Rose Byrne


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Rose any more, we spotted her at the Sydney premiere of I Give it a Year with this simple-chic beauty look. Her skin is flawlessly made up, yet also fresh; her eyes are lightly smoked, with a touch of shimmer; and, her scraped-up-into-a-top-knot ‘do manages to be both classic and casual. Well played, Ms Byrne.

Rose Byrne

  • Barbara Palvin
  • Julianne Hough

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  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Wed, 16 January 2013 03:24pm

    Simple, yet oh so gorgeous! Rose rocks a smoky eye doesn’t she? :)

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Wed, 16 January 2013 06:54pm

    She reminds me of… Freida pinto (her eyes?) and natalie portman!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Wed, 16 January 2013 11:05pm

    She looks so elegant and beautiful!

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan // Thu, 17 January 2013 11:23am

    I love Rose, she has a sophisticated look that she plays down with an innocence. I would have preferred a brighter or stronger shade of lippy on her though.

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Thu, 17 January 2013 03:51pm

    Really nice, but not doing too much for me…
    Needs some colour!

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Thu, 17 January 2013 04:12pm

    Not bad, but not terribly exciting!

  • Posted by: isabella21 Enthusiast // Fri, 18 January 2013 01:33pm

    Perhaps a little more colour.

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Fri, 18 January 2013 01:52pm

    dont like it, the makeup, hair, ear-rings..none of it.

  • Posted by: Jessielyn Master Fan // Fri, 18 January 2013 07:38pm

    Not a fan- she looks old.

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Fri, 18 January 2013 09:26pm

    very simple but nice

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Sat, 19 January 2013 09:36am

    I love Rose’s natural looking makeup – she always looks elegant.

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Mon, 21 January 2013 01:26pm

    She looks very natural in this pic, I like her eye make-up!

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan // Tue, 22 January 2013 08:07pm

    Love the natural make-up look!

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 25 January 2013 05:37pm


  • Posted by: KitschSnitch Enthusiast // Thu, 7 February 2013 10:40am

    looks a little boring, a soft coral lip would have been nice!

  • Posted by: Caz // Thu, 7 February 2013 08:41pm

    Rose has looked a lot better than this. A bit bland.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 17 February 2013 01:46pm


  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 17 February 2013 01:47pm

    yet elegant

  • Posted by: jo77 Master Fan // Sat, 6 April 2013 09:06pm

    Nice and natural

  • Posted by: Erin-1312272625 Master Fan // Mon, 10 June 2013 04:39pm

    Rose looking perfect as always

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Tue, 11 June 2013 02:45pm

    It is a nice natural look but I think Rose looks a bit washed out. She needs some colour.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Wed, 12 June 2013 11:40am

    I like how its simple, but i feel like Rose needs a tiny bit more colour in her cheeks.

  • Posted by: alanakateh Master Fan // Fri, 26 July 2013 09:55am

    I love her natural look.

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