Despite their glamorous reputation these days, Shiseido's roots stem from ShiArinobu Fukuhara, a former head pharmacist to the Japanese Imperial Navy, who established the Shiseido Pharmacy in 1872. But now, now we just think of Shiseido as that Japanese company who do incredibly advanced sun and skin care, fragrances and makeup, and who have makeup artist superstar Tom Pecheux as their creative director. Angelina Jolie became the face of the brand internationally in 2006, but has just been replaced by Agyness Deyn, who seems to be playing a fun game called Where's Agnyess. (Answer: Everywhere.) Team Shiseido (the first cosmetic line to introduce flesh tone and color correcting face powders to Japan at a time when all of their face powders were white) has made lots of people happy with the White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask, and their seasonal makeup collections are not to be missed. Get your tongue around pronouncing the name by remembering Shi: refers to Resource. Sei: means Life. And Do: Translates to House.