Bioré Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

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What is it

Pore unclogging and makeup removing wipes

What it does

Cleansing wipes that are textured and provide gentle exfoliating action that deeply cleans down to the pores. removing oil, dirt, and makeup, revealing clean and healthy looking skin

Best suited for

Acne-prone skin and on-the-go cleansing

RRP $8.99

David Jones, Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, Coles, Woolworths, and selected pharmacies

What we said

Cleansing wipes that are textured and provide gentle exfoliating action that deeply cleans down to the pores. removing oil, dirt, and makeup, revealing clean and healthy looking skin



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  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Fri, 4 February 2011 01:55pm

    This is what I buy for my teen daughter. She uses makeup wipes like they’re going out of fashion. These are reasonably priced and work well. They even remove heavy makeup. My daughter dances often in Eisteddfods and concerts and needs to use a heap of makeup so her face isn’t washed out under the stage lights. She needs to use 2-3 of them after this but eventually her face is clean.

  • Posted by: pollymae Enthusiast // Fri, 4 February 2011 03:10pm

    I did enjoy the convenience of makeup wipes, which I don’t often use.. But I still felt as though my skin had a slight film on it. After wiping over my skin, I splashed with a little cool water, pat dry and applied some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Was really happy with the ease of the makeup removal process. I’d imagine that this product would be amazing alone for someone with dryer skin.

  • Posted by: hkcandy Master Fan // Thu, 31 March 2011 10:47pm

    I quite like this wipe as it’s convenient and easy to use. Most suitable if you’re on the go. I like it’s refreshing smell too. Only disadvantage is that you need to use at least a few wipes to cleanse/remove your make-up, especially mascara.

    The only down side is that the wipe smelt abit odd but thankfully it did not irritate my skin!

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Fri, 15 April 2011 12:22pm

    i got these in a pack that i won from Biore -fantastic for the car and after a late night -they smell better than most other brands and didn’t go all dry in the packet after a week!

  • Posted by: keppers Devotee // Thu, 7 July 2011 08:44am

    These are great for when you get home after a long night and just can’t be bothered. They work really well to remove all of the makeup although be really careful around the eyes as they did give me a bit of tingling when I used it around the eyes too much. They are not overdrying and don’t have a chemically feel about them.

  • Posted by: michellelinda92 Enthusiast // Fri, 5 August 2011 08:51pm

    These wipes remove makeup and dirt very easily. And they’re quite saturated so you don’t need any more than one unlike most other brands on the market. The one thing that turned me off though, was the taste! Now before you go asking why I put them in my mouth, haha, I didn’t! I used one to remove my lipstick and got a taste of it… yuck! But as long as you keep them away from your taste buds, they’re very good facial wipes.

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan // Sun, 18 December 2011 05:56pm

    Definitely a fast and easy way to cleanse when you’re short on time or simply can’t be bothered!

  • Posted by: cdjallan Supporter // Thu, 19 January 2012 11:34pm

    Quick and Easy! Exactly what I need when its late at night. I want something that going to remove the daily grime when I am too tired do much else. These are so easy and so effective. Great for any time but I mainly use them when I’m home late and too tired to do what I call a proper cleanse.

  • Posted by: Evanescencessy Devotee // Mon, 13 February 2012 03:11pm

    Just tried a sample of this makeup removing wipe so I am basing my review on my first impressions. These wipes are alcohol free and claims to be gentle on the skin to remove makeup including stubborn waterproof mascara. The cloth is a good decent size, soft, rectangular in shape and more importantly, feels quite moist/wet. I really love the refreshing green tea scent however I don’t think that they are as gentle as they claim to be. I have normal and pretty tolerant skin that isn’t overly sensitive (I can use most products without irritation/an allergic reaction), so I was disappointed that my eyes stung a little after using this. Also when I unintentionally licked my lips (even though I didn’t purposely wipe my lips with the cloth) there is a strong bitter taste. Sadly based on this I will not be purchasing these and will continue to use other cleansing/makeup remover cloths which are more gentle and can be used on the lips without leaving a bad bitter after taste.

  • Posted by: MaddyB Enthusiast // Wed, 16 May 2012 04:41pm

    Best face wipe I have ever used.

    I tried so many different brands but because of my super sensitive skin even those marked gentle were no good.

    The Biore wipes are so gentle and leave my skin feeling amazing.

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Sat, 15 September 2012 02:21pm

    I immediately noticed the smell from these wipes. They smell very fresh and I couldn’t wait to use them. I regularly need to remove a waterproof gel liner, long lasting eye shadow, mascara, foundation and powder. These wipes were effective at removing my heavy dose of makeup. I found that one wipe will remove my whole face of makeup; normally I’d have to use 2-3. I also noticed how gentle they are and they were actually soothing during each use. So great value for money. They are by far the best remover wipes I have used. They also gave me a wonderful clean and gave my face a pick me up and recharge after a long day in make up. I can now look forward to removing my make up as it’s an easy task to do, no longer a chore, and done so quickly after a long day out.

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Tue, 27 November 2012 12:11pm

    Very effective at removing all my makeup even eye makeup with ease. They were also gentle but a tad drying on my skin. So easy and convenient to remove makeup while travelling or when too tired for the usual facial cleanse.

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Wed, 12 December 2012 11:00pm

    Great at removing make-up, although I did observe the couldn’t fully remove all of my mascara/eyeliner (even though I don’t use a waterproof formula). After using my face doesn’t feel dry or tight. I like the product and think it’s value for money. I will be buying this again.

  • Posted by: Tahlz68 Enthusiast // Thu, 13 December 2012 01:18pm

    These are great if you don’t have time to do a full face wash. Great for on the go or makeup removers!

  • Posted by: Linda-1341075684 Master Fan // Mon, 16 June 2014 07:44pm

    Biore wipes appealed to me as a quick & easy way to cleanse my combination skin on a ‘too tired/lazy’ night.

    These are excellent wipes, which thoroughly & easily remove all traces of dirt, makeup, and grime from my skin.

    I do still need to use a separate eye makeup remover to fully remove mascara, but this is the same for me with basically every face wipe – I often wear waterproof mascara & it takes an oil-based remover to budge it.

    The wipes have a pleasant scent & close well, preventing them drying out prematurely.

    I’d recommend them for anyone with oily to normal skin types

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