Hiroshi Uemura gets a little sensitive when people ask what his father did for a living. Can you blame the kid? Even though he invented his own stash of most-excellent make-up and tools of the trade in 2003, people still want to ask about his "I created a cult eye lasher curler" old man, Shu. Make-up arteest Elke Von Freudenberg works on the faces of lots of people-you'd-recognise, and admits she's a convert. Unfortunately. She's also one of those "It would be unethical for me to drop names" types, so we're short on specifics. The cult eyelash curler shoes were giganormous ones to fill, but the boy can be proud of his own contribution to making the world a less squinty, flat-lashed place. The light as silk cleansing oil is also very, very popular. Hiroshi is good with make-up and possibly even better at convincing us he has a PhD in philosophy. He's managed to get Utowa in touch with it's "inner being" by utilising the following words "creativity; spirituality; connecting; the aesthetic of your soul; the experience of your surroundings," in one single sentence when describing the brand.