WIN: 1 of 5 Redken Diamond Oil Packs Valued at $130

Fri, 23 August 2013 3:44PM

If you’ve been keeping one eye on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival this week, you will have seen some gorgeous looks on the runway and, if you’re like us, will already be dusting off the credit card ready to lay down some hard earned dollars. Want to get a taste of runway life without the credit fear?

We have five packs of Redken goodness to give away to you, dear Primpers. Each pack contains 1 x Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo, 1 x Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner, 1 x Redken Diamond Oil Mask and 1 x Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine. Talk about hair salvation!

The Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner work together to replenish all three levels of the hair fibre. Think silky, restored hair that is a cinch to manage. Combine these two with the Deep Facets Mask for extra protection and nourishment. Completing the Diamond Oil pack is the Shatterproof Shine, one of our favourite products (and soon to be yours) that works to build radiance and shine. If it’s diamond shine you want for your hair, this is the bad boy to take you there.


Team Diamond Oil will have your hair looking runway ready faster than you can say faaashion, darhling!

Want to win? Just tell us in 25 words or less tell us what is your best tip to get your hair to shine bright like a diamond this summer.

Good luck. x

The winners are: N Stoute, WA, B Bann, VIC, C Dettman, VIC, U Brigden, VIC, A Menzies, QLD. Congratulations!

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  • Posted by: Suzie Elo // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:13pm

    To create mega shine spritz a light spray of a shine serum to create smoothness and brightness.

  • Posted by: Grace // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:20pm

    What you put in your body is what you’ll get out of it. Foods with Omega 3’s like oily fish (salmon) and Almonds should do the trick. Along with great prods like these to enhance and add to lush locks.

  • Posted by: Ligia Ramadanoski // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:22pm

    Spritzing shatterproof shine through my hair will give me the diamond factor this summer

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:26pm

    Oil your hair and then wrap it in a hot towel for 10mins. Shampoo hair to reveal glossy, healthy shiny hair. The warmth helps the oil to work more effectively.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:42pm

    Use shampoo and conditioners that adds natural oils to your hair. Plus and mask for moisture repair and finish with shine oil.

  • Posted by: Fiona Charlton // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:43pm

    Blow-dry while brushing with a natural boar-bristle paddle brush. Apply a bit of light finishing serum to frizzy areas

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:44pm

    By rinsing my hair with cold water to close my hair cuticles, as well as rubbing oils through my tresses and avoiding styling tools.

  • Posted by: susan reynolds // Fri, 23 August 2013 04:44pm

    Redken a name which goes back a long time I used it in my twenties and now my 15 yr old daughter is using it.

  • Posted by: Lucy // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:27pm

    I use coconut oil as a hair mask. It makes my hair so soft and shiny! Just need to make sure to shampoo twice otherwise my hair stays oily.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:29pm

    add a tablespoon of olive oil to shampoo bottle, shake well and wash hair as you normally would. this leaves hair with a natural shine.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:32pm

    Snip away as much damage as you can- trim hair every 4-6 weeks to keep split-ends at bay. Have a salon treatments while you’re there.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:33pm

    Finish your shower with a cool (or cold) water rinse, this will encourage the cuticle to lay flat and improve shine instantly.

  • Posted by: Narelle Rock // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:35pm

    weekly treatment and a regular trim with keep it healthy and shiny.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:37pm

    Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner,
    and gently towel dry hair,
    spritzer spray with argan oil,
    hair shines bright without a care.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:38pm

    Use coconut oil- massage it into dry hair, leave for an hour and then shampoo twice and condition to remove it

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 05:51pm

    For hair to shine bright like a diamond,
    use apricot and argan oil,
    hair’s smooth and sleek without frizz,
    it’s a serum that doesn’t foil.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 06:09pm

    A nourishing treatment hair oil,
    will have hair shining bright,
    will sparkle like a diamond,
    and like a star in the night.

  • Posted by: Dean Brandt // Fri, 23 August 2013 06:21pm

    Before using these Redken products I used to use Argon Oil that makes my hair super soft and shiny and it smells fanastic.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 06:40pm

    Argan oil soaks into hair fibres,
    hair will have a diamond bright shine,
    a nourishing hair loving ingredient,
    this summer healthy hair will be mine.

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 06:43pm

    After washing your hair, finish with a cool rinse and the same applies when drying your hair, finish with a blast of cold air.

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 06:48pm

    Book yourself in for a trim, remove all the dry frazzled ends. When you hair is healthy it will look shiny and glossy.

  • Posted by: angela beales // Fri, 23 August 2013 07:07pm

    Don’t buy cheap shampoo its too harsh and will strip your hair of colour !

  • Posted by: diana boyd // Fri, 23 August 2013 08:01pm

    A gentle soft brush always brings out the shine without damaging the hair and distributes the natural oils

  • Posted by: Kylie Marie Buzinkic // Fri, 23 August 2013 08:02pm

    redkin diamond oil

  • Posted by: Justine // Fri, 23 August 2013 08:31pm

    Shine Bright Like a Diamond,
    Use some frizz tame mon,
    Try a home colour hun,
    Remember to condition
    Style it high pony fun!

  • Posted by: melissa-1293526629 Supporter // Fri, 23 August 2013 09:08pm

    Find a great product that works for your type of hair, don’t be afraid to try something new you will be amazed!

  • Posted by: Jayne // Fri, 23 August 2013 09:26pm

    To rinse my hair with icy cold water after I shampoo my hair.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 10:04pm

    Drink Carat Juice..oh I mean Carrot Juice. Great for skin and hair.
    Diamonds are a girls best friend, cant afford Carats…try carrots.

  • Posted by: donna mcdiarmid // Fri, 23 August 2013 10:19pm

    I use coconut oil, it gives your hair a really nice shine and makes it soft.

  • Posted by: Erin-1312272625 Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 11:19pm

    I’ve acheived my best hair as the result of wearing a hair mask to bed with glad wrap on top as my weekly hair ritual.

  • Posted by: Jannz Master Fan // Fri, 23 August 2013 11:55pm

    What an excellent prize. I like to use a really moisturising conditioner/hair mask, followed some hair oil while it’s still wet. I let my hair mostly air dry and then gently run the dryer through it in a downward motion to retain smoothness and shine and finish with some shine serum.

