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  • Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste

    Fri, 16 January 2015 11:00AM

    When it comes to things women really, REALLY want, a stunning smile is right up there (along with perfect skin, and endless – and calorie-free – pack of Tim Tams and a shirtless Joe Manganiello). That’s where Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamorous White Toothpaste, $8.99, from supermarkets and pharmacies, come into play. Combining micro-cleansing teeth whiteners…

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  • Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant

    Mon, 3 November 2014 4:09PM

    Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, a wedding, that big work meeting, or just dealing with toddler temper tantrums in the carpark, life is guaranteed to throw you some super stressful curveballs form time to time. Stressful situations like these can lead to sweating – and sweat patches are the last thing you want…

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  • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy

    Mon, 20 October 2014 1:30PM

    Us Aussies are a sensitive bunch. And by that I don’t mean we cry when we chip a nail. At least not usually. It turns out that almost one in five of us claim to suffer from dry, sensitive skin. Luckily Physiogel is here to save the day (and your skin) with products specifically designed for…

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  • Aussie Bodies ProteinFX LO CARB Minis

    Mon, 9 September 2013 2:47PM

    If your day is anything at all like ours in PRIMPED HQ we’re pretty sure that come 3pm you’re hankering for a snack to keep you going all the way through to 5.30pm (or 7pm, or even 10pm). Aussie Bodies ProteinFX LO CARB bars are great portion-controlled snack for the carb-conscious Primpers out there. They contain…

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  • Dove Pure Deodorant

    Tue, 2 April 2013 4:20PM

    One of our beauty essentials here at PRIMPED HQ (and hopefully yours at home, too) is deodorant, which is why our latest VIP Review Club is such an important one – we’re all looking for the right formula to suit our individual needs. With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to the new Dove…

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  • Colgate Max ONE Ice

    Fri, 8 June 2012 1:19PM

    Nothing completes a beauty look – especially a fire-engine red lipstick – like a set of pearly whites.

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  • Colgate MaxWhite One

    Wed, 15 June 2011 3:30PM

    There are loads of pics of celebs on PRIMPED. Bucket loads, in fact. And although you may find the Hollywood crew all sporting very different hair and makeup looks from one day to the next, there’s always one similarity amongst them all – a beaming, bright white smile. It’s like it’s a prerequisite for being…

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    Colgate Max White ONE beauty product review

  • Gillette Venus Embrace

    Wed, 17 November 2010 10:32AM

    A few weeks back, we sent out a bunch of Gillette Venus Embrace razors to 20 hairy-legged Primps in the hope that they would de-fuzz their pins. And the good news is they are now all hair-free. Woo! But the even better news is this: now is the time for them to dish the dirt…

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    Gillette Venus

  • Nivea Calm & Care Deodorant

    Fri, 30 July 2010 12:15PM

    Oh why hello, Thursday. You’ve come around super dooper quick this week, haven’t you? You’re so cheeky like that. But hey, I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’m really pleased because it means the Nivea Calm & Care deodorant reviews are now due. Did you hear that Guest Reviewers? You’re thoughts are now required. A little…

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