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How to make your lipstick really last

Fri, 21 October 2016 1:00PM


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Of all the things you put on your face, lipstick is the one that just won’t bloody stay PUT. Obviously this is because, unlike your eyes and face, your mouth deals with a lot through the day – eating, drinking, kissing, being pressed on windows to make stupid faces at people on the other side (maybe that’s just me)… I mean sure, foundation can disappear thanks to touching your face, and if you get really emotional watching dogs reunite with their owners who’ve returned from war (also just me?) then mascara tear tracks are an issue. But EVERYONE deals with the lipstick thing.

There are legitimate things you can do to keep it in place. Full disclosure, these tips aren’t going to keep it in place through like, an epic makeout session or eating a family sized burrito. But it WILL help it look neat, even and stick around during usual daily activities.

Use a lip primer


MAC Prep + Prime Lip, $33

Recently I was at a MAC event and Senior Artist Nicole Thompson used their Prep + Prime Lip on me before adding lipstick. I was shocked – why had I not been doing this step my whole life?? It was kind of like a lip balm but with a lighter, more “barrier” consistency. It was 100% NOT the same as an actual balm. This worked more like a face primer does – it blurred the ridges in my lips, added moisture without the slip/slide feel you get if you use balm, and really felt like it held the lipstick in place after it was applied. I’m a total convert.

Use liner


Nars @ Mecca Velvet Lip Liner in Costa Smeralda, $35

“What is lip liner even for?” you say. I swivel in my chair, gently stroking my fluffy white cat, and give you a knowing smile. Lol jk. I wouldn’t have a cat I’d have a dog. Dogs are the best. ANYWAY what is my point? My point is lip liner has an integral use when it comes to lipstick that hangs around on your actual lips. But you don’t use it to LINE them. You use it all over, as a base colour. You’ll honestly find your lipstick lasts forever and ever. This is in part because pencils are more pigmented and waxy than lipsticks, and partly because you’re adding a strong base layer your lipstick can kind of “stick” to. Just make sure yours matches your lipstick as close as possible! Some brands even have the same shade in lipstick and liner, to make the job easy.

Powder the top


Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder, $13.95

This makeup artist trick for long lasting lipstick is GOLD – split a tissue into two – as in, two different sheets so it’s one ply. Hold one sheet gently over your done lips, then use a fluffy powder brush to dust translucent powder on top of the tissue. The sheet acts as a barrier to stop a) the brush from smudging your lipstick and b) the powder from going on too heavily. The little particles that make it through will stop your lipstick from smudging off when it touches cups/food and so on, meaning less fade!

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  • Posted by: Nas007 Enthusiast // Thu, 27 October 2016 11:00am

    Great tips, I only use lip liner and this seems to work.

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