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Hey primpers,
I have pale skin and I'd really like to have a bit of colour as I'm sure many of us would agree that even a subtle tan makes everyone look radiant + healthy. I have spray tanned in the past and I love the healthy glow I get, yet a week later when the tan fades away so does my confidence :(. I've thought about just tanning in the sun as it's a lot easier, cheaper and less messy, however I worry about premature ageing & skin cancer. I've also considered going to a solarium, as I've seen so many of my friends who have that AMAZING-I've-just-been-to-the-bahamas-tan, but I can't help but worry about the risks as solarium tanning is said to have horrible consequences. So now I have no idea what to do, I would love to keep spray tanning weekly but it's very costly and a nuisance.

I was wondering if any primpers are in the same situation as me? How do you maintain your faux glow? If you are a frequent visitor of the solarium or you regularly sun tan, are you worried about the potential risks/health problems?

Thanks xo

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  • I worked with a young woman who liked to visit the solarium she had beautiful skin and was 21. I was away on leave for 6 weeks (she visited the solarium regularly during this time) when I came back to work I could hardly believe it, she looked like she was 5 years older and I'm not exagerating. She finally saw the light when I showed her a photo that was taken 6 months previously at our xmas party and then took a pic after I came back from hols. She was horrified that she hadn't noticed the damage as it crept up on her. So do yourself a favour stick to the 'faux tan'...or you could just embrace the pale you!


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  • NO,NO,NO....NO solarium or sun.Seriously,just get yourself some great gradual tan (for paler skin,i can definitely recommend either Palmers or St.Tropez. It is a lot cheaper,healthier and convenient than any other ideas.I cannot stress enough how SINISTER our sun is,and did you never see the ads and 60 MINUTES piece with that young 20 something girl who DIED from solarium use ? It was heartbreaking.Give the gradual tanners a go,and maybe get a spray once a month or so as a treat instead.

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  • Beautyaddict what about trying a product like Dove's Summer Glow. You apply it daily like a moisturiser and it gradually builds up your tan and so you maintain your colour without all the hassle and mess of a full strength fake tanner.

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  • just use a gradual tanner- its so much easier and quicker and cheaper and HEALTHIER! there are so many available atm, you can pick one perfect for your skintone!

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    30-01-12, 09:51 PM

  • Embace your beautiful pale skin! I am not naturally pale so when I don't have a bit of colour I look a little sick but girls with naturally pale skin look beautiful and glowy. Just look at Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman. I know girls who still bake themselves silly with oil in the sun and all I can think about is how leathery they will look in 10 years.


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  • Thanks everyone for your feedback and advice :). Solarium & sun tanning is definitely a no-no!

    I will definitely be trying gradual tanners instead. @andee- I would love to embrace my pale skin, but to be honest I'm really insecure about it. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes which accentuates the pale/dark contrast even more. I feel as though I would if I had Cate Blanchett/ Nicole Kidman's colouring (lighter hair and eyes). Some people have also said that I'd look better with a tan.

    The thing I don't understand though is that I see those who are naturally tanned still sun tanning to maintain/deepen their colour. Do they still get sun damage/leathery skin? Also, this may be a really silly question but you know how everyone is supposed to get some sun exposure daily for vitamin D? Does that mean sun exposure with or without sunscreen?

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  • *are

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  • Beautyaddict....WITH,DEFINITELY WITH.You really only need about 10 minutes sun exposure to get your required Vit D a day.And YOU BET THOSE DARKER SKINNED GIRLS GET SUN DAMAGE /LEATHER SKIN / SKIN CANCER..... they just take a few minutes longer to get that damage,as their melanin levels (the pigment which colours the skin and provides some sun protection ) are higher than us "Norwegian " sort.Damage occurs when the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin break (which age,sun weight loss / gain does ) and they don,t repair (hence the creepy ,leathery skin ),and the leathery colour the skin goes when tan is the skin trying desperately to produce more melanin to protect itself from the sun,which in turn causes the immune system to churn out cells to fight this attack on it.....those cells can then become damaged and their DNA to alter causing......CANCER.DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT ?

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  • PS:NO CREAM,LOTION,POTION,DRUG OR TREATMENT WILL REVERSE THIS WHOLE PROCESS (DESPITE WHAT COSMETIC COMPANIES WILL CLAIM ).I know it,s not very glam,exotic or pretty,but sunscreen is the best anti ageing product known to man (that and water ),the rest just feels / smells nice and holds what moisture is alresdy there...NOT ADD TO IT.

