What started as a phytocosmetological (making face paint with natural plant extracts and essential oils as the active ingredients) French family business by Count Hubert d'Ornano in 1976 to create and distribute luxe cosmetics, perfumes and make-up, is still pretty much a phytocosmetological French family business by Count Hubert d'Ornano that creates and distributes luxe cosmetics, perfumes and make-up. S to the JP has been known to give Sisley stuff a spin. Skip the " I must increase my bust" exercises and banana-a-day rumours if you want to perk up. Just get your hands (or rather your bobbies) on the Sisley Phytobuste Intensive Bust Compound, which boasts a rate of 34% enhancement in three weeks. Not quite royalty, but Count and Countess D’Ornano, had enough "Do you know who I am?" pull to convince a team of higher-up-er researchers that their calling in life was to work with them and find the best natural plant extracts, then use their science skill to extract the purest most active beneficial ingredients.