All the history books about the Great Depression paint a very, umm, depressing picture. Maybe that’s because they always forget to mention that it was around this time (1932, to be exact) that brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, and their chemist Charles Lachman pooled their resources to develop a variety of new shades of opaque nail lacquer that made women rather cheerful every time they admired the glossy, long-lasting results of their mani. Note to History writers of today: When the last 50 or so years get written up, can you please remember to spare a mention to this company for all their hard work in creating a fantabulous range of face paint. Revlon are like, THE spokesperson brand. The 90s were all about the supers: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The noughties used celebs that were similarly beautiful (but done a slight more than an occasional catwalk stroll to earn a crust) such as Eva Mendes, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth. More recently Jennifer Connolly joined the club. The ColorStay range: It includes hang-around lippies and eye creams, but we think the best investment is the foundations. (Of course, the polish is not to be missed, either.) This glamarama brand is one of the best contributors to the pay-little-get-much cosmetic market.