French wunder-kid (he takes photographs, makes film, styles hair, designs clothes and can eat 23 doughnuts in under three minutes) Serge Luten was pre-schooled at Christian Dior and Shiseido, before he channeled his 30-years beauty experience into a "Look Ma, I made it myself" line of perfumes. Designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and Chantal Thomass are all so confident with Serge's skill, they're all to happy to buy without testing on those fiddly white cardboard strips. Get your nostrils all over Amber Sultan. A minty, incensy Buddhist temple/Catholic Church/Insert relevant place of worship type-of-fragrance. Serge's scents are Moroccan-inspired (he now calls Marrakech home) and a favourite among the underground model and celebrity sets.

Serge Lutens