The multi-tasking daughter of Sir Paul McCartney cut at St Martin's College of Art, she took over as Chloe Creative Director in 1997, and launched her own fashion house in 2001. SM's first perfume, Stella (a massive success), followed two years later, and her latest role is 'creator of premium organic skincare.' When the 'volunteers' you use as models in your graduation show are Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Yasmin Le Bon, you probably don't need your college careers advisor to try and hook you up with work contacts post-graduation. As the name might possibly maybe imply (but gosh we hate when they make it cryptic) Stella In Two Peony Eau de Toilette and Stella In Two Amber Solid Perfume, can either be worn alone or layered together ... as two. Clever. "The natural environment around me is a huge inspiration" says lifelong cheeseburger-hater Stella. Yes. A bit of eco-chic never hurt anyone. And we like a designer who bans fur in totally non-tokenistic (ie because it's not even hunting season) way and still churns out the kind of goods that turn grown women into the type of primitive beings who throw themselves under rolling doors to get a piece of Stells genius. (Those who queued at Target, you know who you are...)

Stella McCartney