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    31-01-12, 09:17 PM

  • To get Vitamin D you need some sun exposure without sunscreen, but generally this can be achieved with an exposed arm/leg (so you can limit the damage on your face). This should be done for about 30mins outside the hours of 10am-3pm, so the UV index is not too high.

    And just because someone tans naturally or have a deeper skin tone does not make them immune to skin damage from the sun. Get a spray tan or use some at-home gradual tanners. There's no reason to cook yourself on the beach.

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    01-02-12, 08:56 AM

  • If you decide to use a solarium or tan in the sun you have to be prepared for possible consequences = cancer, chemotherapy, surgery, pain, radiation therapy, weeks in hospital, and even death. Sun cancer can kill!

    I have the same complexion as you and I hate using fake tan...but my solution is to get a professional tan done on a thursday night so I look great for the weekend, and then during the week I use a tan-extender (moisturizer with a hint of fake tan) to keep my skin brown and glowing. This works for about 14 days and then I soak in the bath and exfoliate my whole body, ready for a fresh layer of tan.

    The tan extender I use is by Naked Tan and it's like using a beautiful moisturizer with the scent of bees wax and lemon. It dries instantly so I dont have to walk around naked waiting for it to soak in. And it's safe to use on your face because it wont send you orange or leave streaks.

    For good quality and cheap spray tans try Leah's Wax Works, or get a friend you trust to spray you with a can of fake tan like St Tropez. Sprays are easier to apply than creams (just make sure you don't buy a clear spray because that makes it hard to see where you're putting it).

    Have fun with it :)


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    02-02-12, 05:18 PM

  • I think you just need to come to terms with who you are and your beautiful pale skin. When I was a lot younger I thought it was cool and beautiful to tan but as I grew older and heard the horror stories about cancer, I realised it was just not worth it. I'm now really fair as I hardly go out in the sun at all. A couple of years ago I traveled to Koh Samui. One day I got a massage and the Thai lady complimented me on my skin. She even showed her friends! She says in Asia, women pay thousands of dollars to try to achieve skin like mine. You might want to look at it that way ;-)

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  • Well solariums are to be banned by the NSW gov anyway. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw-government-to-ban-solariums-by-2014-after-forty-deaths/story-e6freuy9-1226262173239

    I hate to sound rude but it really boggles my mind how someone could think having a tan gives you a "HEALTHY" glow. There is nothing healthy about a tan and fake tans look ridiculous, why would you want to fake the look of damaged skin.

    Embrace how you look naturally. Easier said than done I know, but better for your health. You'll glow naturally.

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    03-02-12, 06:52 PM

  • i am so glad they are going to be banned! honestly i didnt think people went to solariums anymore :S completely agree with you ladies- definately embrace your natural skintone!

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    05-02-12, 02:21 AM

  • I have a friend who still frequents the solarium......... :(

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    05-02-12, 06:52 PM

  • Yes please, be happy with your natural skin :)

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  • Thanks again everyone- some great sun care tips and advice.

    @louweeez- We all have our own opinion but what I meant by "healthy" glow is that I find when I have fake tan I look more radiant, as opposed to looking dull when I embrace my natural skin tone. Also a bit of colour accentuates the whites of your eyes and teeth in addition to hiding imperfections such as dark under eye circles. It also gives you a vast variety of options when it comes to makeup. I love wearing bright lipstick to add a pop of colour and olive skin pulls that off better. Also when I've tried the smokey eye look on my pale skin it can make me look like a panda/racoon due to the sharp colour contrast lol.
    For eg. consider these pictures of Megan Fox: http://static.igossip.com/photos/stylist_It_79360_megan_fox_pale_tan_425kgs070809.jpg

    I think both the tanned and natural looks look nice, but I think the tanned look gives Megan more of a glow.

    I do agree with many of you, embracing my natural skin tone seems like the best option. I think I will stick with that and only occasionally wear fake tan (if I want an extra glow for a special event).


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    06-02-12, 10:02 AM

  • Each to their own of course, I just think a fan tan looks like a fake tan and nothing else but a fake tan.

    BUT! I did a quick search on the daily gloss blog cos I recalled Cherie use to complain about having a light complexion paired with dark hair and here's her picks on fake DIY tans...


    Hope you find the answers you're looking for :)

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