  • Posted by: MrsB Enthusiast // Sat, 24 August 2013 01:20am

    Overnight coconut oil treatment once a week or fortnight. Also air-dry your hair as much as possible.

  • Posted by: Joanne Emery // Sat, 24 August 2013 04:13am

    Avocado – it’s messy, but it works like a dream, my hair has never felt (and looked) so awesome!

  • Posted by: Kylie-1335492235 Enthusiast // Sat, 24 August 2013 06:40am

    Add a shimmering sparkle to summer by luxuriously pampering locks with hydration and revitalisation; create an exquisitely dazzling bun and add a beautiful bright sunflower; picturesque!.

  • Posted by: Kylie-1335492235 Enthusiast // Sat, 24 August 2013 06:44am

    Add a shimmering sparkle to summer by luxuriously pampering locks with hydration and revitalisation; create an exquisitely dazzling bun and a beautiful bright sunflower; picturesque!.

  • Posted by: rose powell // Sat, 24 August 2013 08:48am

    I use the REDKEN outshine 01 and melts with shine on my hair like a DIAMOND

  • Posted by: Jennifer Round // Sat, 24 August 2013 08:48am

    keep it nice and clean

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Sat, 24 August 2013 10:01am

    The healthier your hair is the more shine you gain,
    Take care of your hair with oils and treatments for a gorgeous flowing mane.

  • Posted by: Tabatha Voss // Sat, 24 August 2013 12:17pm

    where a wig

  • Posted by: Michelle Field // Sat, 24 August 2013 02:26pm

    Keep away from my sister and her ideas of trying to bleach my hair in white king!

  • Posted by: Kerrie McDermid // Sat, 24 August 2013 04:25pm

    Use redkin products of course, it leave my hair feeing healthy, soft and shiny.

  • Posted by: connor 777 Master Fan // Sat, 24 August 2013 08:18pm

    I use a stay in moisturizer everyday and then once a week I smother my hair in oil mixed with mashed avacado and leave in for 10 minutes and it is amazing :)

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sat, 24 August 2013 08:34pm

    Twinkle twinkle like a star,
    Diamond oil shines hair bright and far,
    It’s an absorbing and nourishing ingredient,
    that keeps hair shiny and obedient.

  • Posted by: Erin-1312272625 Master Fan // Sat, 24 August 2013 09:05pm

    I maintain silky hair by eating healthy and resisting the occasional urge to bleach and colour it! l also love an at home treatment mask.

  • Posted by: Karina Baker // Sat, 24 August 2013 10:47pm

    Believe it or not, washing my hair less. Cue the pause for the ewww moment…but when wash day comes, Redken smooth down never fails.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 25 August 2013 10:04am

    Don’t wash hair too often, use a shine product but not too much or it looks greasy. Use a good anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner

  • Posted by: Linda Vesinger // Sun, 25 August 2013 11:14am

    Don’t towel dry/rub your hair vigorously when it’s freshly washed – instead comb through with a wide tooth comb & keep the hair surface smooth & shiny

  • Posted by: Louise // Sun, 25 August 2013 11:21am

    cutting down on blow drying and a good argan oil treatment weekly

  • Posted by: Linda Vesinger // Sun, 25 August 2013 11:24am

    Watch your diet! Healthy, shiny hair starts from within – eat well, eat lots of greens & oily fish & proteins to keep your hair in top top shape

  • Posted by: Kerrie Kemsley // Sun, 25 August 2013 12:12pm

    Use the product designed for the job, not one that isn’t!

  • Posted by: Pauline Stacey // Sun, 25 August 2013 02:52pm

    Use Silk Oil of Morocco Thermal Protection/Shine Spray it really does make your hair shine like a diamond

  • Posted by: Sharon // Sun, 25 August 2013 04:58pm

    Using oil infused hair products quickly make my hair truly shine. So that my hairstyles always look very fine, and make me feel totally devine.

  • Posted by: VandaB Supporter // Sun, 25 August 2013 06:20pm

    Try and stand close to the biggest engagement rings in the jewellery store so that the light refracts onto your hair!

  • Posted by: nicole morris // Sun, 25 August 2013 08:51pm

    hmmm im thinking Diamond Oil would do just the trick. hope i win some. wink wink

  • Posted by: Mummatude Newbie // Sun, 25 August 2013 10:05pm

    My special homemade recipe.

    2 tablespoons coconut milk
    1 tablespoon mashed avocado.

    Massage into dry scalp and leave overnight.
    Rinse hair in morning.
    I guarantee the sun will seem dull!

  • Posted by: Rebecca Bromfield // Mon, 26 August 2013 02:09am

    Use a moisturising hair treatment on a weekly basis such as; a hot oil treatment to keep your hair nourished and healthy.

  • Posted by: elisha kenyon // Mon, 26 August 2013 12:59pm

    buying using quality products and taking extra time in looking after yourself

  • Posted by: Brogan Petersen // Mon, 26 August 2013 01:34pm

    I don’t have any. That’s why I need Shatterproof Shine.

  • Posted by: Simone-1327932044 Enthusiast // Mon, 26 August 2013 01:42pm

    Drench with moisture treatments quit heated appliances just use a great leave-in oil & air dry.

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan // Mon, 26 August 2013 02:09pm

    Treatments galore and serums much more,
    healthy eating and drinking plenty of water.
    Only wash a couple of times a week
    and your hair should really start to tweek.

  • Posted by: Sabine // Mon, 26 August 2013 02:13pm

    Once a week cover your hair and scalp with Coconut Oil, leave on for 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition like usual

  • Posted by: Elise Cook // Mon, 26 August 2013 02:14pm

    Bright shiny hair starts within!
    Hair needs help, just like skin.
    The foods you consume help hair grow
    Salmon, walnuts & blueberries make hair glow!

  • Posted by: seppigerry1 Newbie // Mon, 26 August 2013 02:56pm

    I add a spritz of hairspray to my brush before running it through my hair. I only use shampoo and conditioner for my hair type.

  • Posted by: Carmen Starick // Mon, 26 August 2013 03:05pm

    Hair mask once a week, and a cool rinse when finished washing help keep my hair amazingly shiny.

  • Posted by: Kaylah Del Romano // Mon, 26 August 2013 05:37pm

    Argan oil works magic! It limits the frizz throughout my hair and make’s my hair shine brighter than the sun, leaving me feeling fabulous!

