The Top 10 chicks to trudge down the Grammy Award’s red carpet

Mon, 14 February 2011 2:07PM

Awards season is in full swing, Primps, and usually that leaves us beauty folks in a state of a. glee, because we constantly find ourselves floored by the stunning hair and makeup looks and b. stress, because we’re trying to write about a squillion different stars outrageously quickly.

But the Grammys have been a little bit of a let down, if I’m honest. Not one single celeb has caused my socks to fly off in a ridiculously fast fashion, and no one has left me to running off to the beauty cupboard in a mad attempt to find a product that will give me that lip. Or that ‘do. Yep, it’s been a little boring. (Until Lea Michele came along, actually.)

That said, I’ve still managed to conjure up 10 celebs that look lovely, just not holy-freakin’-hell-you-look-amazing. I guess we’ll just have to sit tight until the Oscars for that.

So, here they are…

Stunner No. 10: Jewel


She doesn’t look anywhere near as good as she did at the Emmy’s last year, but she still looks pretty. I love her softly pulled back low ‘do, her peachy earrings and those beautiful luminous cheeks of hers. I’m not 100% sure about the soft yellow eye shadow, but hey, I can’t blame her for wanting to join the matchy-matchy crew. They are a pretty cool bunch of peeps.

Stunner No. 9: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Now, I can’t help but be distracted by JH’s boobs here (geez, they are out and about tonight, aren’t they?), but her skin does look exceptional. It’s fairly matte, which is something I’m not usually a massive fan of, but she has used an illuminator under her foundation to still give her skin a lovely glow. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind ruffling up her hair a little. That centre-part and super flat strands look a wee bit boring.

Stunner No. 8: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

I’m not outrageously in love with Kel’s hair here – the cut is a little blocky for my liking and, well, I’ve never been a fan of peroxide strands – but I am enjoying this lilac hue on her. It’s beautiful against her fair skin and she’s hit the nail on the head with that fuchsia lip colour. It’s beautiful.

Stunner No. 7: Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy’s claimed a spot purely for her bravery and use of colour. I’m not saying this is a wearable look, but the colours are stunning, and you could take bits of Katy’s look and wear them on their own. For example, you could crank out a bold musky pink lipstick and team it will bare eyes and loads of mascara OR you could line both your upper and lower lashes with purple eye shadow for a pop of colour without too mush intensity.

Stunner No. 6: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

The reason why Eva has snagged the No. 6 spot is because she’s finally ditched the old lady-esque updos and rolled with this sleek ponytail that’s a little more young and fresh. It looks so much better on her. Oh, and I’m thinking she’s taken a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s makeup book. Would you look at those lashes? They are more than a little flirtatious, that’s for sure.

Stunner No. 5: Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Beddingfield

This here, Primps, is good makeup: clean, luminous skin teamed with a bright, punchy pink lip colour and a softly defined, liquid lined eye. It’s the perfect combo for her stunning sky blue dress, and matches her skin tone to a tee. Clap, clap, Natasha.

Stunner No. 4: Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee

Now, even though Bonnie’s hair is colour is anything but natural, I find myself massively intrigued by this image. Her fair skin looks amazing in that orange dress, her blue eyes are positively popping against her hair colour and her lips and cheeks are the perfect shade of rosy pink. I’m in love.

Stunner No. 3: Diana Agron

Dianna Agron

Is it just me, or has Diana been dealt a massive bag of courage lately? She’s usually so demure, but she’s been going all out in the makeup department lately. I love this minxy look on her. In fact, she should crank it out more often. She is young, after all, which means she’s got many years ahead of her to whip out those sophisticated updos she usually opts for.

Stunner No. 2: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole should always wear her hair in soft cascading waves. It’s the one style that doesn’t leave her looking harsh. Don’t you think she looks beautifully feminine here? I do. Her blue eyes look amazing, too.

Stunner No. 1: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

This young lady certainly is growing up, Primps, but I’m pleased she’s kept her hair and makeup age-appropriate here. The combination of her loose, bouncy curls and soft, glossy pink lip makes for one fantastic look on her. It’s beautiful, but doesn’t leave her looking over the top.


Which look is your fave?
Are any of these looks blowing you away?
Or are you finding them a little same-same like me?

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  • Posted by: Becca Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 02:31pm

    Oooh, I like Katy’s makeup (wouldn’t do it myself but she pulls it off beautifully.) My fave is Bonnie, couldn’t look away from her hair. Although she could benefit from growing her brows out a little bit.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 03:08pm

    I like Selena’s look – very fresh and pretty.

  • Posted by: newlyvee // Mon, 14 February 2011 03:29pm

    Nicole! Stop using botox and whatever else it is you’re ruining your lovely smile with!

  • Posted by: kelkel Enthusiast // Mon, 14 February 2011 03:37pm

    I like Diana Agron’s look the best, but I think Selena looks really pretty too. I really like the colour of her lipstick, it’s sweet and girly.

  • Posted by: manhattangirl // Mon, 14 February 2011 03:59pm

    looove Diana’s make up – so glad she’s decided to go a little more daring these days. it’s paid off in spades.
    J.Hud looks beautiful – her skin is amazing – but someone needs to get a memo to her to go up a bra size!!

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 04:09pm

    I think Nicole K, Jewel, Selena G and Natasha B all manage to look great without looking overdone. Some of the others are starting to verge on scary!!

