You know when a brand is created by a woman who was the Beauty and Health Director of Vogue UK, Beauty Director of Tatler and still working for such titles, it's going to be better than great. It's going to completely rock, that's why it's won so many awards. Created by Kathy Phillips, the lady with the ridiculous credentials mentioned above, this brand is all about delivering quality, natural products, packed with aromatherapy, that are borne from years of trying and testing almost every product out there. As the name suggests, Kathy likes to keep it simple. It's a neat range, with not many trimmings. Just the beauty basics and just how beauty fanatics like it. You can pretty much guarantee that every beauty editor that's worked with Kathy has tried her products, not to mention all those naturally inclined celebs who love to dabble in aromatherapy. It's all about the oils with this brand with the Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil and the Stretch Mark Oil firm favourites. The Turbo Balm and Perfect Cleavage are also winners, too.

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