Sunsilk reared it’s perfectly-curled, volume-filled, dandruff-free head in the Netherlands, launching a liquid shampoo in 1954 (at that time, most were sachets of powder). By the 70s, they were the first big brand to use natural ingredients (olive oil, wild thyme, coconut) when mixing up their goos. Come 2008, and they’re still on top of the hair game, scoring big points for doing drama-dealing ranges (Colour Lock, Anti-Frizz and Silky Straight) on the cheap. Props to the Sunsilk's Marketing Manager (and the work experience girl for doing the coffee run) for getting creative and using three of the world's most iconic women (Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe) in the current SS campaign. The Limited edition shampoo and conditioner collaborations with Aussie fashion designers (including Akira Isogawa, Bettina Liano, Peter Morrissey, Colette Dinnigan and Alice McCall) who each loaned their names and design skills to some shamps and condy. We'd like to thank the good people at Sunsilk for articulating the Hair Change = Life Change ethos (we couldn't have done it better ourselves!) Maybe, finally, proof that a good blow-dry doesn't just remove kinks (and lead to split ends), but also helps us improve posture, ask for promotions and be totally ok with bumping into an ex who's now shacked up with a Miranda Kerr clone. Mr Sunsilk... Can you be our boyfriend?