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Mon, 26 August 2013 07:38pm

    Rinse your hair with cold water while singing ‘shine bright like a diamond’ by Rhianna 😀

  • Posted by: aclaired33 // Mon, 26 August 2013 09:47pm

    I love a good serum and shine spray. I also use moisture masks just on my ends every time I wash my hair.

  • Posted by: Monica Master Fan // Mon, 26 August 2013 09:56pm

    I like to rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar in the shower, it smells a bit funky but gets rid of any product build up and leaves my hair sparkly and shiny.

  • Posted by: Chelsea Ryan // Tue, 27 August 2013 06:30am

    Keep those cheap products out of your hair, and the diamond shine is only a shower away.

  • Posted by: Melissa Davis // Tue, 27 August 2013 08:00am

    Eat Almonds like there’s no tomorrow! In smoothies, raw or if you’re feeling naughty, on a cake; Almonds make your hair radiantly beautiful! It’s magical!

  • Posted by: Sarah-Jane // Tue, 27 August 2013 09:00am

    Nourishing my hair by eating healthy food and putting an oil hair treatment while I sleep to make it shine bright like a diamond!

  • Posted by: tanya edgerton Supporter // Tue, 27 August 2013 09:32am

    I grow Rosemary, pick a few sprigs put them in a saucepan with a cup or so of rainwater. Cover pot with a lid and bring it to the boil. Simmer for 5 minutes then leave it in pot to cool. Strain, pour in to spray bottle and use it as either a rinse after washing hair or as a spray on dry hair. Leaves hair soft, shiny, easy to manage and smelling wonderful.

  • Posted by: Falon Downing // Tue, 27 August 2013 11:21am


  • Posted by: Leah Rigney // Tue, 27 August 2013 12:20pm

    Locks that glisten in the light,
    Don’t apply finishing products too close to the scalp,
    It will make your hair greasy and look a fright!

  • Posted by: lucii soreno // Tue, 27 August 2013 01:25pm

    Coconut Oil! Take a coin sized amount and run it through your hair (avoiding your roots) and it adds such a shine – it smells amazing, too!

  • Posted by: Lauren Pratt // Tue, 27 August 2013 01:57pm

    Little time with a new family but the tangle teezer has mad my knotty hair turn into smooth waves.

  • Posted by: Brookie // Tue, 27 August 2013 02:14pm

    S-plurge on a quality hair mask
    H-ealthy eating
    I-cy cold rinses
    N-umerous trims
    E-ase off on heated appliances

  • Posted by: Kaysie // Tue, 27 August 2013 02:18pm

    i like to use natural coconut oil after i wash it
    also try a leave in conditioner as well as blow drying your hair instead of leaving it air dry

  • Posted by: Joanne McDonald // Tue, 27 August 2013 02:24pm

    I smooth my ‘finger in the toaster’ look,
    and say goodbye to bedhead,
    with treatments by Redken diamond oil,
    for a good hair days instead.

  • Posted by: Wynt Supporter // Tue, 27 August 2013 02:48pm

    After washing your hair in the shower blast with cold water for at least 10 seconds. This closes the hair follicle and creates shine!

  • Posted by: Sarah Templeton // Tue, 27 August 2013 06:49pm

    I like to use an egg wash in my hair occasionally to make it shine bright like a diamond. Works every time!

  • Posted by: Kitty // Tue, 27 August 2013 08:52pm

    Replenish and
    Enhance shine of
    Distressed hair with
    Keratin, and
    Essential fatty acids(EFA)-
    Nourishment with DIAMOND OIL.

  • Posted by: Danu-1294300312 Enthusiast // Tue, 27 August 2013 11:31pm

    Using a treatment at least once a week

  • Posted by: tweety22au Newbie // Wed, 28 August 2013 01:26am

    clean it and dry it then i usually straighten it and its very shiny and light weight

  • Posted by: alana // Wed, 28 August 2013 07:09am

    Brush Brush Brush i like it

  • Posted by: Mayday // Wed, 28 August 2013 01:05pm

    Wear a tin foil hat 😉

  • Posted by: biancahunter Enthusiast // Wed, 28 August 2013 01:40pm

    Shampoo hair, use a deep conditioning mask, rinse off and rinse hair again in freezing cold water. Warm a hair serum between your hands and apply to hair ends and blow dry with a paddle brush and viola!! Super shiny tresses!

  • Posted by: alanakateh Master Fan // Wed, 28 August 2013 02:47pm

    It’s not very glamourous, and you will smell like a brewery, but beer is great for getting your hair shiny.

  • Posted by: Courtneyd Supporter // Wed, 28 August 2013 02:47pm

    After you wash your hair, blast it with cold water. It smoothes the folicles and adds natural shine to your hair! Works like magic.

  • Posted by: sara hill // Wed, 28 August 2013 05:35pm

    avoid too much sun and beach water but defiantly add some extra diamond shine

  • Posted by: Lisa-1294413802 Master Fan // Wed, 28 August 2013 09:11pm

    Shine is in the eye of the beholder. I dazzle ’em with a new hair colour. Purple is particularly fabulous to banish winter blues.

  • Posted by: lisagray1 Enthusiast // Thu, 29 August 2013 06:38am

    Lemon juice and sunshine. Sitting in the sun (with sunscreen) for 1/2 hour with lemon juice in your hair brings out your natural shine and highlights.

  • Posted by: Nola Goodwin // Thu, 29 August 2013 08:25am

    Use Redken Diamond Oil Products, they are simply the best.

  • Posted by: LynF Enthusiast // Thu, 29 August 2013 09:03am

    Spritz with argan oil for a diamond shine

  • Posted by: Kirsten W // Thu, 29 August 2013 11:58am

    Wash your hair with beer. The hops in beer add smoothness and shine giving an amazing a glossy finish. And the men love the smell!

  • Posted by: Vera // Thu, 29 August 2013 12:26pm

    What ever my lovely Hairdresser tells me. When I follow her recommendations I have amazing, brilliant hair.

  • Posted by: Joanna McEwan // Thu, 29 August 2013 03:56pm

    I LOVE diamond oil and I predict that will be my secret to shiny hair this summer! And probably omega 3 just to be safe :)

  • Posted by: Maria KAPONAY // Thu, 29 August 2013 05:24pm

    REKEN And I Go Way Back
    It Never Lets My Down!!
    Best Tip is: Great Hair Products Is A Totally Must
    And A Hair Mask Once A Week!!

