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How to: Get Regrowth Right

Mon, 2 July 2012 3:58PM

I blame SJP.

Back in her Sex and the City heyday, she encouraged regrowth out of the closet, championing dark roots and light mid-lengths-to-ends as acceptable, inspirational and eventually, enviable.

With whiplash speed, naturally dark females everywhere were scribbling out their diary appointments at the salon and quite literally, getting back to their roots.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hair

Finally, there was a Carrie trend that was far more doable than wearing Mr. Big’s business shirt as a dress or a corsage the size of a Chihuahua on ones lapel.

These days, the trend has faded slightly. Replaced by two-toned hair à la Nicole Ritchie – the line between good and bad regrowth is no longer black and white.

Or blonde and brunette for that matter.

So I asked Belinda Jeffrey – who nails the colour of Sarah Murdoch, Rose Byrne, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Hawkins, every time – just how to get regrowth right.

Just an inch at a pinch:
“I feel an inch is generally acceptable and actually can look quite like it’s meant to be there,” Belinda says of on-trend roots. “I think this looks fine and regrowth can be maintained around six to eight weeks.”

Don’t break the colour code:
“If you are going really light or platinum on the lengths and ends, this will need to be maintained every four to five weeks and same goes with disguising grey roots!” she says, to avoid grey roots simply looking dirty and dull rather than directional.

“Reds and rich browns, caramels and chocolate browns lengths and ends can look cool and on-trend with slight regrowth and gives the hair a nice variation in tone.” Maintenance of the roots is also not as frequent as the contrast is not as drastic.

Tone it up. But not too loud:
“Whatever colour you go on the lengths, you wouldn’t want the roots to be more than four shades deeper,” explains Belinda.

Slow the whoah factor?
You can’t slow down the natural growth of your hair, says Belinda, but there are tricks to disguise:

  • Dry shampoo will fill in and dust over the roots and regrowth and work as camouflage short-term.
  • Hair colour crayons, which are like a makeup pencil in different shades, are great to draw into the regrowth and great for blending and disguising grey.
  • Another trick is changing your parting, as people tend to have more grey areas on one side.

Try: Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch up, $12.59, 1800 028 280

Wash and wear it well:
To help disguise roots, Belinda suggests washing the hair as dirt and excess scalp oil can give the hair a darker appearance.

What about you, Primpettes? Do you use a root touch-up product?

Or do you embrace the regrowth?

ecb x

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  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Tue, 3 July 2012 11:49am

    touch up are definitely essential. But sometimes i use the wash out versions that come in convenient little sticks which last long enough until my next visit

  • Posted by: Rebecca-1314689428 Enthusiast // Tue, 3 July 2012 01:18pm

    I have light-medium brown hair and I was blonde for a few years, but I kept getting in trouble from my hairdresser for having too much regrowth. I’ve since switched to an auburn semi and the maintenance is so much easier!

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Wed, 4 July 2012 02:08pm

    I don’t colour my hair at the moment so this isn’t an issue. Personally I don’t mind some regrowth, I think it can add interest.

  • Posted by: Hayley // Wed, 4 July 2012 03:48pm

    I have blonde hair and I find dry shampoo is great to get through those last few weeks before my hair appointment!

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan // Sun, 8 July 2012 01:11am

    My hair isn’t too bright at the moment, so this isn’t really a concern, but I do love the regrowth touch ups…they make it a bit easier to go between appointments!

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Tue, 11 September 2012 01:48pm

    I’m going to give the Root Touch-Up a try cos I always have that problem with the regrowth. I hate it. I also want to try the 1000 Hour Hair Mascara, that would be great to have on hand.

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:14am

    Ive never used a root touch up product. I dye my hair that often and different colours i just never notice regrowth. I need to stop that though.
    Ive tried nice and easy dyes in the past and they work well.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 12 May 2013 06:30pm

    i dont dye my hair :)

  • Posted by: aliasam47 Master Fan // Tue, 6 August 2013 03:36pm

    I read part of that wrong “and the same goes with disgusting grey roots” haha.
    Have never done my own touch ups, and I don’t keep up with the 6 week rule, ever!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 20 November 2013 09:10pm

    I would be broke if I dyed my hair every time I spot regrowth, my hair grows quickly.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 23 June 2014 05:44pm

    I should try Nice N Easy Root Touch up, its one dye I have not tried before.

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