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How to: Create Gold-Studded Nail Art

Mon, 10 December 2012 3:32PM

Despite the fact that we’re currently wearing pretty pastels and bold brights on our nails for summer, the festive season always brings about the urge to paint a rich berry or a deep forest green.

And wouldn’t you know it, we spotted Revenge starlet Ashley Madekwe over the weekend with fabulous oxblood nails, complete with miniature gold studs as feature nails. You could even call them Christmas baubles. Seasonally appropriate, and bang on trend, wouldn’t you say Primpers?

And then to further instill the need to recreate them now, Rita Ora also sported gilt spikes overnight at the Jingle Ball in London …

So I set about to grab the closest thing I could find to tiny gold studs. The answer: Hello Darling Rock Candy in Caramel Kisses, $24.95, Hello Darling, a blend of gold and caramel pearls, or Gilded Ristretto, $24.95, with a blend of black, silver and gold. Alternatively, if you search ‘nail art studs’ online, you’ll easily be able to find them. Otherwise you could also use small gold diamantés (available for under $5 in a craft store). Another option still: you could paint tiny gold polkadots – click here for our step-by-step guide.

A word of warning, Primpers, this nail art requires a lot of patience because not only do you need to use tweezers to place the rocks on your nails, making the process quite fiddly, you also need to be careful where you place them to create your desired pattern. All in the name of art, right?

Let’s get started …

Step 1:

Paint a thin coat of base coat. I’m currently loving Essie 3-Way Glaze, $18.95, 1800 811 611.

Step 2:

Slick on two coats of rich colour. I chose an oxblood-like red – Orly’s Nail Lacquer in Ignite, $18.95, 1300 769 355 – as my base colour. Leave your nails to thoroughly dry, at least 10-15 minutes.

Step 3:

Have your gold rocks or studs close by, preferably sitting on a white piece of paper so you can easily pick them up. Apply a layer of top coat, and working quickly while the polish is still wet, use your tweezers to pick up each rock individually and place them in a pattern on your nail. Tip: You’ll find that if you’ve dropped a rock in the wrong spot, you can gently nudge it over the correct place without ruining your polish. When you are happy with where you have placed it, use the tip of your tweezers to gently press it down into place.

Step 4:

Let your top coat dry for as long as possible, so the beads set in. Think at least 10-15 minutes. As for the finished product …

Tell me, Primpers, what do you think?

Are you a fan of studded nail art?

Would you try this look with Rock Candy, polkadots or nail studs?

Hayley x

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  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 03:42pm

    Am I a fan, hell yes I am!
    I’d love to give this look a go, will be googling nail art studs straight after this!!!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 05:33pm

    Love the red and gold! But could never be able to do the intricate and painstaking work required for this nail art am way too clumsy!

  • Posted by: misschris Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 05:43pm

    It’s looks soo nice. But looks like it would take patience of which I don’t have :/

  • Posted by: matty Enthusiast // Mon, 10 December 2012 05:52pm

    I like that look for Christmas…very festive!

  • Posted by: lolo Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 10:27pm

    Still can’t get over your gorgeous ring Hayley! Loving this look.. may have to try it out for christmas :)

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Tue, 11 December 2012 11:28am

    Love this! I don’t mind the larger studs I’ve seen but much prefer these smaller beauties, they give the look a much more elegant touch methinks.
    I’d love to try all three products mentioned…it will really test my patience!
    Loving this Orly shade on you too Hayley, just gorgeous :)

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Tue, 11 December 2012 01:10pm

    Oh yeah im a fan. Your nails look awesome hayley. And that deep red really makes that rock of yours pop out!! So gorgeous.
    Id love to do this but with black polish.

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Tue, 11 December 2012 05:21pm

    They looks gorgeous, i think a star would be very appropriate for xmas :)

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Tue, 11 December 2012 08:56pm

    Faaaabulous on you but my patience tolerance would fail me. Sterling effort !!

  • Posted by: Tahlz68 Enthusiast // Thu, 13 December 2012 01:58pm

    Will be trying this!! Your ring looks amazing!

  • Posted by: crystal Enthusiast // Thu, 7 February 2013 01:32pm

    I wish I could do this with diamonds it would look lush.

  • Posted by: cookiesandcream Devotee // Sun, 7 April 2013 08:28pm

    this is the nicest nail art tutorial ive seen in ages

  • Posted by: missselin Master Fan // Mon, 8 April 2013 09:27am


  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 3 June 2013 04:23pm

    These designs are wonderful, love a bit of bling on my nails.
    Patience is definitely the key.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 9 June 2013 04:06pm

    i am a fan of studded nail art

  • Posted by: brinsley Master Fan // Sat, 26 July 2014 10:23pm

    I think that looks fantastic!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 12 February 2015 04:45pm

    I love nail art. This design looks like something I could do, it looks good.

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