  • Posted by: Heather Lowden // Thu, 29 August 2013 08:21pm

    Firstly, A great CUT, A fantastic COLOUR, clean and and healthy gives CLARITY and finally CARATS, that’s the DIAMOND look for my hair this summer.

  • Posted by: Judith Senese // Thu, 29 August 2013 08:28pm

    No swimming in chlorine, which dried my hair. Instead more moisture and extra conditioner put in.

  • Posted by: c2tas1 Enthusiast // Thu, 29 August 2013 09:18pm

    Rinse hair in cool water for immediate and aal day long lasting shine!

  • Posted by: c2tas1 Enthusiast // Thu, 29 August 2013 09:20pm

    Rinse hair in cool water for immediate and all day long lasting shine!

  • Posted by: Nic Seal // Thu, 29 August 2013 11:54pm

    Your hair will shine bright like a diamond this Redken five pack. It will get you hair replenished, silky, protected and nourished as well.

  • Posted by: Cheryl McKibbin // Fri, 30 August 2013 10:03am

    Winning this prize pack!

  • Posted by: julie bennett // Fri, 30 August 2013 11:43am

    I love straightening my hair because it gives it that super shining runway look

  • Posted by: Laura Jilka // Fri, 30 August 2013 12:15pm

    Away from the air con and sun,
    Cos frizzy and dry hair isn’t fun!
    Plenty of oil to care,
    So glossy people stare!

  • Posted by: nicole larsen // Fri, 30 August 2013 01:15pm

    by taking care of it and using the best products I can afford

  • Posted by: Kelly Ryan // Fri, 30 August 2013 01:48pm

    Nourishing leave in product!

  • Posted by: Alicia L // Fri, 30 August 2013 02:11pm

    When blow-drying your hair, aim the nozzle down and brush out – not dry from under. Luscious, glossy, flick your hair diamond shine achieved!

  • Posted by: Belinda Bann // Fri, 30 August 2013 02:29pm

    Get a summer attired (shorts no Tee) Ryan Reynolds to gently brush it with his body 100 times!

  • Posted by: Belinda-1319603503 Newbie // Fri, 30 August 2013 02:36pm

    Get a Summery attired (shorts no Tee) Ryan Reynolds to gently brush my hair with his body 100 times!

  • Posted by: Ellen Hungerford // Fri, 30 August 2013 05:11pm

    Be sure to use redken’s diamond oil range to get that bright, lustrous hair

  • Posted by: taziio Newbie // Fri, 30 August 2013 06:46pm

    I just learnt a tip from you so Ill share it – Redken Diamond Oil is the way to get my hair shining like a diamond!

  • Posted by: natzerat Enthusiast // Fri, 30 August 2013 07:03pm

    Remove product and pollutant build-up by adding a teaspoon of bicarb soda to your shampoo once a fortnight. Super soft, shiny hair awaits! You’re welcome.

  • Posted by: Vicky seedsman // Fri, 30 August 2013 09:14pm

    My hair is dull and lifeless
    The shine is very drab
    Redken is there to give me the lift
    To make me look real fab

  • Posted by: snoopy76 Supporter // Fri, 30 August 2013 09:45pm

    Brush regularly…like Sandra Dee!

  • Posted by: Trish-1328973054 Enthusiast // Fri, 30 August 2013 10:19pm

    Only truly healthy hair can shine bright like a diamond.
    Snip off those dry, frizzled ends to show the healthy, glossy hair underneath.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 30 August 2013 10:36pm

    For hair to shine bright like a diamond this summer,
    use a nourishing hair oil and shine like a stunner.

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Fri, 30 August 2013 10:42pm

    Protect your hair from harsh Sunlight
    Wear a hat and use UV protection spray
    Use nourishing masks and let your hair air dry.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 30 August 2013 10:47pm

    For hair to shine bright like a diamond this summer,
    use a nourishing hair oil, so the seasons not a bummer.

  • Posted by: Faye Hannam // Fri, 30 August 2013 11:02pm

    Use Redken Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner!

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Fri, 30 August 2013 11:07pm

    My secret… Schwarzkopf’s smooth operator lustre lotion before styling has my hair glowing like a girls best friend ( with UV protection too, i’m summer ready!).

  • Posted by: Jo Miller // Fri, 30 August 2013 11:55pm

    Getting down to your Redken Hairdresser and getting Redken Ready

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Sat, 31 August 2013 06:42pm

    Use a nourishing leave in conditioner to give you hair a bit of extra special pampering during the summer months.
    You will have glossy healthy locks in no time!

  • Posted by: AmberB Enthusiast // Sat, 31 August 2013 07:04pm

    Healthy eating and drinking plenty of clean water is the best way to make your hair (and skin) shine.

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Sun, 1 September 2013 12:25am

    Enhance your hair’s natural shine by applying argan oil while your hair is damp, it’s really quick and simple and I swear by the result!

  • Posted by: Jemma Schouten // Sun, 1 September 2013 08:49am

    Oils are not only the best for conditioning the face and body but also for our crowning glory! Using treatments with oils in them and utilizing the relaxing shower time to let them infuse, following with a leave in oil based treatment before blow drying. Beautiful shiny locks compliment a healthy glowing tan and a cute outfit for summer.

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Sun, 1 September 2013 02:09pm

    Cold rinses, hydrating masks, cold setting on hair dryer and eating heaps of essential fatty oils to primp hair from the inside out :)

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sun, 1 September 2013 07:15pm

    Use a nourishing hair oil,
    and twinkle like a diamond,
    use treatments, keep hair shiny,
    like shining moonlight on a pond.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sun, 1 September 2013 07:27pm

    It’s all about hair health,
    using products to nourish and shine,
    love to try the Diamond Oil range,
    this summer shiny hair will be mine.

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Sun, 1 September 2013 10:03pm

    After shampooing and conditioning your hair, follow with a cold rinse to close the hair cuticles and your hair will be glossy and shiny.

  • Posted by: Rachel Quah // Mon, 2 September 2013 01:18am

    Daily washing – and ditch the hair straightener! Thank God for asian hair!

  • Posted by: Penne Horkins // Mon, 2 September 2013 01:39pm

    Hopefully by winning this competition.
    Trust Redken products completely.
    This Dimond Oil sounds shine-tastic!

