Fathers who name their kid Eugene probably guarantee said offspring will have his head flushed down the toilet at some point during high school. Except, of course if that son’s last name is Rimmel, and he goes on to manufacture and market some of the earliest commercially made cosmetics with poppa in 1834. (including, but not limited to the first commercial non-toxic mascara product). They reviewed her contract (the rumour is she was busted applying blush in two-solid streaks on her cheeks… Nasty!) but the current face of Rimmel remains the controversial Kate Moss. The Cool Matte Mousse 8hr Shadow, paints your pupil hoodies with feisty non-budging (for eight hours anyway) colour. Plus there's a bit of h2o somewhere in there, which keeps your lids nice and cold. Let's play a game of word association: You throw a term at us and we'll spit out the first things that come to mind. Ok? Ok! So you say Rimmel? We say: Swinging London, street-savvy, trendy and nice to pay for.

Rimmel London