula is smudge resistant and dries quick enough to not leave any marks on the upper eye lid. The liner is quite opaque upon application so you don’t have to waste your time layering to build the colour. The product is also very easy to remove, i just use micellar water or simple makeup wipes.

    I have the older version of this liner too (olive gold lid) and the new purple release is so much better! I’ve seen a massive improvement in the formula and brush tips of both these releases.

    I don’t see myself removing this product from my everyday makeup kit unless i find something else that blows my mind away.

  • Posted by: UglyDuckling Master Fan // Mon, 7 September 2015 04:54pm

    Gee this is a very thin liquid eyeliner! I was a little freaked out at how delicate it was. I was dubious as to the efficacy of the tip as it looked so delicate.
    My thoughts on application: I tested it on the back of my hand and sure enough, it was very delicate, almost feather-like in feel. The colour was also very light, and not as dark as I would have preferred. When I tried it on my eye line, I had a hard time adjusting control, as I much prefer to use a firmer liner (actually, I prefer to use a gel liner and a brush for control). That said, the delicacy of the line you can achieve with this liner is exactly that: delicate and fine. You just need to exert a bit of control. A feather-like touch or dabbing approach is ideal, particularly if you have shaky hands. If you want a thicker line, twist the ‘pen’ so that the thicker edge is against the eye-line and you will achieve the desired affect without having to drag the liner against your skin. What was not ideal was having to go over the line several times to achieve the darkness or blackest of black lines I would normally go for. It’s not as dark as I would like. Otherwise, it’s nice. Very dainty. I felt it did smudge a bit, particularly in the inner corner / tear duct. If you want to deliberately smudge it however, you can (just do it early in the piece). I found it also worked well with my contact lenses.

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Tue, 10 November 2015 11:29pm

    This liquid eyeliner has a very thin tip which is great for those who want precision and want to outline their eyes before they fill it in. I found that the colour was that pigmented and had to go over it a bit to make it dark in colour. The line comes out thin because of the tip but you can make it thicker or more dramatic depending on your look. It dries fairly quickly and stays on for most of the day with no smudging.

  • Posted by: MelissaFay89 Master Fan // Sat, 5 March 2016 07:49pm

    I have a lot of trouble with eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner but I did find that this was relatively easy to use. Depending on the angle that you hold the brush at, it will give you different thicknesses which is cool. I found that the eyeliner had good staying power and a good level of colour.

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