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How to: Wear the New Autumn/Winter Makeup Collections … in Spring

Thu, 30 August 2012 1:38PM

We’re a funny lot in the beauty industry. In bygone days, we complained because the gorgeous, limited-edition make-up collections would be available overseas for months and months before they hit our shores. We’d pore over them in international magazines, salivating, bemoaning the fact that we’d have to wait half a year before we could get our hands on these shiny-new products. Sometimes, *gasp*, they’d even sell out before they made it to local stores, and that cult nail polish or lust-worthy luminiser would become beauty legend…The Ones That Got Away.

Fast-forward a few years and our prayers have been answered. New-season collections are fast-tracked down under, so we have access to their limited loveliness at the very same time as our traditionally spoilt northern hemisphere counterparts. Joy! Rapture! But…oh. They’re developed for the northern hemisphere seasons, too. And suddenly the counters are brimming with bronzers in winter and sooty eyeshadows in summer. Cue complaining again. See what I mean? A funny lot, indeed.

This week, as we excitedly prepare to welcome spring (hooray!), we also welcome some really-quite-wintery make-up ranges. Fashion-forward cases in point: Yves Saint Laurent

and Burberry Beauty

… which I’ve been trialing over the past few days. And instead of complaining about cold-weather colours and textures, I’m determined to get equally as excited about the new collections, despite them being a bit off-kilter, season-wise

In preparation, I called on beauty expert Michael Brown (you might have seen him strutting his stuff on Mornings on Channel 9), to find out how we mere mortals can work wintery buys when the temperature soars.

Problem #1: The foundations are heavy and matt

MB’s Solution: “I do think Australians can wear matt or velvet finish foundations in summer, especially those with oily skin,” he reports. “Women often get very shiny by the end of the day or after a night out, because their foundation choice is very dewy. If you want to stay looking fresh and fabulous after a long day, matt finishes that can achieve this.”

Try the trend: The new Burberry Beauty Velvet Foundation, $80, from selected David Jones, takes time to blend, but lasts ages.

Problem #2: Won’t I look caked-on?

MB’s Solution: “As long as you use the correct skin care and/or primer under the foundation to take care of any dehydration you may have, it will not affect your skin,” he explains. “You may not have the dewy effect you like when first applying your foundation, but within a couple of hours you’ll have a nice, natural glow as the foundation adapts to your complexion and the climate. This also means you’ll need to use less powder, which can look cakey.” Too right.

Try the trend: M.A.C Prep & Prime Skin, $45, M.A.C, will perfect skin before make-up.

Problem #3: Dark lip colours are so dominant for the winter

MB’s Solution: “I’m a big fan of the red, berry and coffee lip trends this season. They’re bold and, chosen correctly to suit your skin tone, can be the perfect balance to your hot-weather look,” he says. “Traditionally, summer colours are bright, neon or glossy, but the new wintery shades scream elegance. To make them summery, I always apply a dab of highlighter in gold or silver on the centre of a bold lip.” But why, Michael? “By doing this you visually lift the colour, while breaking down the heaviness of your shade chosen. It also adds a slight sheen, which summer is all about.”

Try the trend: Apply Burberry Beauty Lip Cover in Mocha Glow, $49, from selected David Jones, from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, for a dusty dark shade with a hint of shimmer.

Problem #4: I’d only ever wear a bold lip once in a blue moon…

MB’s Solution: “Multitask. Use a touch of the deep lipstick as a cream blush, massaging a small amount into the apple of your cheeks to create a summer freshness,” he explains. “It’ll look like a stain, rather than a heavy helping of colour, which is what make-up should be, rather than there’s too much sitting colour sitting on top of the skin.” Double-duty beauty at its best.

