Vera Wang was good as an ice addict (the figure skating champion variety), better at styling threads (as a senior fashion editor for Vogue for 16 years), but the the absolute bestest at making her own gear (she opened a design salon in Magnolia Bakery county in 1990). Oh and if the overachiever hadn’t done enough, there’s also a line of perfumes starting with the first in 2002 that may be worth mentioning. New members of Vera’s PR juggernaut include Emily Rossum, Rosario Dawson, Angela Bassett and Ludacris who reckons "I know all about Vera Wang, it’s a classy brand. I wear the fragrance." Rightio! Geared towards the Blue-light-disco set; the apple, mandarin, apricot skin, pink guava and dark chocolate purple juice that is Princess is perfect for Girlfriend readers ready to make the upgrade from Impulse and take out a 24-month subscription to Cosmo. You'd have to be a few ants short of a picnic if you didn’t realise that the lady who has a knack of reconciling the words bridal meringue with classic and timeless, also makes fumes that are feminine and romantic.

Vera Wang