Not another cosmoceutical, we hear you say! Fret not dearests, this one is different: For a start the peeps who created it are 'one of us' Meet local Doc Heber and his very good lady friend (wife Dr. Deborah Davis) who established the Heber Davis non-surgical cosmetic medicine practice in Sydney in 1988, and put out a technology-heavy AHA skincare line in 1999. The Ultraceuticals Ultra C range is so darn-diddly good, lots of it actually qualifies as a medicine with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.'Pressive huh? Firstly they’re Austraylian. Second they’re doctors. Third they’re Austraylian. Fourth they’ve got the hang making skin treatments to solve your ageing/pigmentation/problem skin dramas? Fifth, Did we mention they’re Austraylian? Can we throw a shrimp on the Barbie and get an Oi! Oi! Oi! Please?