Hans Schwarzkopf was quite the guru on all things hair. Among his most brag-able efforts: Opening a Berlin drug store in 1898; Developing his first powder shampoo about five-years later; And (the big one) introducing the first liquid shampoo to the market in 1827. (For all we know he was probably pretty good at crimping too, but we never got to ask his wife). Today the Schwarzkopf specialty is styling helpers and all kinds of colour. Schwarzkopf's professional hair specialist, Aussie kid Millicent Howe, has styled the mops of many a Hollywood celebrity (Do the names Cate Blanchett and Jodie Kidd mean anything to you? ) The Live Colour Diva Collection gives you the option of shading your hair Violet Vixen or Brazen Berry, if you so wish. And you don’t have to tentatively accept a meeting request with the retoucher, 'cause it’ll have washed out in eight showers time. Schwarzkopf took the Why? out of DIY by making it totally cool to get great-looking hair while you watch a re-run of Summer Height's High.