  • Posted by: Penne Horkins // Mon, 2 September 2013 01:43pm

    The usual – eat well, drink water and get early nights!…but sometimes my hair needs extra help and that’s where Diamond Oil steps up!

  • Posted by: thecatwhosawstars Master Fan // Mon, 2 September 2013 03:52pm

    When blow drying aim the hot air downwards to seal the hair shaft and allow light to reflect to the best of its ability making your hair shine.

  • Posted by: Sharon Gomes // Tue, 3 September 2013 07:50am

    Dilute a bit of vinegar in water and give your hair a final rise in it.. it does make a difference and shines. Its a routine for me now.

  • Posted by: Karina Kennedy // Tue, 3 September 2013 12:24pm

    Redken! it is the perfect treatment to keep hair in great condition

  • Posted by: Karina Kennedy // Tue, 3 September 2013 12:25pm

    Redken! its the perfect hair product to keep hair in amazing condition

  • Posted by: Jo Seed // Tue, 3 September 2013 12:43pm

    Back in the day, adding a dash of vinegar when rinsing really DID give your hair a shine. Not the most pleasant aroma! These days I use Redken Smooth!

  • Posted by: Ann Sculley // Tue, 3 September 2013 01:24pm

    Don’t overbrush your hair or brush while wet ,instead use a wide toothed comb which stops split ends (which make your hair look dull)

  • Posted by: Michelle McGurk // Tue, 3 September 2013 01:32pm

    run some lemon juice through when washing your hair

  • Posted by: didi // Tue, 3 September 2013 01:47pm

    A freezing cold water rinse straight after conditioning. A trick my hairdresser taught me a very long time ago.

  • Posted by: Ed // Tue, 3 September 2013 01:50pm

    There’s no tip or trick, it all comes down to great genes. And thankfully I’ve got them :)

  • Posted by: Wangman // Tue, 3 September 2013 01:54pm

    I’ve got this awesome diamond gloss spray, that you spray on after drying & it makes my hair shine faux radiant health!! Soz, can’t remember the name of it (it’s a home, and I’m not!!).

  • Posted by: Cathy Shiels // Tue, 3 September 2013 02:09pm

    I use redken glass, not sure if u can still buy it, but i still use it, its the best!

  • Posted by: Kelly Arndt // Tue, 3 September 2013 02:39pm

    Redken Diamond Oil! Or- Jerome Russell B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray, used on hair, body and clothing. Shine like a diamond ALL OVER!

  • Posted by: cath // Tue, 3 September 2013 02:43pm

    Eat plenty of protein organic is best,add moisture to follicles , omega 3 test,condition with protein nuts are fantastic, keeps hair shiny,strong , elastic.

  • Posted by: Lara Daebritz // Tue, 3 September 2013 02:48pm

    “Brush one hundred strokes every single day”
    Is what my wise grandma used to say!
    But times have changed, new products to try…
    Like REDKEN Diamond Oil which I now buy!

  • Posted by: Vikki // Tue, 3 September 2013 03:42pm

    Well my 85 Grandmother recommends rinsing with flat beer??

  • Posted by: Cath Harnish // Tue, 3 September 2013 07:30pm

    Always rinse your hair in cold water

  • Posted by: Karina Wong // Tue, 3 September 2013 11:04pm

    Condition it everyday!

  • Posted by: Jessica Carnio // Wed, 4 September 2013 09:30am

    Moroccan Oil

  • Posted by: Kara Baragwanath // Wed, 4 September 2013 11:28am

    Invest in the beautiful products for beautiful hair- your hair is a part of you! Use dry shampoo on the bad days, and never underestimate a leave in conditioner.

  • Posted by: sonia cattley // Wed, 4 September 2013 12:19pm

    jojoba oil overnight prior to shampooing. It makes the scalp shine and with it my hair shines too

  • Posted by: VICKI WILSON // Wed, 4 September 2013 12:55pm


  • Posted by: yehuda greenwald // Wed, 4 September 2013 02:40pm

    lets use your stuff

  • Posted by: Emma Cole // Wed, 4 September 2013 02:49pm

    Lots and Lots of Leave in conditioner as I swim a lot

  • Posted by: Judi Adams // Wed, 4 September 2013 05:07pm

    Redken Daimond Oil works treat, keeping my hair tidy and neat.

  • Posted by: PeppiB Newbie // Wed, 4 September 2013 09:35pm

    A final rinse with lemon
    Seems to work for me
    But your REDKIN diamond oil
    Would feel like luxury
    A wonderful sensation
    for hair transformation!

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Thu, 5 September 2013 12:19am

    Remember the 4 C’s
    Cut- regular trims
    Clarify- wash with good quality shampoo
    Condition – nourish your hair
    Cool- protect hair when using heat styling tools & from UV rays.

  • Posted by: renee hermansen // Thu, 5 September 2013 05:49am

    hopefully i can win this redkin diamond oil and I am sure my hair will shine bright like a diamond

  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Thu, 5 September 2013 10:01am

    It’s all in the maintenance!
    Sleep on a satin pillowcase, regular trims, eat healthy, stay hydrated and the war against bad hair you will win :)

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Thu, 5 September 2013 10:55am

    Eating healthy, using Redken products and ensuring that I get it trimmed regulary.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Thu, 5 September 2013 10:59am

    Applying Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine,
    will have my hair looking mighty fine,
    in just a matter of time.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Thu, 5 September 2013 11:02am

    Time and again making sure I use Redken.
    The Diamond Oil range strengthens and protects its perfect for my hair in every respect.

  • Posted by: Jessica Maloney // Thu, 5 September 2013 01:46pm

    Washing my hair as soon as I take off my helmet/finish roller derby training!

  • Posted by: Cassy McKenna // Thu, 5 September 2013 02:07pm

    Rinsing with vinegar! Sounds weird but it really works!

  • Posted by: suz99melb Newbie // Thu, 5 September 2013 05:25pm

    Basically I have a broken leg and can’t wash my hair easily, it takes someone to help me, life used to be so good

  • Posted by: sophie22 Supporter // Thu, 5 September 2013 07:41pm

    Use Redken Diamond Oil Hair Products to shine with a sparkle!

