Newbies: Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour

Mon, 11 April 2011 12:14PM

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Primps.

I usually refer to him as The Chubsta, but in the phone book he goes by the name of Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour ($35).

I’m assuming you haven’t spent much time with him before, mainly because he only arrived on our might fine planet (read: beauty counters) just yesterday, but if you have, many apologies.

Here is a recent cheeky picture of him playing around with some jelly:

Clinique Chubby Stick

And here is a more grown-up, well-behaved shot of him hanging with his brothers:

Clinique Chubby Stick

The reason why I love him so much is that his sole purpose in life is to make mine grand because he allows my lips to look good and feel amazing that the same time. What other boy does that, huh? It’s probably safe to say there are none.

But why else do I love him? Well, this is why:

  • He’s a lip colour and I love lip colours, so of course we get along.
  • He contains shea butter, mango seed butter and jojoba seed oil, which are fantastic ingredients for nourishing the lips, and as a sufferer of dry, sore lips, this pleases me greatly.
  • He knows how to deliver the perfect amount of sheer colour, without the constant need to touch ups like you do with a lipstick.
  • I can use him on my cheeks if my blush has gone walkabouts, which often happens because I’m always misplacing things.
  • He never demands to be sharpened as his wind-up bottom continually allows for more product to appear super easily (until I’ve used him all up, that is).
  • His cute-as packaging also means I’m more than a little proud to pull him out of my handbag while out in public, even though so people look at me a little odd because they think he’s a crayon. The jokes on them, though. Clearly.

Oh, and I’m best buddies with Chunky Cherry, but you’re sure to enjoy his brothers, Graped-up, Mega Melon, Super Strawberry, Fuller Fig, Woppin’ Watermelon and Richer Raisin, too. I can guarantee that each of their hues will love your lips just like Chunky Cherry loves mine.


Do you like the sound of The Chubsta?
Are you in need of a new lip hue? This one is great for winter because it gives a good dose of colour but keeps your lips nourished at the same time.

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  • Posted by: sumaya Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:17pm

    Awww i’m loving the look of the chubsta! I need a new colour which lasts through my busy days.

  • Posted by: Madonna // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:19pm

    I bought this in Tokyo over Xmas (didn’t realise they weren’t released here yet) and it is EXCELLENT. I will definitely be repurchasing. I got “Mega Melon” and it is a very good “colour / not colour” colour. Extremely hydrating. Mine is still going and I use it all the time. Fabulous packaing. I went off Clinique but this is winner.

  • Posted by: Alexandra-1293437712 Enthusiast // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:23pm

    ohh this looks delish! It is so hard to find these types of products. thanks clinique I know what my next purchase will be :)

  • Posted by: Jannz Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:28pm

    I must admit these do look good. I’m liking the look of the pink shade.

  • Posted by: Nadist // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:38pm

    I’ve seen these on American websites – they look awesome! I’d love to see an eyeliner in this kind of format; Maybelline used to have one a couple of years ago . .

  • Posted by: Bianca-1297156977 Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:44pm

    love the look of the red one… i wonder if the colour really lasts longer then lipsticks…. :)

  • Posted by: Nalini-1298541379 Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 12:49pm

    I’ve seen this in magazines and couldn’t wait to try it once it got to Australia! Definitely going to give it a go!

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 01:04pm

    These look amazing! Can’t wait to hit up Clinique on my next shopping trip!

  • Posted by: Jodie Fuller // Mon, 11 April 2011 01:11pm

    can’t wait to try it!!!!!!!

  • Posted by: Julie Rodwell // Mon, 11 April 2011 01:12pm

    Loving the Chubsta, I mainly get cracked lips in winter, what a treat my lips will have this winter definitely a must have!

  • Posted by: StayC Enthusiast // Mon, 11 April 2011 01:54pm

    Saw these at DJs the Saturday before last and I was extremely excited and then slightly dissapointed. Yes they are beautifully soft and moisturising and yes they come in great colours but the colours aren’t very pigmented which was a huge letdown. I would still use them as a tinted balm but not great if you want a real hit of colour =(

  • Posted by: Becca Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 02:27pm

    Sounds great, perfect multi-use product and the colours look great!

  • Posted by: // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:01pm

    Love the new colors, may try it out on my next lip shopping!

