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How to: Get a Super-Long, Super-Sleek Ponytail in Seconds

Fri, 11 January 2013 4:40PM

Like one might fantasise of an island holiday, I often dream of having longer, thicker hair so that I could play with it with it a little more. The extent to which I can experiment with my soft, baby-fine hair is a donut bun. And even then I’m struggling to get the ends around the donut.

First world problems, clearly. But if I could add to my list of hair woes, it would be that it takes ages to grow. I got it cut into an almost-bob back in August, and it’s still only just creeping past my shoulders.

On the red carpet recently there have been a few instances in which the celebrities are wearing a hairpiece, but I loved how the ponytail could instantly transform their total style.

Remember this snap of Jessica Alba, complete with the side braid?

I was lucky enough to try a Headlines Hairpiece, from $181, of which Hilary Duff and Ricki-Lee Coulter are fans, and which were also used during NYFW at the Christopher Esber and ELLERY shows. Made to order, my hair was matched to a particular shade: a few weeks later, along came a hairpiece. That’s when I decided to try a sleek side-parted, side ponytail à la Jessica (minus the side braid because I don’t have enough hair. Sob.).

  • Begin with ‘second-day hair’ and add dry shampoo at the roots to soak up any excess oil and give your hair a little grit and texture at the same time.

  • Grab a tail comb and create a side part (as seen above) roughly in line with the highest natural arch of your eyebrow. Note: your side part will be on the opposite side to your ponytail.

  • Take small sections of hair at the crown and backcomb for extra volume and height. You should aim to get your hair to stand up as much as possible (like the crazy hair I have above!). Then use a paddle brush to smooth over the surface.

  • Pull your hair over to the side behind your ear so it sits against the nape of your neck and secure with a hair elastic.

  • Grab your hairpiece and press it over the base of the ponytail and ensure it is clipped in properly. Pick up a piece of your own hair, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the elastic. Tuck it behind the base and add bobby pins to hold it in place.

Here’s the finished product:

Tell me, Primpers, have you ever tried a clip-in ponytail?

If so, what styles do you wear?

Hayley x

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  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Sat, 12 January 2013 01:30pm

    Never tried it before. I love the look though. It looks very boho and summery.

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Sun, 13 January 2013 07:15am

    I really like this look.
    I have never tried a clip in hair piece before, having naturally red hair does make it hard to match.

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Mon, 14 January 2013 11:15am

    I have fine hair like you Hayley, and I’ve used clip in hair pieces before.
    If you can get a great hair colour match, they can be awesome!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Mon, 14 January 2013 11:25am

    Have never tried clip on hair. But so love this style, The side braid is so cute too! Going to try this one out!

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Wed, 16 January 2013 02:04pm

    no i havent tried a hair piece but ilove the sound of it and your finished product, will go to priceline for a browse :)

  • Posted by: GorgeousEmeralds Master Fan // Wed, 23 January 2013 09:11pm

    I have never tried it before though it does look great on you. but sadly I have a irregular shade of dark strawberry blonde which no company can seem to match that well.

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan // Mon, 8 April 2013 07:11pm

    Love it! It looks so simple yet super chic :)

  • Posted by: connor 777 Master Fan // Sun, 19 May 2013 12:06am

    Oh that looks so good and easy thanks

  • Posted by: aliasam47 Master Fan // Tue, 6 August 2013 01:53pm

    That looks so pretty!

  • Posted by: Kate // Sun, 22 December 2013 10:43pm

    Omg, I love that long side ponytail look. I’m going to stop in at the new Dazzle Strands kiosk in the city (Melbs) and have a look!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 7 May 2015 08:37pm

    This is a pretty pony, my daughter would look great with this style.

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