  • Posted by: sophie22 Supporter // Thu, 5 September 2013 07:43pm

    Use Redken Diamond Oil Products on your hair to have it shine like a bright star!

  • Posted by: Brenda kapsley // Thu, 5 September 2013 09:45pm

    moisturise daily as the sun and swimming can dry it out moisturiser will keep the shine happening

  • Posted by: Katrina Corbett // Fri, 6 September 2013 10:36am

    By putting serum in before I straighten my hair as well as after gets it looking so sleek and shinny.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Fri, 6 September 2013 10:43am

    Use moisturising masks ot ensure hair health and eat plenty of vegetables and nuts.

  • Posted by: Ginny // Fri, 6 September 2013 11:17am

    For shiny frizz-free hair, shower the night before, making sure to cold rinse and blow-drying your roots only on a cool setting!

  • Posted by: ckw1 Newbie // Fri, 6 September 2013 12:06pm

    I try to nourish my hair from the inside out with a healthy diet and lots of water. I also use a little almond oil thru the ends for extra shine.

  • Posted by: lynn mcmahon // Fri, 6 September 2013 12:18pm

    Using Redken diamond oil darling !!!!!!!

  • Posted by: monica beaton // Fri, 6 September 2013 01:25pm

    Great hair starts on the inside – I will attempt to drink all that water and eat all that fish that I know I need!

  • Posted by: Claire Mounsey // Fri, 6 September 2013 01:39pm

    You get out what you put in, only put the best things into your body and it will repay you.

  • Posted by: Elly chen // Fri, 6 September 2013 02:02pm

    Put glitter in it

  • Posted by: Rachel Watt // Fri, 6 September 2013 04:57pm

    After washing hair, rinse with cold water. It keeps it soft, supple and ensures your hair will shine bright like a diamond.

  • Posted by: Jasmine // Fri, 6 September 2013 07:26pm

    Throw glitter in your hair 😉

  • Posted by: fi // Fri, 6 September 2013 07:52pm

    Don’t wash your hair for a few days then when you’re ready to go out wash and shine!

  • Posted by: Charlotte // Fri, 6 September 2013 08:01pm

    A cold rinse after washing… It sounds frightening, especially in the Winter months, but it has become a staple in my hair washing routine. Something so quick, simple and surprisingly refreshing (I often feel like I’ve just come from a swim, not out of the shower!) makes such a huge difference to my hair. It’s softer and shinier, and everybody comments to ask what product I’ve used!

  • Posted by: Danu-1294300312 Enthusiast // Fri, 6 September 2013 09:16pm

    Use a mask once a week

  • Posted by: Rachel-1302605880 Enthusiast // Sat, 7 September 2013 03:44am

    Invest in a boar bristle brush. Boar bristles smooth hair and aid in distributing natural oils, whereas plastic can break and damage hair.

  • Posted by: Haley Richardson // Sat, 7 September 2013 01:19pm

    Coconut oil makes it super silky smooth and its moisturising and repairing at the same time.

  • Posted by: Littlewinglou Enthusiast // Sat, 7 September 2013 02:24pm

    Sleep in a hair mask ladies! It’s like little diamond elves have come in while you’re asleep to bedazzle your hair!

  • Posted by: Netred13 Newbie // Sat, 7 September 2013 11:24pm

    To get my hair to shine like a diamond this summer is to use REDKIN diamond oil.

  • Posted by: SHARON W // Sun, 8 September 2013 12:33pm

    Using the hairdryer and straightner sparingly and when using them including a great oil for thermal assistance

  • Posted by: Caitlin Carroll // Sun, 8 September 2013 03:45pm

    to use redken diamond oil products if i had them :)

  • Posted by: Jaclyn Tobin // Sun, 8 September 2013 06:18pm

    My never fail trick is to use a serum before straightening with an ionic straightener. You get seriously shocking hair model shine!

  • Posted by: Karina // Sun, 8 September 2013 08:33pm

    hair doesn’t like too much sun! lost of leave in conditioner

  • Posted by: Georgia White // Mon, 9 September 2013 03:40am

    The magic of natural medicines – Silica defeated the damage of prolonged heavy duty bleaching, giving me strong, long locks in a matter of weeks.

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Mon, 9 September 2013 05:44pm

    Someone once told me to do your final hair rinse with beer…. And no, they weren’t intoxicated!

  • Posted by: rachel-1317888313 Newbie // Mon, 9 September 2013 05:44pm

    drink plenty of water and eat heaps of greek yoghurt…alternatively you can use the diamond oil process!

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Mon, 9 September 2013 05:49pm

    I wonder who the winners were :)

  • Posted by: maggie Newbie // Mon, 9 September 2013 07:18pm

    Redken Diamond range is a girls best friend,unruly ,frizzy hair be gone ,I’ll be using Redken

  • Posted by: sweetbell Enthusiast // Mon, 9 September 2013 08:24pm

    The best hair tip I’ve received is to put a little palm full of castor oil into wet, damp hair and then your treatment and wow watch your hair shine like a thousand diamonds this summer.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Mon, 9 September 2013 11:14pm

    Definitely drink lots of water and always use conditioner after shampoo to improve the health of hair!

  • Posted by: Michelle Ward // Mon, 9 September 2013 11:25pm

    My three year old sings ‘shines bright like a diamond ohh’. In combination with Redken, I think I’m on a winner!

  • Posted by: Michelle Ward // Mon, 9 September 2013 11:25pm

    My three year old sings ‘shines bright like a diamond ohh’. In combination with Redken, I think I’m on a winner!

  • Posted by: Miss Makeup Master Fan // Tue, 10 September 2013 09:32am

    My hair is so hard to manage and especially after this winter. I have tried everything, I would love to give these products a go!

  • Posted by: lisalionheart Newbie // Tue, 10 September 2013 10:26am

    listen to Rihanna

  • Posted by: TLOVELAI Enthusiast // Tue, 10 September 2013 11:32am


  • Posted by: Bronnj Supporter // Tue, 10 September 2013 12:32pm

    Eat lots of healthy fats like salmon, avocado and coconut milk! And regular cuts to get rid of the frizzy dead stuff at the ends :)

  • Posted by: canberra Master Fan // Tue, 10 September 2013 01:27pm

    using a heat protector prior to styling – saves your hair from burning off!

