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Grammys: Get Nude

Mon, 1 February 2010 2:37PM

Sorry this is late Y’all! I’ve just spent the morning on the blower to Miss Britney Spears. What a morning it’s been….

It started nice enough. Fed, cleaned, clothed, caffeine-ated myself, complete with spring in my sneakers – all by 9am. But then I logged on (to the Grammys pics) and flipped out.

Britney had misread my TeleGrammy again! See, I sent one out with some on-trend tips for the ladies, namely a ‘NUDE alert’.

Beyonce, Miley, Ke$ha and even Carrie Underwood obviously ate their carrots and cleaned their spectacles because they read my tips on how to get the delicious combination of nuder than nude lips teamed with darker than dark eyes, bang on.

Britney, well, not so. Maybe it was the line where I wrote: “Keep it nude downstairs and dark up top.”

My Bad.

Anyway, onto the winners – and aren’t they just perfectly beige grinners!

Here’s some tips to get buff and beautiful kissers.

Prepare the lips by loofahing – not with those massive happy hand gloves – but with a simple face cloth. Drown in warm water and add a touch of Sorbolene to soften if you wish. Gently rub over lips to slowly slough away (get it?) any flakes and dry skin.

Now, you should have one hell of a smooth pucker. To get nude lips that look natural rather than The Never Dead, here’s some advise from Claude Defresne of Clarins.

(And some from me; “Keep your damn pants on Primpettes!”)

1. Take care about the lip liner. For example, if you wear a nude gloss don’t apply a lip liner, as you will have a contrast and it will show – the result won’t be natural.
2. If you apply a neutral beige and a lip contour, the lip contour needs to be the exact same colour of the lipstick with the same tone, beige, neutral beige, nude apricot or nude slightly pink. No difference should appear. The lip liner needs to be well blended toward the lip and the exact same colour to avoid any contrast.
3. Choose the same tone colour of your blush as your lipstick, the tone of the both need to match.
4. Increase the colour of your eyes to give some expression to the rest of the look, and add a touch of blush in the centre of your cheekbones in an apple shape.
5. Wearing a nude lipstick does not mean that you can’t go for a really glossy effect, so give extra volume by applying gloss in the heart of the lips to get a glamorous effect

Flash these fleshy tones with naked abandon!

o Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres in Beige $44
o Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Lip Sheen SPF 15 in Starlet Peach, $44
o MAC Creamy Satin Lipstick in Warm Me Up,$35
o JK Jemma Kidd Sheer Vanity Lipstick in Belle de Jour, $34.95

ecb X

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  • Posted by: Louweeez Master Fan // Mon, 1 February 2010 03:13pm

    The duck pout. I HATE it.
    I can’t see past it. Is there an image in existence where she’s not doing it? Tskoh!

  • Posted by: gribbles Newbie // Mon, 1 February 2010 03:39pm

    The duckface does not = sexy. Delusional little twit. And Beyonce’s makeup clashes so badly with everything. Honestly, at a glance it looks like she has two sets of eyebrows.

  • Posted by: gemma2468 Enthusiast // Mon, 1 February 2010 09:34pm

    Great tips on the post but ERGH all I can think about is Miley’s face!! What will it take for her to stop I wonder..

  • Posted by: Bels // Mon, 1 February 2010 10:20pm

    Good post but omg I know, Miley’s face – how sad is it that she’s had so much plastic surgery by 17?!?

  • Posted by: spicypinksugar Newbie // Tue, 2 February 2010 10:03am

    great tips and thanks for the nude lippy suggestions!
    Something sparkyl! i am distracted by Beyonce’s sparkly hair. LIKE!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 18 May 2015 03:23pm

    I love nude lipstick there are some great shades available.

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