Rosehip oil vs. Almond oil vs. Argan oil (4 posts)

What is the difference between these oils on the skin? What are there benefits and weaknesses? Which one is best for skin getting out of the cycle of teenage skin e.g pimple, scarring, blackheads?

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27-07-11, 09:47 PM

  • ooh i would say rosehip oil is the best for scarring and pimple scarring -it has long been used for its abilities to minimise scarring...

    almond oil doesnt have much effect on scarring i believe -its more for intense moisturising properties..

    argan oil i have no experience with, but i see that it's often used for hair treatments..

    hope that helps!

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    28-07-11, 08:58 AM

  • Rosehip oil: Intensive Skin ReHydrator, Prevents Skin Damage, Attenuates Scars, Skin Moisturizer, Nourishes Your Skin, Restores Normal Skin Color

    Almond oil: Improves complexion and retains glow, Moisturises better and deeper, Soothes skin irritation and inflammation , Delays ageing process,
    Lightens dark circles , Relieves dry and itching skin , Nourishes the skin. Makes it smooth and soft , Cures chapped lips and body rashes

    Argan oil: Noticeably reduces wrinkles and softens the skin, Rich in proteins shown to tighten the skin and protect skin’s elasticity., Promptly regenerates the skin by restarting vital functions of cells to prevent early aging due to external aggressions (sun, bad weather, pollution, stress, tobacco, etc.).Quickly reduces skin irritation and inflammation. Notably reduces blemishes and slows down the appearance of wrinkles.
    Possesses a sebum regulating action for oily skin. Reduces visible scars left by acne or chicken pox. Significantly hydrates the skin by restoring its natural barrier and neutralizing free radicals.Helps prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Treats acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Strengthens brittle nails.Soothes rheumatism and arthritis pain. Restores remarkable shine to hair, cares for scalp to advance hair growth, and helps to mend split ends.

    Thanks for rising this question, i actually haven't' heard of Argan oil before that and now happy to be informed of its benefits:)

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    28-07-11, 10:17 AM

  • Thanks for the benefit list Victoria-1302564382, I hadn't either heard of argan oil until I came across it in a magazine article recently :)

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    28-07-11, 10:25 AM