  • Posted by: sierralol Newbie // Thu, 12 September 2013 08:54am

    I add a pump of argan oil and blow dry my hair with a simple boar-bristle brush, works everytime!

  • Posted by: Beautybabe1 Master Fan // Thu, 12 September 2013 10:10am

    My best tip is to do weekly hair treatments and always use heat protection products to improve hair health.

  • Posted by: denise macfarlane // Thu, 12 September 2013 01:12pm

    Drink lots of water – so much water you feel like you a waterfall.

  • Posted by: laurenb Enthusiast // Thu, 12 September 2013 01:45pm

    Regular treatments, a glossy new colour and some shine spray!

  • Posted by: Fong Truong // Thu, 12 September 2013 02:17pm

    I usually rinse my hair with beer.

  • Posted by: Sudi Gowen // Fri, 13 September 2013 11:09am

    Get regular hair trims and conditioning treatments so that you keep the split ends at bay!

  • Posted by: brinsley Master Fan // Fri, 13 September 2013 11:10am

    My nana told me to use a really good brush and give my head a 100 brush count before bed every night … and it works!

  • Posted by: Kate Stalker // Fri, 13 September 2013 11:41am

    Rinse after swimming and keep hair moist with a once a week hair mask of olive oil and egg yolk

  • Posted by: Andrea Nielsen // Fri, 13 September 2013 12:58pm

    A good brush before and after washing and conditioning along with letting my hair dry naturally always keeps it sparkling.

  • Posted by: Candice // Fri, 13 September 2013 12:59pm

    Mix warm honey and coconut oil in a mug then crack an egg in the mug mix it up put it in your hair then wrap your hair in a towel for 30 minutes and wash out, it’s amazing for shine and strength!

  • Posted by: aocal Supporter // Fri, 13 September 2013 01:15pm

    Treat you hair like you would your skin and look after it in the sun

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 14 September 2013 01:34pm

    Eating a balanced diet packed full with salmon, walnuts, spinich and blueberries improve the health of my luscious locks!

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sat, 14 September 2013 01:36pm

    Apply hair products such as conditioner and serum to the ends of hair to help boost their natural shine and lustre!

  • Posted by: violetflower61230 Enthusiast // Sat, 14 September 2013 11:59pm

    Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair otherwise it will weigh your hair down and it will become oily. Also after showering finish with a blast of cold water.

  • Posted by: Alison Henderson // Sun, 15 September 2013 07:33pm

    Living in the South Australian outback, the sun does all the work (at a cost though).

  • Posted by: tashana purkis // Sun, 15 September 2013 08:06pm

    use diamond oil it really does work

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Mon, 16 September 2013 01:30pm

    Healthy foods and good quality hair products like the Redken diamond oil range.

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan // Mon, 16 September 2013 09:15pm

    Give your hair a rinse under cold water for hair that shines bright like a diamond!

  • Posted by: Chloe // Mon, 16 September 2013 10:28pm

    Head to the kitchen and pick up a bottle of coconut oil and TADAAA!! shiny hair

  • Posted by: Railea-1297474615 Supporter // Tue, 17 September 2013 08:18am

    Keep it hydrated and not dry out in our hot summer sun.

  • Posted by: Renee Burns // Tue, 17 September 2013 03:23pm

    Use a weekly deep conditioner mask to help hair remain strong under the harsh Australian weather.

  • Posted by: Christine Nguyen // Wed, 18 September 2013 12:46am

    Make sure my face isn’t too oily to distract the shine of my hair

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Wed, 18 September 2013 04:55pm

    Regular trims, nourishing food and using the Diamond Oil hair care range will leave you with glossy diamond locks.

  • Posted by: Michella // Thu, 19 September 2013 11:00am

    Aloe vera or coconut oil mask, shampoo, apple cider vinegar rinse, and hair oil to finish. Eat lots of food loaded with protein too!

  • Posted by: Kirsten Jenkinson // Thu, 19 September 2013 01:31pm

    My best tip for shine bright like a diamond hair is always a great blow dry!! : )

  • Posted by: Marija Zeko // Thu, 19 September 2013 01:34pm

    Nothing beats a healthy diet and an intensive oil mask once a week incorporating coconut, rosemary and tea tree oil to strengthen the scalp and hair!

  • Posted by: Kirsten Jenkinson // Thu, 19 September 2013 01:36pm

    Shining bright hair is always thanks to a great blow dry!! : )

  • Posted by: Steph M // Thu, 19 September 2013 01:49pm

    spraying it with a UV filter before going out in the sun, to keep it dark, shiny and undamaged

  • Posted by: lauren foley // Thu, 19 September 2013 02:43pm

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet as well as using quality hair shine products.

  • Posted by: xdarkdreamsx Enthusiast // Fri, 20 September 2013 03:29am

    Apply leave-in oil treatment to damp hair. Blow-dry and finish with a shine spray. Dust a hint of body shimmer to hair – it will shine like a diamond in the sun or moonlight!

  • Posted by: donnaallen07 Newbie // Fri, 20 September 2013 01:41pm

    I still love to Flip my hair over for a blow dry then finish with a great oil for shine and protection

  • Posted by: tamika hamilton // Sat, 21 September 2013 02:35am

    Well, my nana always told me to eat those salmon and avocado bagel. I always go for extra moisturising in the summer. Eat well and be free and you’ll shine from the inside to the out.

  • Posted by: Holly wells // Sat, 21 September 2013 12:07pm

    Book yourself in for a trim and use argan oil to smooth and strengthen the length of your hair

  • Posted by: Ruby Radeley // Sat, 21 September 2013 06:07pm

    1 spoon of sunlight rays
    Half a cup of glass
    a couple of stars
    some sprinkled moon

  • Posted by: Kimmo Newbie // Sat, 21 September 2013 11:12pm

    Use a good product like Redkens Diamond Oil

  • Posted by: Helen Gray // Sun, 22 September 2013 12:35pm

    Using regular treatments and investing in the new Diamond oil range from Redken.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 22 September 2013 02:59pm

    is this competition still open?

  • Posted by: Berenice Lawrence // Mon, 23 September 2013 12:21pm

    Always finish your washing routine with a blast of cold water!

  • Posted by: Stacey Berting // Mon, 23 September 2013 03:44pm

    My best tip is to only wash your hair every second day; the natural oils tame frizz; keeping your locks shining bright like a diamond.

