Nivea Calm & Care Aerosol Deodorant

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What is it

A moisturising and nourishing deodorant for everyday use

What it does

An aerosol anti-perspirant deodorant that regenerates the delicate underarm skin while reducing the skin irritation and discomfort caused by shaving

Best suited for

All skin types

RRP $3.79

Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, supermarkets and selected pharmacies

What we said

An aerosol anti-perspirant deodorant that regenerates the delicate underarm skin while reducing the skin irritation and discomfort caused by shaving



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Nivea Calm & Care



  • Posted by: Tarshb Master Fan // Fri, 28 January 2011 04:04pm

    I reviewed this for Primped and was pleasantly surprised that an aerosol deodorant didn’t leave white residue under my arms. This product is designed for sore pits and for people who shave more regularly than I do (I grow hair under my arms very slowly and shave 1-2 times a fortnight). For the times when I did use it straight after shaving, it didn’t sting but I don’t really have problem under arms so there was not much difference for me. The fragrance is very subtle which is good. I usually use Nivea deodorants so I may well buy this again but I generally prefer roll ons.

  • Posted by: kelkel Enthusiast // Mon, 7 March 2011 01:45am

    This was a pleasant smelling anti-perspirant. I liked the smell, but I’m not sure it worked for the promised 24hours.
    It didn’t make my armpits sting, but I haven’t had a problem with that for a long time.

  • Posted by: karlita66 Devotee // Fri, 11 March 2011 10:54pm

    I think this is a great deodorant. I shave under my arms almost daily and sometimes feel irritated, but this certainly lessens the irritation.

  • Posted by: pollyanna21 Devotee // Thu, 24 March 2011 10:05pm

    Pleasant smell that doesn’t over power you, no white residue left on your clothes or armpits :)

  • Posted by: Victoria-1302564382 Master Fan // Mon, 25 July 2011 05:15pm

    I am normally a Rexona girl but when I saw this was on special at the supermarket I decided to try it out. I don’t suffer terribly from sensitivity in the underarm area, however after shaving it can get a little tender, so a soothing deoderant is perfect for this.
    I found the aerosol can easy to use, but if my hands were a bit greasy from my body moisturiser, it was hard to apply enough pressure to the nozzle at times. The can dispenses an even blast of the product into the armpit and immediately I felt a cool and calm sensation with no stinging. I noticed the fragrance was quite heavy but I am used to that with the other deoderants I have used and it was a pleasant and fresh smell. The deoderant dried very quickly and I felt confident putting on even black clothes as it didn’t leave any white marks.
    We’ve had some pretty humid days here in Sydney and I am a little disappointed to say that I noticed some wetness and under my arms toward the end of the day. I don’t think it was obvious but I could smell my perspiration when I checked the area, so people with heavier perspiration might be better off using a different antiperspirant deoderant. The can is also a little smaller than the one I have used, even though it is a little less expensive too. It seemed to run out really quickly so I would have to repurchase a lot sooner than expected.

  • Posted by: elky Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 09:22pm

    It didn’t irritate my skin at all and didnt leave any white residue there. It has a nice smell but I didnt think that it lasted the full 24 hours.

  • Posted by: looksrdeceiving Master Fan // Wed, 28 September 2011 08:33pm

    mild perfume and gentle to the skin.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 10 November 2012 03:56pm

    Nivea Calm & Care Aerosol Deodorant is a great product that I use almost everyday before getting dressed. The scent is subtle and pleasant and the great thing about this aerosol is that it does not leave any white residue on dark clothing. The deodorant keeps me feeling fresh during the day, though I don’t think it lasts the full 24h. Other than that, I love the benefits of this deodorant and happy that the mist did not irritate my skin.

  • Posted by: beauty3122 Enthusiast // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:37pm

    Not as strong scent as other nivea anti perspirants. I liked it.

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Wed, 28 November 2012 05:52pm

    It does certainly reduce the itchy sensation and redness especially after shaving. Has a nice pleasant fresh scent too.

  • Posted by: aeko91 Master Fan // Wed, 30 January 2013 10:15am

    Great product, smells nice and doesn’t leave white marks.

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