We're struggling to find anyone who can create stainless steel tweezers quite like this Swiss bunch. They come with the sort of surgical precision that's made them a must-have for the watchmakers at Rolex and Cartier ages before they were added to brow kits around the world. New York make-up guru Bobbi Brown has called them ''the Ferrari of tweezers.'' She even included a pair of signed Rubis slant-tips in her own limited-edition brow-grooming kit. The perforated stainless steel tweezers will grab onto pretty much anything that comes in it's way, plus, the perforated edge means no slippage when you manoeuvre this little baby around. Not cheap, but the 40-step process undertaken to create each pair of tweeezers definitely makes one of these a worthy "investment" purchase. Just make sure you don't drop them, the grab factor will be gone for good.