Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection

Primper Rating (10 ratings) 4

What is it

An intensely hydrating moisturiser

What it does

A perfecting moisturiser that softens and refines the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing

Best suited for

All skin types

RRP $80.00

selected Myer stores and pharmacies nationally

What we said

A perfecting moisturiser that softens and refines the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing



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  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Thu, 9 December 2010 05:37pm

    Aquasource is an opaque aqua gel which took me a little getting used to being generally a cream gal. It has a pleasant botanical scent which reminds me a little of ivy though the sales assistant told me that the fragrance is from a marine source. I like the look of the glass domed jar but to be honest, was hoping that it would be a little more hydrating. I suffer from extremely dry skin and just haven’t found that has combated all my hydration issues. It might be however that my skin is a special case. Aquasource is a quality product though and would probably suit other’s better.

  • Posted by: muso Master Fan // Thu, 16 December 2010 04:54pm

    It’s one of my favourite moisturiser, especially in winter. It keeps my combination/oily skin supple without causing breakouts. Love the scent.

    The only thing I don’t like is the jar – I prefer pump packaging as it’s more hygienic. I’m not sure why some Biotherm products come in jars and some in pumps….

  • Posted by: hophop1291174542 Enthusiast // Thu, 3 February 2011 04:06pm

    I bought this and used it for three weeks and just didn’t like it. The gel texture feels very slippery and when I apply it on my face, it just doesn’t seem to sink it, but rather stays on the top of my skin. It didn’t provide very good moisture and my skin didn’t feel soft or supple after using this. I thought it would make a good light summer moisturiser, but it just didn’t work for me. It does smell lovely though.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 5 March 2011 04:43pm

    I love the texture and smell of all biotherm gels. they smell hydrating and fresh and their aquasource range is really great for my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated when applied once at night and in the morning. The packaging of most of their skincare range are quite similar and varies in colour.

  • Posted by: Parisienne chic Master Fan // Mon, 12 September 2011 12:52pm

    I am not a teenager,but DAMN MY SKIN ACTS LIKE IT.I tried this,as i have dry / dehydrated skin,but help me if i apply a heavy cream… will break out and stay that way.This was perfect…..stunning texture,water rather than oil for moisture,and scent to die for.This would be perfect for summer,when heavy is not what you want in a moisturizer.If you have the same concerns as me,you must try it.

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Wed, 12 October 2011 02:06pm

    this really is, as it says, skin perfection.lovely :)

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Wed, 12 December 2012 11:14pm

    A really great product! It feels lovely and soft on my skin and is absorbed quickly. Perfect to apply before bed, leaving you with beautiful soft skin in the morning. Doesn’t clog pores.

  • Posted by: britta95532 Enthusiast // Thu, 13 December 2012 12:43pm

    I have a mix or oily/normal/dry combination skin and I’ve used this product for for a few months, but I don’t think it’s done much for my dry patches so I’ve since moved on to another product. Plus it’s to expensive.

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