Problem #5: The eye palettes are all dark and dramatic

MB’s Solution: “There are a few ways to make darker, wintry palettes work for summer,” he enthuses. “You can start by adding some brighter, pastel-style shades. Try a pop of colour over deeper shades on your mobile eyelid (just above your eyeball).  When you blink or look down, there is a summer twist to your look,” he says. “Or, add a pastel eyeliner along your bottom lash line only – the darker shades will give definition and depth to your eyelid, while the liner will add a touch of summer freshness against your lower lash line, lifting the entire look.” Smart idea.

Try the trend: Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics palette in Harmony No. 10, $90, from the Autumn Winter Look 2012/2013, showcases wintry metallics that work just as well for summer, too.

Problem #6: I don’t know where to wear dark shadows in summer

MB’s Solution: “In a palette, there will always be one lighter, maybe more shimmery shade which is great to use as a wash over the entire eyelid, blending into nothing as you move up to your brow bone. Then, keep the deeper shades strictly against your lash line to define your eyes, softly blending it into the lighter shade,” he advises.

Problem #7: There are so many different limited-edition products to pick from – I can’t decide what to choose…

MB’s Solution: “My personal choice would definitely be a deep lip colour. They can make such a statement, are quick to apply, and you can wear them with next to nothing on your skin,” he says. “You pretty much only need a concealer, bronzer and mascara with a bold lip look, then you’re done!”

Try the trend: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in Rouge Rock, $50, new for the 2012/2013 look, is fabulously retro and deeply flamboyant.


And there, Primpers, is how the pros make winter make-up work in summer. Do you have any tried and tested tips for taking a traditionally cold-weather palette into the warmer months? Share, and we’ll all look sexier this season.

Until next week,


Emily x

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  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan // Thu, 30 August 2012 11:36pm

    Currently in Europe, im sooooo tempted by all the autumn makeup, and clothes, it is so hard to resist!

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Mon, 3 September 2012 03:13pm

    Cara Delevigne is my number one girl crush right now. She always looks fantastic!

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan // Mon, 3 September 2012 09:14pm

    Love the look of that YSL palette…!

    I also love these tips, tried Burberry makeup a few months ago and the products were pretty good!

    I would also say that some looks are classic, like a red lip, and can be worn during any season. :)

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Mon, 3 September 2012 11:08pm

    I love my large palettes with many different colour but find that the golds and browns are very versatile and i can use them winter, summer, all year long. I dont mind cold frosty or icy tones I usually apply them to the middle of the socket for a good pop of colour. Metallics look really nice as well and a give little bit of depth too.

  • Posted by: karleymichelle Enthusiast // Tue, 4 September 2012 11:02am

    that Burberry look is stunning! and I want that YSL palette!

  • Posted by: me // Sun, 9 September 2012 12:05am

    I am in love with the Burberry packaging!!

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Tue, 11 September 2012 02:17pm

    I never knew Burberry did a foundation….It looks nice.

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Mon, 8 October 2012 03:56pm

    The ysl palette and lipstick look devine…I WANT!! lol. I dont own any YSL products but i have looked at them and they all look like good quality and worth the bucks for them.

  • Posted by: ChloeOz Newbie // Fri, 16 November 2012 07:37pm

    I agree, the red lips can still be worn in the warmer weather, but i will keep the deeper reds for the summer nights to twitheam a nice black dress

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 10:56pm

    LOVE the makeup on cara! stunning and perfect for the colder months!

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 12:54am

    Well, I do follow the lipstick shade trend, not so much with the eye makeup shades.

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Fri, 25 January 2013 02:57pm

    I love the tip – apply a dab of highlighter in gold or silver on the centre of a bold lip

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Sat, 23 February 2013 12:28pm

    i love the look of that ysl lipsticl

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 12 May 2013 04:29pm

    cara looks great, love the make up

  • Posted by: aliasam47 Master Fan // Mon, 12 August 2013 04:29pm

    Great tips! Just wear it with confidence :)

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 12 June 2015 09:58pm

    I like to play around with makeup to see what looks I can achieve.

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