Mary-Kate Vs/ Ashley Olsen at the Elle Style Awards

Tue, 23 February 2010 4:17PM

As a chick with a sister, I hate nothing more than when people compare us. It’s just a sibling thing. I hazard a guess that the Olsen’s feel the same way, Primpers. But I say, sorry dudes, it’s a part of the game and today I’d like you all to take part.

Both were looking ravishing at the Elle Style Awards but which one takes the PRIMPED Awesomeness Prize for Fabulousness. Is it MK or is it Ashley? The choice is entirely yours.

Here’s Ashley looking elegant and sophisticated with a nibble of sexiness in there for fun…

Let’s break this down, shall we. The hair is that typical Olsen-style texture that we all love to love. Why? Because it’s cool and chic and makes you look like you don’t care all that much (when of course we all know you do). Similar to what Alexa Chung has going on the at the moment in terms of that edgy coolness but different. Obviously.

She’s kept her curl and simply parted it straight down the centre and swept it loosely back. For that gown and the mad plunging neckline, I personally think it’s perfection. Simple, clean and stylish. Winner!

Obviously she amped things up a bit with her makeup which is a clever choice for her. I think if she’d left it all neutral, with that dress and simple hair, it might have been a little beige/vanilla/massively boring, so she totes scores points by sexing things up with a black eye kohl.

And, as I’m the crazy glow lady and lover of illuminating products, I have to make mention of her foundation. It’s absolutely flawless but is it enough to WIN?

Moving onto Mary-Kate…

Well, well, well, Primpers. Isn’t MK looking all minxy these days? Essentially, the girls have gone for a similar makeup look. Again, the eyes are black and smoky while the skin and lips are kept a little bronzed and natural. I have to say that while Ashley’s foundation is flawless, MK’s skin is looking positively radiant here. Phenomenal. Astonishing in fact. I’m jel.

However, it’s MK’s hair that sets the two apart. As expected, she’s ticking the Olsen texture box, but rather than sweeping it back, she’s left half out and then loosely plaited the rest. Very similar to the plaits from DSquared’s S/S ’10 show, actually. You know, that raw, messy and slightly dishevelled hair that’s a big hit right now.

For me, I think it’s MK who takes the prize. Her hair is a little more original and her skin is so healthy and radiant and glowy that I think she wins (but only by a bees dick).

What do you think Primpers?

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  • Posted by: Jasmin Enthusiast // Wed, 24 February 2010 08:30am

    Sorry Yaz, Ashley gets my vote. She looks elegant but fresh & youthful. I’m loving the messy up ‘do & her complexion is looking fabulously dewy whereas MK is a little more on the matte side.

  • Posted by: Jasmin Enthusiast // Wed, 24 February 2010 08:31am

    Maybe it’s that touch of gloss that Ashley’s sporting on the lips that completes the dewy look. I think MK looks a little old in this snapshot.

  • Posted by: Mellie // Wed, 24 February 2010 09:40am

    Ashley’s look is my fav, her cheeks and lips just look a little more radiant than MKs to me. Although I think they both look great here.

  • Posted by: Bea // Wed, 24 February 2010 10:34am

    Okay swooooon. Ash;ey looks great but I vote MK, I love how her skin is matt but still glows something amazing. I love her hair and the dark brown smokey eye. How do I get hair exactly like this??

  • Posted by: Sarah // Wed, 24 February 2010 11:32am

    traditionally, I’d go for Ashley’s look, classy and elegant. But (and that’s a big butt, just like sir mixalot likes) MK just seems so confident in her skin. Her whole look appears so put togethor, even though it’s laid back. She’s got a signature look and knows how to work it.

  • Posted by: Rose // Wed, 24 February 2010 12:08pm

    i vote ashley, she looks so classy and pretty. the hair and makeup suit the dress so well.
    maybe its just me but i don’t get mk’s hair…i’m all for the messy plait, but it’s almost like she forgot to do the other half?

  • Posted by: anabanana // Wed, 24 February 2010 07:46pm

    HA! bees dick. Hilarious.
    MK for me

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Tue, 10 May 2011 09:09pm

    MK’s skin, Ashleys hair and i want both of their tops. haha

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 15 May 2014 07:24pm

    I prefer Ashley’s look, its a little more classy in my opinion.


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