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How to stop summer from ruining your hair

Tue, 29 November 2016 4:58PM


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Sun, surf, sand, pool, repeat. That’s the mantra of summer and yes, it’s FAB and yes, I can’t wait to leave the office (love my job guys but HELLO pina coladas at sunset) for holidays – but there’s a dark side to summer. Well there’s actually a few – skin damage, which we’ve talked about over here, which is more on the serious side of things. But also? DUMB HAIR.

Hair just goes bloody NUTS in summer, doesn’t it? Even if you’re not a regular beach goer or swimmer, you’re still looking at 3 months of sun-fried, frizzy mess unless you know how to control it. We chatted to internationally acclaimed hairdresser Wendy Iles (who definitely knows her stuff) about how to protect hair from summers biggest damage culprits.



Iles Formula Finishing Serum, $72

UV. It’s a thing, not just when it comes to skin. Yes, we all know UV damage = potential skin cancer, premature ageing, and sunburn. But UV can also be havoc for those strands that grow out of your head. “UV dries out hair – that’s all hair types,” says Wendy. “And if you colour your hair? UV, especially in Australia, will fade it significantly.” The solution is wearing a UV filter. “It protects the hair from the suns rays in a similar way to how sunscreen protects skin,” explains Wendy. Look for hair serums with an inbuilt UV filter – most list it on the product packaging. Apply after washing hair while it’s damp, then style as usual. Ideally, you want to be adding the UV filter daily to your hair, so one that can be used on wet or dry hair is perfect.



Klorane Leave-In Cream With Desert Date, $19.99

“Salt water will always, always dry your hair out,” stresses Wendy. Like, every time you swim, guys – which means in summer, you’re facing some seriously straw-like strands if you’re not careful. “For sea water protection, conditioner is key,” says Wendy. “Add some to your hair before getting it wet in the ocean, so it’s coated.” Wendy suggests either your regular conditioner, or a leave-in version for this. “It’s also a good idea to tie your hair up before going for a swim, or wearing a bathing cap.” Finally, you should always rinse your sea-drenched hair with fresh water after a swim – yep, letting it dry au naturel to get those coveted beach waves might look amazing, but you’ll kick yourself at the end of summer when your hair is a birds nest!



Edward Beale Intense Repair Intensive Leave In Treatment, $11.99

Ah, chlorine. Maybe you don’t live near a beach, or prefer your water-baby-days not to involve sand. Whatever the reason you hit the pool, chlorine is crazy levels of drying, and can also alter your hair colour. “Like sea water, putting on conditioner before getting into the water will protect it,” says Wendy. This is especially important for blondes – your hair won’t just dry out with excessive chlorine exposure, it’ll actually go GREEN. “Ideally, you want to keep hair out of the water – if you are just going for a quick swim, try tying your hair up and not wetting it,” suggests Wendy. Super protective leave in serums can work in place of conditioner in this instance, too.



KMS California Anti-Humidity Seal, $31.95

Summer air is often humid air – and that means FRIZZ. Forget ’tis the season to be jolly because no one is jolly when their carefully prepped hairstyle turns into a limp mess. More like, ’tis the season to use anti-humidity products. “Don’t just apply an anti-humidity serum before blow-drying during summer,” says Wendy. “Add some after as well to give extra protection from the elements.” It’s also a great time to give that cool shot button on your hairdryer a workout. Just zap hair with some cold hair after you finish your heat styling, to seal the hair shaft – you’ll find you end up with less frizz because less moisture can get into your strands.


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  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 2 February 2017 12:36pm

    Excellent tips to protect hair in the summer months. Hair protection products and treatments are good to use.

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Mon, 13 February 2017 10:12pm

    I use a hair treatment mask at least once a week to protect my strands

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