S/S ’11 Chanel’s disco smoky eyes and a Chanelegant new ‘it’ nail lacquer.

Wed, 6 October 2010 9:30AM

One of the big shows I always wait for is the Wiggles Greatest Hits live show. Another one is the Chanel runway show, which falls towards the end of the international collections, in Paris, (obviously) and always excites people who care about big nail polish trends. Like me.

Last night, Mr KARL LAGERFELD served up his latest dishy looks for the French luxury brand in in what could be described as a kind of post-apocalyptic garden. The place was heaving with famous people, like ALEXA CHUNG, LILY ALLEN, KEIRA KNIGHTLY and even COURTNEY LOVE, who appeared to have dialed down her dishevel-o-meter considerably for the event, but it was the models I was interested in. Or more specifically, their nail beds.

The look of the collection was classic Chanel: tulle, floral, sequins, tweed and big hats, and the hair and makeup, which flirted with both the ’70s and ’80s, balanced all that femininity by being real slick and real powerful. Say, KARLIE KLOSS, won’t you show them what I’m talking about?

KARLIE! A close up of those dramatic and very smoky eyes, please!

Many thanks.

And now onto the real reason you and I are both reading this post. Or writing it, in one case. The nail polish! The nail polish, dear GOD why won’t you get to the nail polish! We all know Chanel rule the nail trend roost when it comes to big, trend-driven shades. You might not have even known that the reason you’ve been wearing taupe and latte shades for the last six months is because of Chanel, but we do, because it’s our job. Ditto the minty, blue-green shades currently in vogue. So, I am waiting to hear back from the PR for confirmation, because she is in Paris currently, and probably fast asleep on a bed of croissants/stripy shirts, but I have done some detective work and discovered what Chanel nail lacquer the models wore on the runway, which as you can see from this image, looks to be a very inky metallic green.

Can you believe the one model showing her nails effing BODGED them? Eff!

It’s called BLACK PEARL, and you birds will be going mad for it, especially those who love a darker nail, but who fancy a touch of drama and excitement within that dark parameter. In this case, some shimmer, (hence the ‘pearl’ in the name) and a whisper of gray, and a bucket full of deep, mossy green tones.

The big new trend, according to UK nail guru SOPHY ROBSON, will be rich, deep earthy tones, and heck, if she wasn’t spot on with this foresty-green. Here’s her pic of Black Pearl, Tweeted from the dingin’ show! terrific work, SOPHY. Just terrific.

Now, until Black Pearl goes on sale in February with the makeup collection we can see delicately painted on KARLIE’s face up there, (cue waiting list) here are a few shades that look quite similar, if you simply canNOT wait to get your trend on:

Zoya in Suvi
OPI Unripened or Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow
Essie in Licorice

Of course, one must keep the nails short and naturally rounded and neat when one is wearing dark polish. One simply MUST. Or one might be thrown out of Polish School and onto the street with nothin’ but a nail file and a busted up harmonica to their name.

Do you quite fancy some deep inky green nails?
Like, this weekend?
Do you even care that dark lacquers are typically cold season nails?
Me either! Who would. What kind of lunatic would.

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  • Posted by: Genkitten Enthusiast // Wed, 6 October 2010 09:32am

    It’s nice, but I wish it was actually called Chanelegant…

  • Posted by: Aimee // Wed, 6 October 2010 09:53am

    I have the OPI Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow and it doesn’t have the inky pearl swirl like the Chanel one unfortunately. I like the dark green nails because I can’t quite pull off black. I’ll either have to wait for the Chanel one, or try the others!

  • Posted by: erin margrethe // Wed, 6 October 2010 10:01am

    Essie’s Licorice is a black creme with no shimmer and no hint of any other color but black. You may be thinking of Essie’s Over The Top, a shimmery, deep, gunmetal grey.

    In fact, Essie’s Over the Top mixed (not layered) with OPI’s Cuckoo For This Color is a pretty close twin for the Chanel’s Black Pearl (unless the color on my iPad is wonky).

  • Posted by: ZF // Wed, 6 October 2010 10:27am

    Everyone listen to Erin! She’s got your Essie picks covered.

  • Posted by: theloveofpink // Wed, 6 October 2010 10:45am

    I am severely underwhelmed by the inky green-ness. This will ALL change by the time the polish comes out though, so nobody panic.

  • Posted by: PerthBri Newbie // Wed, 6 October 2010 11:29am

    I swoon. That’s my kind of colour. Want want want want. I’m going shopping at lunch!

  • Posted by: sarahbranchy Enthusiast // Wed, 6 October 2010 12:25pm

    yay i’m so ahead of the trend – i was actually wearing a verrrry similar shade a few weeks ago. it was just from sportsgirl, i’m not sure what it was called but the colour was very close (and it’s cheap!)

  • Posted by: Maddog Newbie // Wed, 6 October 2010 12:43pm

    Try OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous – from the Swiss Collection. It’s pewter with a green sparkle. Looks like a dupe to your swatch here (from what I can tell!)

  • Posted by: Smell Supporter // Wed, 6 October 2010 04:42pm

    Must admit, i’m pretty darn exti-…exchi–…oh gosh, I can’t even say it. THAT’S how exji–, *breath* looking forward to wearing this shade around, I am.

  • Posted by: tiger Enthusiast // Wed, 6 October 2010 05:59pm

    Bah, don’t like it. Green on nails = fungus-like.

  • Posted by: Freddles // Mon, 11 October 2010 04:07pm

    I will be sad if there are no brights and ice cream shades for summer…

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Mon, 13 December 2010 03:55am

    omg the green is gorgeous! i love metallic nailpolishes!!! hopefully will find a dupe :)

  • Posted by: Clarita // Fri, 4 March 2011 05:30am

    Very nice nail polish but she needed a back fill on her nails before having the photo taken. She had had a manicure a week earlier which is a shame.

  • Posted by: Clarita // Fri, 4 March 2011 05:34am

    Very nice nail polish but she needed a back fill on her nails before having the photo taken. She had had a manicure a week earlier which is a shame apart from the fact that those very black colours are only nice on WHITE hands

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Sun, 8 June 2014 01:09am

    The metallic tones make the green very pretty

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 26 February 2015 10:19am

    Not sure whether I am keen on the shadow on Karlie. It is a different look.

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