Founded in 2002 by the Thierry De Baschmakoff, Jean-Claude Ellena (if you love Van Cleef & Arpel's First or The Vert by Bulgari start making out a cheque to their creator) and later JC's daughter Celine. Would you be blown away if we tell you that the people involved in this luxe perfume brand, like to do things 'not-the-same' as everybody else? So niche, we haven't been able to find anyone willing to reveal their secret stash. Will let you know ASAP. 50 Kilos of rose petals are used to create a 250 ml bottle of Rose Poivree. This juice is special stuff. The ingredients in these bottles are so rare (Damascus rose, iris pallida and the Chinese osmanthus flower, don't come cheap you know), they would not be out of place trying a pick-up line on a limited-edition D&G phone at the bottom of an Alligator-skin Hermes bag.

The Different Company