If your weakness is anything candy coloured and glossy, housed in a retro tube/pot/palette, then you need to get your mitts onto some of make-up artist Jerrod Blandino’s self-created handy work. It all started when Jerrod impressed Cher, Drew, and Madonna with his custom-blending skills. Today, Sophia Bush and Audrina Partridge have been accused of being too-faced. Curl. (Check) Lengthen. (check) Volumise to close to unnatural proportions. (check). Waterproof-yet-surprisingly-banishable once soaped. (check) Short of choreographing a jazz routine for a big Broadway number, there isn't much Lash Injection Mascara can’t do. Kinda like wearing a lacy-bra under a designer slip, Too Faced goes for the cheeky yet covetably glam approach and pulls it off swimmingly, we must say.

Too Faced