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 05:23pm

    I like Katy’s and Selena’s looks. Both are fab. And there’s something strange with Nicole’s lips. :S

  • Posted by: ladolcelana Enthusiast // Mon, 14 February 2011 05:24pm

    My faves here would have to be Selena and Diana, no contest. Jennifer Hudson is so beautiful though. Even though Eva Longoria is a stunner, she always looks the same to me. She never does anything new with her look apart from a few tweaks here and there.

  • Posted by: Danni Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 06:04pm

    They are all so annoyingly flawless!
    I love Katy’s eye makeup, and Diana and Selena look fantastic.

  • Posted by: Monica Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 07:15pm

    I love Dianna Agron, she is stunning!

  • Posted by: GorgeousEmeralds Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 09:29pm

    Katy always has great looking makeup.
    Eva is looking pretty good but Diana looks the best.

  • Posted by: jeffy Master Fan // Mon, 14 February 2011 10:34pm

    Katy Perry’s eye makeup is wonderful! I’ll have fun trying to recreate them with some nude lips and also with much hope that I can pull it off!

  • Posted by: r34chick Devotee // Mon, 14 February 2011 11:45pm

    Selena Gomez looks so pretty love her look :)

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Tue, 15 February 2011 03:40am

    they all look pretty decent.. bonnie’s hair colour is insane and amazing!! :)

  • Posted by: georgiamae83 Devotee // Tue, 15 February 2011 09:12am

    Dianna Agron’s make up is gorgeous. I’m loving that she’s vamped it up a notch or three.
    Her and Selena Gomez are my favourites.

  • Posted by: Ashlee Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 11:05am

    Favourite is Selena – such natural, bright and youthful, even though it doesn’t “blow you away”, I think it works better like this because she is younger, it might not look as good if it was overdone.
    Her hair is delicious too, beautiful rich colour, shiny and healthy!

  • Posted by: Ashlee Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 11:05am

    Favourite is Selena – such natural, bright and youthful, even though it doesn’t “blow you away”, I think it works better like this because she is younger, it might not look as good if it was overdone.
    Her hair is delicious too, beautiful rich colour, shiny and healthy!

  • Posted by: jusbruers Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 12:11pm

    Selena Gomez looks great, as does Diana Argon, I agree that she needs to keep up the experimenting and the smoky eye really suits her!
    Bonnie McKee also looks brilliant, i love all the orange.
    Nicole has that collagen lip fallout thing, which really ruins her overall look for me :(

  • Posted by: Elayne Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 12:39pm

    Jennifer Hudson’s boobs just look ouchies. I like Bonnie McKee’s look the best, the dress is beautiful and all the colours together look great.

  • Posted by: annaspanner Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 12:40pm

    I wouldn’t say I’m blown away, but I did love Bonnie McKee (whoever she is?!), thought Dianna was pretty darn hot and applauded Selena for looking downright pretty.

  • Posted by: amy1 Enthusiast // Tue, 15 February 2011 12:55pm

    i think diana and selena look the best by far, not too fussed about the rest. and… um, what is with nicole’s top lip?? she is like a walking add against fillers!

  • Posted by: Kallyn Devotee // Tue, 15 February 2011 11:00pm


  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Tue, 15 February 2011 11:42pm

    selena looks so gorgeous. her skin and makeup are flawless! i

  • Posted by: misslysie Master Fan // Tue, 15 February 2011 11:54pm

    Katy and Diana are my favs. Katy can almost pull anything off. She is so fresh.

  • Posted by: Lauren Roberts // Wed, 16 February 2011 10:03am

    Selena and Bonnie look amazing- but I agree that the whilst the rest look pretty, all look slightly predictable. Like Katy. She looks great and can pull-off all that colour but maybe that’s because we are so used to seeing her like that? I heart her but I want to see her come out looking really naturally pretty one day, just for a one off..

    ps. It’s a bit mean to say but Nicole looks a tad ‘horsey’ because of her malfunctioning top lip. Please stop ruining your good looks Nic and step away from the needle!

  • Posted by: Barbara // Thu, 17 February 2011 11:51am

    Scary lip on Nicole, eek, looks like the lip is curled in a sneer and she’s about to give someone a quick left hook

  • Posted by: BettyBoo Master Fan // Thu, 17 February 2011 04:23pm

    Selena looks amazing!!

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Fri, 25 February 2011 09:58am

    I love love love Bonnie’s look! So eccentric and awesome!

  • Posted by: tinkerbell Newbie // Sun, 27 February 2011 05:28pm

    Bonnie looks HOT HOT HOT!

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Sat, 7 May 2011 12:58pm

    so funny, i think i love all these looks -perhaps because they are so achieveable for the regular gal?

    I am perplexed by Bonnie McKee -the red is dismally fake but with her blue eyes and bright dress it works i think!

    Jewell doesnt seem to age at all does she?? she still looks in her 20s..

    Katy Perry could have done much better without the green liner under her eyes..

    Kelly Osbourne does lilac to perfection.. and Jennifer Hudson (love her) looks like her boobs are in so much pain, all squashed and distorted in that top! :)

  • Posted by: chicklet Master Fan // Mon, 27 June 2011 11:54pm

    I love Katy’s look, although definitely couldn’t be pulled off by many. Selena looks wonderful too, and more wearable for the general public.

    Not sure what’s going on with Nicole’s top lip there… a bit of a botox mishap…

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 12 March 2014 02:53pm

    I like all the girls looks, a lot of glam effort has been applied, good work.

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Thu, 5 March 2015 02:17am

    Great beauty looks!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 16 December 2015 08:12pm

    Girls and guys dress to impress for the Grammy Awards, these celebs look great.

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