In 1859, Robert A. Chesebrough went to Pennsylvania to suss out an oil well. But, instead of finding oil, he found Vaseline. Within ten years, the business was going gang busters, with Chesebrough expanding his business into Canada, the United Kingdom and British colonies all over the world. Better late than never, Vaseline arrived here in Australia in the '60s and in 1970 Vaseline celebrated its 100th Anniversary, marking the occasion by launching Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. Today, Vaseline products are available in over 60 countries around the world. Tyra Banks is a fan, along with Amanda Bynes, who's signed to the brand. Scarlett Johansson also loves it for a bit of bargain beauty saying "The Intensive Care body range by Vaseline is great for bargain beauty". But here in Oz, the lovely Kate Ritchie has just been signed on as the face of the brand. The Petroleum Jelly is a worldwide hit, while the Dry Skin Moisturiser is a sure-fire way to banish parched limbs for good.