are you a hoarder? i mean... hauler... (54 posts)

We all stock up on our fav products, but my question/dilemma is does makeup go bad when unopened?
i know youre supposed to throw out products like mascara, eyeshadow, powder after 6months or 12 months and if it smells chemically or just 'off'
but what about when it just sits in its packaging amongst your mountain of other products, specifically mascaras and lipglosses... do they spoil unopened?

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07-02-12, 07:19 PM

  • I think if you store it right, away from sunlight, humdity etc....most things would be okay

    LouAnaMaster Fan

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    07-02-12, 11:22 PM

  • lovefashionangel I was interested in knowing the answer myself so I did a google and found this interesting article. Hope this helps:

    beautybee1Master Fan

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    08-02-12, 08:46 PM

  • there was a good point on that article too BB, the bathroom isnt the best place to store things due to moisture and higher potential of bacterias!

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    08-02-12, 09:40 PM

  • I cant help myself and ues im a massive hoarder where beauty products are concerned.
    I was cleaning out my storage trolley the other day and decided to count my eye shadow collection and was surprised to find i have just over 120 differant eye shadows. Some are singles, some doubles, triples and quads.
    I havent checked the lipsticks and glosses yet...thats my cleaning job for

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    09-02-12, 09:34 AM

  • I know I'm guilty of hoarding too. :P

    I have stuff that I haven't used yet (stocked up on sale) or that someone gave me which was expensive but I don't like/use...I've started being really ruthless and chucking it all out though.

    I reckon it's fine as long as you don't open it...once it's been exposed to air, that's the end of it, I suppose.

    Meedee, you must have a hard time picking out things to use! :)

    CoconalMaster Fan

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    09-02-12, 10:38 AM

  • I may have only yesterday bought 5 bottles of my conditioner. Although I go through it super quickly it probably won't last 3 months!


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    09-02-12, 09:54 PM

  • Not really Coconal. I wish i had a camera and then i could take photos to show you.
    I have things all set up so i have access to everything but i had just never counted
    Every so often i like to pull everything out and reline the drawers and such and thats what im doing at the moment.

    meedeeMaster Fan

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    09-02-12, 10:27 PM

  • Meedee, you sound so much more organised than I am hehe...I keep forgetting to use stuff!

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    10-02-12, 10:44 AM

  • I just stocked up on some duty free prods but I've tried to be less hoard-like when it comes to old products lying around. I know there are recommended used by dates for makeup products but I can't seem to finish them on time (except for mascara)! I'm not going to spend a whole heap on foundy only to throw it out when there is still some left! Eye shadows and lipsticks especially, I seem to have for ages after the recommended chuck date.


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    10-02-12, 11:28 AM

  • eyeshadow, so little yet so much, i never finish them either!
    foundation can go really quick, mascara i cant manage to finish since i alternate between tubes
    maybe the solution is to have one of each item and not other until theyre close to running out? but i could never do that!

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    10-02-12, 12:19 PM

  • Oh lordy....Someone posted this on another site so i thought i would bring it here....

    I checked one of my old the bin with that one.

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    12-02-12, 02:52 PM

  • ONLY 2003 meedee ?I only recently threw out the makeup i wore when i got 1993.I couldn,t bring myself to do it (it was expensive and sentimental ),but binned it was....RIP MY ESTEE LAUDER STUFF. (lol )

    Parisienne chicMaster Fan

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    12-02-12, 04:38 PM

  • Oh dear....we are bad arnt we?....I really hate throwing stuff out but at the same time I get excited by new stuff *sigh*
    I am trying very hard not to buy anything this
    Im really going to try hard and see if i can last until my trip to the US...hopefully in Sept and then i can spend up while im there.

    meedeeMaster Fan

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    12-02-12, 05:10 PM

  • meedee,say after me. "I WANT,NEED,LIKE NOTHING.I HAVE SEPHORA COMING "Repeat until the craving wears off.

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    12-02-12, 09:49 PM

  • I've read in a few magazines that they don't spoil until you open the packaging and so long as you keep them away from moisture/extreme heat conditions.

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    12-02-12, 10:45 PM

  • I am so guilty of hoarding make up. collection has gotten somewhat ridiculous. i tend to just throw things out as i go not really by time cause to be honest, could not keep track of when things are bought.


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    13-02-12, 12:40 AM

  • I agree it's hard to use everything by their supposed used by dates...I try not to open anything until I'm ready to use it...but I definitely chuck it out if I haven't used it in the last month and if it looks/smells a bit different from I remember.

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    13-02-12, 12:38 PM

  • Yes I'm a bit of a hoarder, I had a tendency to keep things because they will have some sort of memory attached and I'm like oh yeah I'll find a use for that one day. Like the other day I threw out my first ever foundation.. Defs guilty of hoarding! lol


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    13-02-12, 12:42 PM

  • Out of direct sunlight and humidity. Thanks for those links girls, confirms what I always thought, well taught actually. I have 3 older brothers who HATED my girlie stuff left in the bathroom or around the house, so my bedroom wardrobe and dressing table was always jam packed with my makeup/skin care/hair care - everything. A habit I have carried on into my adult years. I just moved for the first time in 12 years and oh my lord... I threw out things like suncream past it's expiry, perfumes that were cheap avon junk, threw out old candles, lotions, scented oils..... but my collection of make up, skin care, hair care, curling wands straighteners, sprys, perfume... stuff I'd stock piled cos it was on sale or discontinued. My bestie's eyes lit up when I asked if she wanted anything....

    LouAnaMaster Fan

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    15-02-12, 11:54 AM