NEWS DESK: Video: Liv Tyler is Pantene’s mane attraction. Again.

Tue, 4 October 2011 11:52AM

THE GREAT NEWS: Liv Tyler has been named as the newest face of Pantene hair products, so we’re bound to see her fabulous brunette mop gracing our screens and magazines very soon.

THE EVEN GREATER NEWS: Said news reminded us of Liv Tyler’s Pantene advert from the ‘90s, which, as you’d assume, is outrageously hair-larious. (That’s right – she was a Pantene chick donkey years ago, too.)

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US:  We can spend our first day back at work after the long weekend watching a behind the scenes vid of Liv Tyler’s new commercial (yep, she’s making a new one, too), as well as the old school clip. Yippee!




Wowzers. That is gold, Primps. Absolute gold.

And is it just me, or has Liv Tyler become more attractive with age? I know her hair is as fantastic and shiny and bouncy as it’s always been, but her face is just stunning. And those blue eyes – don’t get me started. They are incredible.

Here’s some pictorial evidence just to reinforce her gorgeousness:

Liv Tyler; New face of Pantene.

Yep, it’s official: I’ll buy any Pantene product she pushes if I can have hair like that. Truly I will.


Are you happy to hear Liv Tyler is the celeb face of Pantene (again)?
Did you enjoy the behind the scenes clip?
What about her ‘90s commercial? Did it make you giggle too?


The newbie vid:

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  • Posted by: tegania11 Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 12:32pm

    i do not like pantene. and as much as I love Liv, a celebrity cannot push a awful product on me, no matter how much i love her!

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 12:51pm

    i like her lip colour in that last pic… but like tegania11 i dont like pantene (except their hairspray..) and i also dont like the red/orange streaks in her hair.. :S

  • Posted by: zoeeangelaa Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 02:09pm

    I don’t use Pantene but Liv’s hair in the first video is gorgeous, wish my hair would stay like that all day, maybe I need a team of hairstylists to follow me around :)

  • Posted by: Sarah // Tue, 4 October 2011 02:41pm

    Love, love, love Liv, hate Pantene. Like, tegania11 said, a celebrity endorsement will not get me to buy such an awful product like Pantene, unlike some…

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 02:55pm

    Every hairdresser I’ve ever talked to bagged out Pantene, saying it’s terrible for my hair. But I have found that their curl mousse works well for me as does their conditioner (and not many conditioners can get through my knots when shampooing). I think Liv is gorgeous but I really don’t believe she would personally use Pantene.

  • Posted by: Becca Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 04:22pm

    I am not surprised, she has great hair!

    I’m not a a Pantene fan either, just don’t like their products.

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Tue, 4 October 2011 06:36pm

    Liv Tyler is gorgeous (and I love that punchy pink lip) but unfortunately, I’m not a Pantene fan. For the first wash, my hair feels pretty good. But after that, my hair condition just deteriorates :(

  • Posted by: freshfaced Supporter // Tue, 4 October 2011 06:44pm

    I don’t understand what all the bad press about Pantene is related too. Is it something to do with the silica in their products?
    I dont use Pantene just what ever mum buys just im just curious

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Wed, 5 October 2011 10:41am

    Liv has great hair so I think she’s a good choice for Pantene.

  • Posted by: SydneyRose Master Fan // Wed, 5 October 2011 07:18pm

    I like both ads. Liv Tyler is so beautiful and her shiny hair is amazing.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Wed, 5 October 2011 08:02pm

    Liv Tyler looks stunning in both videos!

  • Posted by: looksrdeceiving Master Fan // Wed, 5 October 2011 08:22pm

    good to hear that Liv is promoting Pantene,,but I am not a fan of Pantene prodz either.

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Thu, 6 October 2011 03:52am

    shes gorgeous, looks better now than when she was younger lol.
    i dont like pantene either :(

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Thu, 6 October 2011 11:49am

    i love… no adore in an obsessed way, liv tyler, ever since i saw her in the lord of the rings movies.shes just gorgeous, inside and out, so she is totally right for the pantene ads, cos that is on shiny, perfect mane of hair she has

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan // Wed, 12 October 2011 07:23pm

    iam actually a fa of pantene, its the only shampoo that really laters into the hair and smells great for like 3 days after a wash…

  • Posted by: miranda Devotee // Thu, 13 October 2011 01:22pm

    Pantene has such a bad rep. I find it’s mostly because of the silicone thing. But (apparently, no confirmation of this from a scientist) “Dimethicone” on an ingredients label is referring to silicone. If you look at nearly any shampoo or conditioner, you’ll find dimethicone in it – pantene, garnier, de lorenzo, aveda…
    I think it would be helpful for one of the PRIMPED girls to do a post on silicone in shampoo, and bust any myths that are surrounding these prodz.

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Fri, 14 October 2011 04:59pm

    tee he he so funny!

    she looks a lot like megan gale in the first video, and she has a killer bod too! not to mention lovely shiny hair!

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan // Mon, 17 October 2011 11:53pm

    I love Pantene even if it is a sin!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Tue, 9 July 2013 02:24pm

    I have to be honest and say I did not know Liv was the face of Pantene. I am glad she has the gig again.

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Wed, 2 March 2016 08:47pm

    I’m not really a fan of pantene but I love Liv Tyler!

  • Posted by: Ellie585 Master Fan // Thu, 3 March 2016 08:31pm

    Her hair is amazing!


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