Can a bottle make you happy (and we're referring to neither Grey Goose or the Valium varieties here). Clearly the creators of Smiley thought so when they set about their merry way inventing universal psycho-tonic fragrances with micro-nutrients to activate happiness, and a cheerful line of unisex body products that eliminated "Mine/Yours" fights from the bathroom forever. Perhaps those angsty emo musos need to make a backstage request for some of this stuff… The original Smiley EDT is full of feel-good cocoa extracts, which set off your warm and fuzzies, as well as Theobromine to block the receivers of adrenalin and decreases the effects of stress. The scientist buffs would like it be known that Smiley is the first fragrance to be clinically proven to activate the brains happiness receptors. And, if that concept doesn’t make you smirk, knowing that a portion of Smiley's profits are donated to charities should get you grinning.