This look-at-moi brand's been around since 1994, when make-up artist Jeanine Lobell released her own line of beyooriful (borderline too nice to actually use) beauty stuffs. As well as making a last-minute call to confirm the attendance of all invited paparazzo, LiLo has been known to stuff a tube of Lip Glaze down her leggings, every time she leaves the Chateau Marmont. Although it's a split-end magnet, the afore mentioned Lip Glaze gets into our great books, with go-the-distance gloss in 27 tasty colours trapped in the twist-to-release pen. Stila beauty stuffs are of the be-my-best-friend variety. Cute and sweet (you won't be trying to create artificial Geisha-like eyebrows here), but completely able to help release the inner-Megan Fox-you-didn't-even-know- existed when required.