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:06pm

    Want want want! Mega Melon & Whoppin Watermelon. Holding out until there is a GWP though……….restraint!

  • Posted by: ssminnow Enthusiast // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:11pm

    These look great! I’d love to see a picture of how it looks on a set of lips! Maybe you could treat us with a photo, Cherie?

  • Posted by: muso Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:16pm

    I’ve always loved chubby lip sticks. Was so bummed when Red Earth discontinued them many years ago. I hope these Clinique ones are as good as them.

  • Posted by: MissPaigeLauren Devotee // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:25pm

    im loving the sound of chubsta!

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 04:41pm

    A bit like crayons for lips! I’m going to love it because basically I love all lipsticks and glosses.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 05:03pm

    The Chubsta looks so hunky! I love the fact that this chubby stick contains so many hydrating ingredients! I’m liking the pretty red shade of Mega Melon and bright pink hue of Whooping watermelon!

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 05:24pm


  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 06:23pm

    These sound AMAZING! I want one :) I love the fact that you don’t need to sharpen them and that you can use it as a cheek tint if needed (gotta love a dual purpose product!)

  • Posted by: jeffy Master Fan // Mon, 11 April 2011 11:47pm

    They look adorable and your description is making them very hard to resist!

  • Posted by: GorgeousEmeralds Master Fan // Tue, 12 April 2011 08:42am

    Chubsta sounds awsome! and looks cute too! Love the fact that they don’t need to be sharpened :)

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Tue, 12 April 2011 09:21am

    Looks like fun! and really they should have named this Chubsta, that is a great name! the cherry looks like a great winter name -nothing like a red lip to warm up the pale winter complexion! very miss red riding hood :)

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Tue, 12 April 2011 11:12am

    I just saw this in a shop and im in love, i want to get me one! cant decide on a shade, and i need to get something else too so i spend $60 to get the gwp :)

  • Posted by: BettyBoo Master Fan // Tue, 12 April 2011 03:51pm

    Love the look of the Chubsta and can definitely see it joining my collection. Just need to choose a colour..

  • Posted by: heidi.z Enthusiast // Wed, 13 April 2011 02:07am

    so cute :) can’t wait to try it!

  • Posted by: meandmyface Enthusiast // Wed, 13 April 2011 09:41pm

    Ooh cute, these look great! Might have to add this to my tax return make up spree list haha

  • Posted by: Jennifer-1292053436 Master Fan // Thu, 14 April 2011 10:16pm

    I’d love to try this product! it sounds awesome, though i’d find it extremely difficult choosing which colour!
    And I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the writing style and attitude in this blog..Great job Cherie!

  • Posted by: lolou Enthusiast // Sat, 16 April 2011 10:09am

    I really want one, the colours are perfect for winter !

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Tue, 19 April 2011 01:08pm

    Cute as!! Alas, I am too poor.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Thu, 21 April 2011 11:04pm

    I ended up getting my hands on the shade Fuller Fig, which is a gorgeous deep rosey shade that enhances my natural lip colour. I would def. reccomend this shade as I think it’s suitable for most skintypes. Love the moisturising properties and the cute crayon packaging.

  • Posted by: jessocialite Enthusiast // Mon, 25 April 2011 02:23pm

    I borrowed my cousins on the bus yesterday and it’s totally fabulous, just the right amount of colour, its smooth and gives the right amount of glossiness. She has the pinky watermelon one but I reckon I’ll be snapping up the strawberry.

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Mon, 25 April 2011 11:31pm

    haha i was gonna say it looks like a crayon!! i like the sound of a lip colour that isnt too full on and doesnt need the same maintenance of a lipstick.. i might check this out :)

  • Posted by: misslysie Master Fan // Thu, 19 May 2011 12:30am

    These look great. I really want to get to clinique asap.

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan // Fri, 23 September 2011 10:10pm

    arhhh i still havent tried these yet but am desperate to

  • Posted by: misschris Master Fan // Sat, 8 October 2011 03:51pm

    I have two chubbies and they never leave my bag.. That’s how much I love them, they need to be readily available at all times :)

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sun, 14 June 2015 09:38pm

    I do like the sound of the Chubby Stick, definitely want to investigate the colours.

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Mon, 27 July 2015 12:59am

    Credit needs to be gven where credit is due – the chubby sticks brought on the whole trend of lip pencils.

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