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How to: Top Lip Tips, by Pout Expert Yishan Chan

Tue, 8 January 2013 4:42PM

The start of the new year is the best time for new beginnings, be it a fresh outlook on life, or simply setting your mind to completing that New Year’s resolution you didn’t quite get around to last year…

Three years ago, I embarked on a journey to build a lipstick blog to help women navigate their way through the lipstick jungle. Fast forward a couple of years (and countless dark circles later): I achieved my goal of writing my own beauty eBook, Pout Perfect, a guide to helping women build their lipstick wardrobe.

‘What compelled you to blog exclusively about lipstick?’ you might be wondering.

Well, our lips are one of our most sensual facial features, and yet perfecting our lips can be a bit of a beauty challenge.

So if you’d like your new year’s resolution to be accessorising your makeup look with a perfect pout, here are my top 10 lip tips to help you kick off 2013 …

  • Be extra gentle when exfoliating your lips. The gentlest way to exfoliate your lips is to give them a gentle rub after a hot shower. Lip flakes that do not remove easily this way are actually not ready to come off.  To help your lip flakes lift off, I recommend Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid, $15.95, pharmacies, which contains organic lemon oil to break down the dead cells.
  • Protect your lips with SPF. Wear SPF lip products when hanging outdoors & avoid wearing lip gloss under direct strong sunlight to prevent lips from dehydration, sun burn and premature ageing. My picks: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm SPF20, $3.95, from pharmacies, and Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF15, $46, department stores.
  • Choose lip balm ingredients wisely. Everyone’s lips have different needs, and a balm that is raved about by one person may not necessarily be the best choice for you. Avoid beeswax if your lips dry easily, while petroleum jelly is one of those ingredients that you either love the slippery finish of, or hate that it’s little more than just a barrier. My picks: Jack Black Lip Balm, $12, Yes Style, Lanolips 101 Ointment, $17.95, pharmacies, or Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, $28, Mecca Cosmetica
  • Bye-bye glitter, hello micro shimmer! If you’re still hanging onto your glittery lipsticks, it’s time to toss them out. The latest lipstick formulas now come with micro shimmer particles for a dimensional, lustrous finish without looking dated.  My picks: Estée Lauder Pure Vivid Shine Lipstick, $45, department stores, and Laura Mercier Stick Gloss, $39, department stores.
  • Accessorise with lip liner. Lip pencils are one of the most versatile yet under-rated lip products out there. Use it to neutralise your lip shade, make lipstick last longer, or use different shades to create an ombré lip. My picks: Chanel Précision Lip Definer, $48, department stores, and Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner, $8.50, pharmacies.
  • Try lipstick as blush. If you ever forget to pack blush in your makeup bag, a great emergency tip is to use your fingertips to pat on the same shade of lipstick to the apples of your cheeks lightly. Creamy moisturising formulas work best.
  • Experiment safely. Never test lip products directly on your lips without sanitizing them first. It’s actually safer to test lip products on the pad of your fingertips, as they are a lot closer in texture and colour to your lips than the back of your hands.
  • Light up with illuminator. Forget shimmery eyeshadow or white eye pencil.  Applying liquid illuminator or highlighting powder along the cupid’s bow is the most flattering (and natural-looking) way to create the illusion of a fuller pout.
  • Try red lipstick in your lifetime. After all, you only live once. I truly believe anyone can wear red lipstick. It’s as much about finding the right intensity and texture as it is about colour. For the minimalist I recommend a sheer red tint such as Clinique Chubby Stick Two Ton Tomato, $35, department stores. Red lippy aficionados will love the plush red By Terry Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick in Funky Ruby, $74, Mecca Cosmetica
  • Build Your Lipstick Wardrobe … with my eBook Pout Perfect!  If you find yourself purchasing the same shade repeatedly yet lusting after a change, then this eBook is for you!

The Pout Perfect eBook is available for $9.99 on iTunes or at Beauty Swatch.

PRIMPED OFFER: The first 20 readers to purchase a copy of the PDF edition of Pout Perfect will receive 30% off using discount code ‘PRIMPED’ at checkout. Note: This offer applies to the PDF edition only, offer not applicable to iTunes.

– Yishan Chan

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  • Posted by: adriennne Master Fan // Wed, 9 January 2013 08:40am

    Oh hey Yishan! Love beautyswatch :)

    Any advice on lip plumpers? (not that you’d ever need them, yours are so lovely!)

    I love my Lanolips Lemonaid and I have recently started wearing red lipstick – really enjoying it!

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Wed, 9 January 2013 05:22pm

    Easy for you to say, Yishan, your lips are beautiful! 😉
    But you convinced me, I wandered off and bought it :)

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Thu, 10 January 2013 01:38pm

    What fantastic info to go with my Bright Lipstick addiction.

    My 2 cents:
    When I apply my face moisturiser each morning, I specifically take a small amount on my finger and massage it into my lips before the rest of my face.
    That way I’m adding moisture first and then keeping it there by then adding a balm (as a balm will generally add a protective barrier to your lips, not actually moisturise them).

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Thu, 10 January 2013 03:50pm

    Great tips all and I am so envious of your gorgeous lips Yishan! Your book sounds amazing, I’m sure you’ll make lots of sales :)

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Thu, 10 January 2013 05:05pm

    I always use my wrist but i think ill start sing ym finger tips now :)

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Mon, 14 January 2013 12:05pm

    Love my Lanolips 101, Must try out the Lemonaid one. Great tips! Especially on checking lip colour on my finger tips rather than the back of my wrist. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Jessielyn Master Fan // Fri, 18 January 2013 06:57pm

    These are all such great tips. I’m definitely interested about what lip plumpers you would recommend also. xx

  • Posted by: Yishan // Sun, 20 January 2013 02:34pm

    Jessielyn & Adrienne – Thank you xx There’s a whole chapter on Lip Plumpers in my eBook! I cover both tingly and non-tingly formulas & other ways to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

    And to everyone else, thanks so much for your lovely feedback & great lip tips!!

  • Posted by: GorgeousEmeralds Master Fan // Wed, 23 January 2013 09:25pm

    Wow you do know about your lips and lip products, your books sounds great. Sometimes I wish I was more experimental with my lips…

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Sun, 24 February 2013 12:46pm

    great tips

  • Posted by: katie buchhorn // Fri, 1 March 2013 03:51pm

    love the tips, very helpful. Any advice in your ebook about pulling off a nude lip?

  • Posted by: Erin-1312272625 Master Fan // Mon, 3 June 2013 08:20am

    Looks amazing! I’ll have to investigate

  • Posted by: cookiesandcream Devotee // Wed, 5 June 2013 04:58pm

    this is just the advice i need, i must get a copy

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 15 July 2013 01:07pm

    One of the things I have discovered is that lipstick always looks better with lip liner or most of the time anyway.

  • Posted by: aliasam47 Master Fan // Thu, 8 August 2013 01:06pm

    Thanks Yishan, great tips! I love your lip colour, looks gorgeous

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 29 January 2014 08:37pm

    Love all these lip tips.

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Sat, 26 April 2014 10:27pm

    She has such full lips. I totally agree with the tip of using a creamy lippy as a blush. You get such a nice glow too.

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