Viktor Horsting to his designer friend Rolf Snoeren: "Let's put on an unauthorized, underground fashion show during 1998 Paris Fashion Week. We'll layer and distort and exaggerate classical design elements. We can have goody bags, and models with disproportionately shaped hips. Oh it'll be a treat!" Rolf: "Sounds like a plan. Do you think L'Oreal Paris may be so impressed with our work that they might contract us to develop our first perfume called Flowerbomb in 2005?" Viktor: "You never know Rolf. You never know..." Seeing that Maggie Gyllenhaal is a fan of the clothes, we nominate her most likely to douse herself in V&R juice Even though they only have one, we still have to mention what became an instant classic and a worldwide hit, because Flowerbomb is incredible. An olfactory extension of their ready-to-wear line Monsieur Viktor & Rolf's perfumes reaffirm the identity of two men who have "grown up under the influence of pop culture, and distort and reinvent iconic images with subtle humor."

Viktor & Rolf