The founders of Sebastian Professional, husband and wife time John Sebastian and Geri Cusenza, started their company in the early 1970s and became leaders in the hair styling industry with new hair care products that hadn’t been seen before. They’re also responsible for one of the coolest styling tools: the crimping iron. In 1972, as Barbra Streisand’s hairstylist, Cusenza spent hours braiding and unbraiding her client’s hair to achieve a tight wave. She had to find out a quicker and easier way of achieving the same look, and so the crimping iron was born. The poster girls for Sebastian Professional are a breath of fresh air compared to the flawless, drop-dead-gorgeous models we’re used to seeing in hair campaigns. MySpace muse Cory Kennedy, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, and Aussie model-turned-singer Micky Green have all have attitude and individual style in spades – as well as great hair. Their iconic products include Molding Mud, Potion 9 and the Shaper.

Sebastian Professional