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Mon, 19 December 2016 2:26PM

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Call it a preschool throwback, but for some reason when it comes to makeup the pinnacle of life is to wear glitter. It’s the trend that’s never died, just morphed and matured as the years passed. Where once glitter makeup involved roller-balling that stuff on your cheeks as hard as you could (hello, year 6 formal), these days glitter has grown up – but you can still get a kick out of wearing it. Here are the top ways to try glitter right now.

Cat-eye flick


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Switch out your black liquid liner for a glitter version – once, these were too sparsely “glittered” and therefore went on more like a sad, clear gel with a few specks of shimmer. But now, there are several on the market that really pack the punch you need to make this look work. You’ll still have to go over it maybe once or twice more to get impact, but the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners are grown up glitter at it’s best.


Urban Decay @ Mecca Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex, $33



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Alternatively, if you just can’t let go of the definition jet-black flicks give your eyes, you can add glitter under your bottom lashes for a modern fairy-princess feel. Keep it grown up by adding the bold black cat-eye as well – otherwise you’ll look more ethereal than high-fashion (although looking like an actual fairy isn’t a terrible idea tbh). For this, add some eyelash glue and then immediately pat on loose glitter with a concealer brush. Let it dry and it’ll stay all night!



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Pioneered by ultra talented makeup artist Pat McGrath during 2016 fashion week, turning what could have been a way over-the-top concept into something high chic by making the glitter fine and subtle with its sparkle, and using a rich tone like this ruby red. Recreate for yourself by patting some loose glitter on top of a glossy lipstick.

Under brow line


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Obviously this is a bit more of an out-there look, but it can still look really modern and cool-girl if you team it with the right makeup look. Keep everything simple – a little mascara, a dewy blush, and glossy lips with brushed up, bushy brows will keep this look fun and sexy and prevent it from dipping into “first time makeup at my Year 10 formal”.



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Adding a layer of glitter on top of your regular mascara can create the subtle party detail of your dreams. If the above look is too much for you, try just adding a bit of glitter liner to the very tips of your lashes, for the kind of sparkle only noticed up-close.


Marc Jacobs @ Sephora Lame-Noir Glittering Mascara, $38

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  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 2 February 2017 10:26am

    I love glitter but I don’t use it around my eyes or on my face. It is not a good feeling when you get it in your eyes.

  • Posted by: Bijoux Master Fan // Thu, 2 February 2017 03:48pm

    My overall look is too boring for glitter. I would look a little odd if I started wearing it now!

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Mon, 13 February 2017 11:45pm

    I haven’t worn glitter since I was 12

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