Damn those kiwis, they’re one up on us again. We just hope that NZ sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine Wells, who invented a range of skincare products based on certified organic rosehip oil (with ingredients that are 100 per cent derived from plant oils, extracts and natural source) back in 2001, aren’t any good at one day cricket, too! Well how else do you think Ms Dannii Minogue gets that tight polished skin look…? How the one simple ingredient in Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil does so much (softens scars, sun-damaged skin, little lines), remains one of life's unsolved mysteries. Trilogy take a three step stance to skin stuff, putting all their products through Simplicity, Vitality and Purity tests. Once they pass, you get a facial friend for life, (that's also besties with the environment)