  • Posted by: Jen White // Tue, 24 September 2013 07:00am

    A quality oil treatment for nourishment like this one from Redken will have it looking a million dollars!

  • Posted by: karleymichelle Enthusiast // Tue, 24 September 2013 08:33am

    Crystal clear & sparkles in the sun. Refresh your scalp with cold water! It’s chilly, but you can shake it off & shine bright like a diamond.

  • Posted by: Melanie // Tue, 24 September 2013 08:47am

    My best tip for silky beautiful hair is coconut oil, use it as a mask mixed with banana or avocado then wash out and shampoo then use a tiny amount and work through damp hair then either blow dry or let the air dry it whilst in a bun for natural curls.

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan // Wed, 25 September 2013 09:07pm

    Pamper and protect! Witness no signs of dryness and damage with a tremendous treatment that will lustre up your locks!

  • Posted by: Lauren-1339916162 Master Fan // Thu, 26 September 2013 09:49am

    An avocado mask of mashed avocado straight onto dry hair every few weeks. Spread it through your hair and cover. Sit and relax for about half an hour and wash out. The oil in the avo replenishes and nourishes hair, making it shine

  • Posted by: zebaniee Newbie // Thu, 26 September 2013 11:36am

    Stick my head in a bucket of glitter. You didn’t think I was serious did ya?

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Thu, 26 September 2013 11:42am

    Deep Facets Mask , diamond oil and add some blinging hair jewellry.

  • Posted by: hendoo Supporter // Thu, 26 September 2013 01:59pm

    Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables, it’s like the old saying – we are what we eat!

  • Posted by: myff // Thu, 26 September 2013 02:20pm

    Quit heated appliances & slather hair with coconut oil and shampoo it out next day also coconut oil as serum .

  • Posted by: Victoria Serdyuk // Thu, 26 September 2013 03:46pm

    I do coconut oil hair masks every week! Leave it in for the whole night and wash off in the morning – amazing!

  • Posted by: valerie appleyard // Thu, 26 September 2013 04:21pm

    Using Redken Diamond Oil products regularly and keeping a healthy diet ,drinking plenty of water,my hair
    will shine brilliantly like a diamond this summer.

  • Posted by: Anna C // Thu, 26 September 2013 05:00pm

    Maintaining a healthy well balanced diet and staying away from harsh hair products like hair dyes and bleaching for naturally shiny healthy hair

  • Posted by: Jessica Thomas // Thu, 26 September 2013 11:36pm

    Keep your hair hydrated and refreshed using the amazing redken range!
    Making sure you use a heat protector to save your hair from that bright sun!!

  • Posted by: Hayley Eshman // Fri, 27 September 2013 05:08pm

    A really amazing hairdresser!

  • Posted by: nadia Master Fan // Sat, 28 September 2013 09:24am

    I like to apply a treatment and wrap my hair in a warm towel to really infuse the goodness into my hair for super shine.

  • Posted by: Melicia Mah // Sat, 28 September 2013 11:43pm

    Condition and hair mask a couple times a week. Eat lots of eggs and protein to keep your hair string and shiny!

  • Posted by: Jessica Jacobson // Mon, 30 September 2013 05:48pm

    Egg white. Not in your tummy- on your hair!

  • Posted by: Kristy Rogers // Mon, 30 September 2013 08:29pm

    If your going to the beach put a conditioning treatment in your hair and tie it up. Protects hair from the sun and salt.

  • Posted by: janetta walker // Tue, 1 October 2013 04:13pm

    I leave macadamia oil in my hair for 30 minutes feels so good afterwards

  • Posted by: Elizabeth Moss // Thu, 3 October 2013 01:58pm

    Luxurious Redken Diamond Oil will put a beautiful diamond gloss to my hair creating a look that is worth millions!

  • Posted by: attunga Newbie // Thu, 3 October 2013 03:27pm

    Redken Diamond Oil for hair that shines like a diamond and looks a million dollars.

  • Posted by: shaunkun Supporter // Fri, 4 October 2013 11:01am

    Always make sure your hair is clean and give heat on the dryer a rest

  • Posted by: sara driscoll // Fri, 4 October 2013 07:23pm

    Using redkin blonde glam shampoo and conditioner. Finished with all soft Argan -6 oil…works beautifully.

  • Posted by: Ashleigh Coskerie // Sat, 5 October 2013 07:45pm

    Great moisture home tip I use is a egg yolk and olive oil mixture, apply to dry hair then wrap head in gladwrap for 30 mins then rinse!

  • Posted by: Ashc Newbie // Sat, 5 October 2013 07:48pm

    Great moisture home tip I use is a egg yolk and olive oil mixture, apply to dry hair then wrap head in gladwrap for 30 mins then rinse!

  • Posted by: Tangy Supporter // Sun, 6 October 2013 10:28pm

    Wash and condition with Redken All Soft
    Adds shine, keeps hair aloft.
    Finish with All Soft Argan 6
    Or All Soft Heavy Cream, hair-loving mix.

  • Posted by: Ruby // Mon, 7 October 2013 11:24am

    To wash it everyday and use REDKEN DIAMOND OIL

  • Posted by: JESSTOS Newbie // Mon, 7 October 2013 09:32pm

    A fresh solid colour is my absolute fave solution to getting a glossy shine on my hair. There’s nothing better than freshly done hair!

  • Posted by: Christina Hatzis // Mon, 7 October 2013 11:48pm

    Eat lots of greens and ‘carats’ for healthy insides, together with regular cuts, your outsides will glow and your hair will sparkle and shine.

  • Posted by: Christina Hatzis // Mon, 7 October 2013 11:51pm

    Eat lots of greens and ‘carats’ for healthy insides, get regular ‘cuts’ and your outsides will glow and hair will sparkle every time.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Tue, 8 October 2013 06:57pm

    congrats ladies :)

  • Posted by: Britty1 Master Fan // Fri, 18 October 2013 02:02pm

    drattttttts!!! would have loved to enter and win this!! amaZing prize!!

  • Posted by: phil holt // Thu, 13 February 2014 01:06pm

    use a good quality shampoo & conditioner

  • Posted by: alanakateh Master Fan // Fri, 21 February 2014 09:27pm


  • Posted by: Elise Miller // Sun, 27 April 2014 02:19pm

    My dry hair needs you!!! Got to get my hands on these products. Another great range from Red


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