Red carpet beauty tips straight from Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist.

Tue, 27 September 2011 1:45PM

It’s no secret that I love Gwyneth Paltrow to bits. Is there anything the women can’t do? She’s beyond stylish, an insane cook, has more celeb friends than we’ve had hot dinners and above all, seems really down to earth. To prove it, I was on this morning when I stumbled upon a virtual scrapbook that she’d put together about her pre and post Emmy Award adventures.

Gwyneth Paltrow

I admired how honest and open she is about the amount of effort, product, and the small army of helpers that unite to get her big-award-night ready, but the thing I loved most about her ‘scrapbook’ were the tips from her hair stylist and makeup artist, as well as her facialist, Sonia Dakar. In fact, Dakar’s pre-fancy-event tips were so practical, that I wanted to share a few of her pointers with you right here:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist, Sonia Dakar’s cheap-as-chips skin tips courtesy of GOOP:

  • Got puffy eyes? Keep your eye cream in the fridge. The product will cool the skin on contact to reduce swelling.
  • Got dull skin? Massage your face with an ice cube. The cold, boosts blood flow to improve oxygen to the skin.
  • Need a pick me up? Combine green tea with chamomile tea and leave the mix to chill in the fridge before pouring into a spray bottle. Apply it before you start on your makeup, or the morning after, when you’re feeling a little worse for wear.
Throw in with a few more tips from me!  
  • Got flat hair? There’s nothing that a bit of dry shampoo can’t fix. It’s perfect for soaking up excess oil in day old hair and on the flip-side, does a stellar job at giving freshly-washed hair texture and hold. I like to keep a travel-size can in my clutch for touch ups during the night.
  • Breaking in a new pair of heels? Nothing ruins a night like painful blisters. The fix? Blend a teeny-tiny amount of vaseline or body lotion on the pressure points of the feet, like the heels, the small toe and the inside arch before slipping into your shoes to prevent friction.
Are you a GP fan?
Do you have any beauty tips or tricks that we need to know about?
Have you worked out a way to beat blisters?
Do you keep your eye cream in the fridge?

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  • Posted by: Becca Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 01:49pm

    I am definitely a GP fan and I subscribe to her GOOP newsletter so I was so excited when these beauty tips came through. Such a fun Emmy event scrapbook.
    I don’t keep eye cream in the fridge but I will from now on.

  • Posted by: Sarah // Tue, 27 September 2011 02:06pm

    Can’t stand this woman. She said the other day she thought she looked like she had nine chins. What a moron.

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 02:08pm

    thats an awesome tip about new heels!!

    I admit i never really liked GP -but lately she has been so brazen and honest and quite funny, I can’t help but like her!!!

    …hmm must check out goop….

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 02:21pm

    wow great tips, especially the ice cube over the fae and green and chamomile tea in a spray bottle, must try it :)

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 04:04pm

    Im not a fan of hers. She seems very full of herself.

    I do like the ice cube trick. I dont keep my eye cream in the fridge as its 2 flights of stairs downstairs, so it would just be a pain to get. But i do keep aloe vera in the fridge for sunburn or cuts

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 04:56pm

    She is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING!! lol I dont want to like her cause she really does love herself a bit but for some reason i cant help it! I suppose she takes really good care of herself and i admire that.. im not sure but anyways these are great tips!! thanks :) im going over to goop to check out the rest :)

  • Posted by: zoeeangelaa Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 05:29pm

    Always love skin care tips or any new tips for that matter.

    Not so sure about the ice cube for dull skin though….

  • Posted by: looksrdeceiving Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 07:03pm

    great tips,
    I would recommend stop junk food and have at least 8 hrs sleep for few days before the event.

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 09:42pm

    wow, fabulous and really simple tips!

  • Posted by: SydneyRose Master Fan // Tue, 27 September 2011 10:36pm

    I too am a Gwyneth P fan. She always looks dazzling.

    Thanks for the tips Eliza. I’m goig to make the green tea with chamomile tea mixture.

    In summer I move all my creams into the fridge. It’s a great way to preserve them.

  • Posted by: Emma-1303093844 Master Fan // Wed, 28 September 2011 07:43am

    I’m such a fan of GP, I don’t understand the negative responses she inspires. Her skin is gorgeous, my dream skin and glow!

  • Posted by: ladolcelana Enthusiast // Wed, 28 September 2011 09:55am

    Great tips! Although I’m not the biggest fan of her acting, I find her healthy lifestyle really inspiring. She is a gorgeous woman and she works hard to maintain it!

  • Posted by: VivaLaVicki Master Fan // Wed, 28 September 2011 11:16am

    I’ve never put my eye cream in the fridge but i rememebr reading once to put a spoon in the fridge or quickly in the freezer and just press it against puffy eyes to take the swelling down, works an absolute treat!

  • Posted by: kyles11 Supporter // Wed, 28 September 2011 11:44am

    Eliza I love her too and just recently purchased her cook book which is also amazing and yes in summer eye cream goes in the fridge

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan // Wed, 28 September 2011 12:59pm

    Great tips, I dont mind Gwyneth.

  • Posted by: miranda Devotee // Wed, 28 September 2011 01:41pm

    Great suggestions! Love them. Thanks for the advice, Eliza

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Wed, 28 September 2011 03:39pm

    I love Gwynnie! She is looking hotter than ever! Ive done that vaseline one before and it really helps!

  • Posted by: manhattangirl // Wed, 28 September 2011 04:48pm

    have loved GP since the Iron Man days, when she started really working the fashion thang… before that she was a bit too American princess for me… but man does she bring it these days!

  • Posted by: Bridals // Wed, 28 September 2011 08:36pm

    facial tips 2 and 3 are well worth a try!

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Thu, 29 September 2011 02:04am

    love the tip for heels! definately going to try it out asap :)

  • Posted by: tegania11 Master Fan // Thu, 29 September 2011 09:49am

    great tips, thanks GP’s facialist/Eliza!

  • Posted by: kristinkate Devotee // Thu, 29 September 2011 10:15am

    Never been a huge fan of GP – but I just popped over to and loved the blog. Think I might keep an eye on it. And thanks for the tips!

  • Posted by: beautyaddict_xo Master Fan // Thu, 29 September 2011 12:05pm

    Her skin is amazing! I hope I can look like her when I’m her age!

  • Posted by: misschris Master Fan // Sat, 15 October 2011 09:07pm

    I’m definately a fan of GP.. Is there nothing she can’t do?
    Off to check out GOOP now, thanks for the tips too :)

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Mon, 17 October 2011 08:44pm

    ohhh I will definitely keep my eye cream in the fridge from now on!

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Tue, 18 October 2011 01:26pm

    I tired the ice cube thing, didn’t work for me! I must be leaving it on for too long or something :S

  • Posted by: leahonthedoor Enthusiast // Wed, 19 October 2011 07:22pm

    I like the chilled tea/ face mist idea thing… not sure if I could be bothered with it tho- too lazy!

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Sun, 30 June 2013 05:43pm

    I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s makeup, always so natural and fresh looking.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 13 February 2014 12:07pm

    To be honest I’m not overly keen on Gwyneth Paltrow, she does have great skin.

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